If these are our final days, I want to spend them protecting these people.
— Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor was born in 2157 CE and eventually joined the Alliance military. Originally Jacob was part of an Alliance-sponsored group called the Corsairs, a program that contracted independent starship captains to handle missions that fell outside of official Alliance jurisdiction, giving the Alliance plausible deniability.

Jacob eventually left the Corsairs and was assigned to Eden Prime, and was present for the geth attack that nearly destroyed the colony. After Eden Prime, and later the attack on the Citadel, Jacob became disillusioned with the ineffectual bureaucracy of the politicians and quit the Alliance.

Later that year, after the events of Mass Effect Galaxy, Jacob enlisted with Cerberus for a chance to serve humanity without too much to hold him back, although he remains cautious of some of the organization's more ruthless measures. Shortly after the destruction of the first Normandy, Miranda hired Jacob as her 'lieutenant' in the Lazarus Cell, whose titular Lazarus Project was tasked with resurrecting Commander Shepard.

Over the next two years, while work on Shepard continues, Jacob was technically in charge of security on the Lazarus Research Station. At this time it is implied he and Miranda had some form of relationship, although it didn't work out; Jacob claims he wasn't the right person for Miranda, though they remained effective colleagues.

Battle vs. Han Solo (Legends) and Chewbacca (Legends) alongside Miranda Lawson (by So-Pro Warrior)Edit

No battle will be written.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Han and Chewie brought in both Cunning and Strength what brought their downfall was Miranda and Jacob's Biotics and Kinetic Barrier Armor that helped them seal the victory.

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