They were making love while that young boy drowned. His name was Jason.
Pamela Voorhees, Jason's mother

Jason Voorhees was born on June 13th, 1946 in Crystal Lake, New Jersey to Pamela and Elias Voorhees. Jason was born with severe deformities and was mentally retarded. His father left Jason and his mother soon after he was born and his mother kept him away from most of society during his childhood.

In 1957 Pamela got a job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake where she let Jason attend during the day. One day he nearly drowned due to the negligence of two camp counselors. Jason disappeared and thinking he was dead, Pamela killed the two counselors the next year. The camp shut down after that and any attempt to reopen it was stopped by Pamela.

In 1979 there was another attempt to reopen the camp ending with Pamela killing all of the people who tried to open it except one who decapitated her with a machete. After his mother died, Jason reemerged from the lake and from that point on began stalking and killing people at Camp Crystal Lake. Jason kept terrorizing the area for decades and seemed to always come back to life even when people were sure he was dead. Jason killed anyone who he encountered and progressively through being killed and coming back to life, again and again, became zombie like and resembled a walking corpse and tried to kill every member of his family for an unknown reason.

In 2010, Jason got captured by the US government, who, after several failed attempts to kill him, froze him in Crystal Lake. Years later in 2499, the Earth has become inhospitable. A group of teenagers and their professor who are on a field trip to Earth discorvered Jason on brought them onto their ship where he is ressurected by a damaged medical machine and brought back to life before going on a killing spree. Ultimately, Jason was ejected out of an airlock, nd crashed back to Earth.

Battle vs. Death (Sleepy Hollow) (by Cfp3157)Edit

No battle written.

Winner: Death.

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Battle vs. Predators (by Godkombat21)Edit


Winner: Predator

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Battle vs. Hannibal Lecter (by Tesla Man)Edit

Panting, the man ran, his construction helmet bobbing against his head, obscuring his vision. He took two deep breaths as sweat poured down his face in bucket loads, which were absorbed into his shirt. His shirt was now soaking wet weighing him down, slowing him enough for his stalker to catch up. His work belt was bouncing loosely on his hip, spilling a pocketful of nails across the floor. He looked back, not knowing were the man was. But that was his biggest mistake.

He turned his head around and reached for the keys in his pocket, his hands trembling in extreme fear. He was still running, constantly darting his head behind him looking for the man who looked like he was going to kill him, but his searches were to no avail.

He glanced ahead, seeing the road; his savior. Looking on, he saw the moonlight glimmer against the slick, mud painted sides of his truck. He darted his head back around, and of course, no one. He turned his head back to the road, trying not to lose time. He clenched the keys in his hand tightly, squeezing it until he lost the blood in his hand. He looked at the keys and scrambled to find the unlock button, clicking it multiple times. He glanced up, and what he saw, drained the life out of him.

The truck, the truck he was sure was parked a hundred meters away, was gone, as if it disappeared into the fog. He clenched his fish and rubbed his eyes, stopping in the middle of the construction site. He opened his eyes and saw nothing but trees and bricks. His heart sank to his feet, and his knees began to wobble. His entire body was collapsing from the inside. The butterflies that were in his stomach had turned to really angry dragons, and his lungs were compressed into deflated balloons.

He took a deep, shaky breath and released three words that were suppressed into whimpers, “Where are you?”

He waited a moment as the world seemed to spin around him, he turned his head behind him as if there were a spider on his back, and he moved the rest of his body in the direction of his head. He looked at the lake, the moon eerily danced across the water’s surface, illuminating a empty canoe that seemed to float in the middle of the lake.

Crystal Lake.

That was it. That was Crystal Lake, and this area, was none other than Camp Crystal Lake. The cabins, the forest… the lake, it all came together; this was the place he never wanted to visit.

His mind shot back to the previous night, him, Eugene, Max, and Benny, all sitting around the campfire after a long day of grueling construction work on the sight. His mind drifted to the words Max said.

He sped through every word, trying to think about the name of the killer.

‘Jackson? No. Jared? No. Jason…’ that was it, Jason, the kid who drowned, the kid who killed, the kid who was after him.

“Jason Voorhees, where are you?” His voice was deep, determined. He raised the helmet from his head, and placed it under his arm. “Jason Voorhees, if I must repeat myself, I surly will.” He looked around, nothing.

“Come on! I wanna see you!” He unbuckled his wrench, “I want you to get an up-close look at a wrench Mr. Voorhees!” He looked around, but with no success. “Cowardly B*tch!” He lowered his weapon, obviously discouraged.

He turned around, closing his eyes.

“Just a Dream, just a dream.” He opened his eyes. Nothing scared him more that what he just saw.

His car

His car’s front, with headlights shining bright was standing only meters from him, engine roaring. He raised his wrench again, he knew it wouldn’t do much damage, but it worked well enough for him. The engine roared to life, kicking up piles up leaves into the cold mist.

“Oh no”

He took a breath, imagining what being hit by a car would feel like, and something told him it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. A cold dagger ran down his back and he shuddered.

The car roared again, this time dispersing a flock of ducks sitting on the lake in the distance. The car slowly approached, showing no one in the driver’s side. Then the car leaped forward. Its wheels spun across the autumn leaves as it heavy metal lurched forward.

The man fell back, obviously realized, this was his end. The truck continued driving forward, oblivious of the man on the ground. Surprisingly, the man just barely fit, as the car drove over him, ramming itself into the tree behind him. The man stood, wiping the dirt from his jeans.

“Looks like you learned a new trick there, didn’t you Jason?” The man chuckled and reached for his wrench. His knees began to buckle as he started taking steps forward. He took a deep breath and leaned against a pile of bricks. He looked around for his human shadow that obviously was responsible for the fear he was feeling now, but he was able to mask the fear with bravery pretty fairly.

“Ok, I’ll see you around!” The construction worker plucked his hat from the ground as it found its way to his head. He raised his wrench as shook it as a goodbye gesture. He turned his body and began walking down the street, limping and taking deep breaths.

“Not yet.” The voice was quiet, ominous, and raspy. In the deep silence it echoed through the construction site.

The construction worker turned around, revealing a silhouette of a man, holding a machete.

“I knew you’d come!” The workers voice was shaky, but loud and powerful. “Now sir, come and play, were going to have a hell of a time!”

“I’m not here to play” The fearless, haunted voice shot into the workers ears like daggers, making him flinch. “I’m here, ‘cause this is my home.” The Machete man darted forward, raising his blade into the air, bringing it down on the construction workers shoulder.

The worker busted out in tears as the blood absorbed itself into his button-down shirt. Jason sawed the blade, back and forth into the man’s arm until it finally came lose, making the man drop his wrench.

He raised his blade and swept it down, slicing right above the man’s ear, diagonally until it made it to him mouth.

The worker gasped, taking in the last bit of air as Jason swung the blade down one last time, splitting the skull down the center.

Jason dragged the blade from the split skull and wiped the blood from its rusted shaft. He turned to the forest and walked away, wiping the blood from his machete onto a wooden sign, covered in overgrowth reading, ‘Camp Crystal Lake’

“I assure you Mr. Montgomery, all is just fine.” Hannibal cleaned his butchers knife with a blood soaked towel. “It is just one man.” Hannibal shoved the tip of his knife into the wooden cutting board that was painted with blood.

“But Mr. Lecter, I only wish safety to come to you, and you must be mad to just even step foot on this land!” George Montgomery scoffed, flipping through the news paper.

Hannibal leisurely walked to the table where Mr. Montgomery was sitting. “a dead man was found at the bottom of a lake on my property, probably happened years ago, how could it possibly be of any harm to me?” Hannibal drags out a chair and sits next to George, and snatches the newspaper out of his hand. “You do realize this man died a year ago?” Hannibal slaps the newspaper back on the table.

“You do realize this happened right where this house is now, and you do realize this man died while building your house?” Mr. Montgomery sat in silence taking continuous sips of his coffee.

Hannibal shook his head, “now Mr. Montgomery, many men die, it is human nature, but why do you seem like it is urgent that you must tell me, like it’s my life on the line?”

“Because sir…” George shook his head, “This man was murdered.” He placed the newspaper back on the table, sliding it over to Hannibal using only his fingertip as if he was afraid to touch it.

Hannibal cleared his throat and raised the paper to his eyes. “A dead, disfigured and slaughtered man was found in the middle of Crystal Lake by a fisherman.” Hannibal lowered the paper and stared at George, which was followed by a nod of George’s head. “Police claim it was another murder, on the site where several others were brutally murdered.” He again lowered the paper and shook his head yes.

“Friends and fellow workers of the diseased believe it is another attack by the same man who caused the killing streak many years ago. The dead body was presumed to have died a year ago while working on a house now currently owned by resident…” Hannibal’s voice trailed off. “…Hannibal Lecter” His voice quieted.

“You see here Mr. Lecter, there is a man out there who wants to kill you and others. “ Mr. Montgomery pointed a finger at Lecter. “There’s a story that goes along with it, about a disfigured child who drowned in the lake." He pointed in the direction of the lake, "his mother avenged his death, and when he came alive, he killed those who dared step foot on his property.” He looked deep into Hannibal’s deep red eyes. “I suggest you watch your back.” Mr. Montgomery’s voice was deep and sincere.

“Oh, Mr. Montgomery, those are nothing but campfire stories, made up to scare the kids into going asleep, like the Boogieman, and, well, murderers” A smile lit up his fang like teeth. “and I assure you, I believe in no such boogieman.”

Mr. Montgomery looked down at his watch, “Oh, I beg your pardon Doctor Lecter, but I must part you now, seeing how I am late for my wife’s anniversary.” George Montgomery stood up, and pushed in his chair, “I appreciate your hospitality.” With a nod of Lecter’s head, Montgomery was at the door.

“There are many things in this world to be scared of, and what you cannot see is one of them.” Mr. Montgomery tipped his hat.

“It is just a ghost story George.” Hannibal stood and walked over to the counter, and plucked the knife from the wooden cutting board.

“So it is doctor.” Mr. Montgomery opened the door, and paused. “So it is” He muttered under his breath and stepped out the door, slowly closing it behind him.

Hannibal pulled a packet of raw meat from the fridge and unzipped the Ziploc bag, dumping the meat on the cutting board. “It’s just a ghost story.” He sliced the knife through the raw meat, spraying blood on his apron.

He pulled the curtain in front of the window over the kitchen sink open. It was pitch black outside, but the porch lights of his new vacation house that was built upon the previous and rundown Camp Crystal Lake, lit the outside just enough to illuminate a figure.

Laying on the ground was the blood soaked figure of Mr. Montgomery, and on the shore of Crystal Lake, was the darkened shadow of a man in a coat, holding a machete.

Hannibal’s voice was hushed, almost in a whisper. “Maybe there is something to this ghost story after all.”


Expert's OpinionEdit

The intelligence, tactics, martial arts, and overall skill of Hannibal Lecter matched the brute strength, brutality, durability, and weaponry of Jason Vorhees, leading to a tie bewteen the two.

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Battle vs. Leatherface (by Lasifer)Edit

No battle written.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Jason won due to his superior x-factors and weaponry.(pluse this kinda happend once in jason vs leather face so there that)

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Battle vs. Jack Torrance (by Wassboss)Edit

Bates Motel, Fairville, California, United States, October 20th,11:47pm

Norman bates is sat a a desk, noting down figures in a small notebook. Business has been slow in the bates motel lately and he is struggling to make a profit. He taps the desk lightly with his fingers, chewing on his pencil as he tries to figure out the answer to a multiplication. Suddenly the unmistakable sound of smashing glass, echoes at the back of hotel, startling bates out of his mundane task. He cocks his head in the direction of the noise, hearing the crash as the back door of the kitchen is smashed open, rising to his feet quickly as he does. He begins his slow but quiet creep towards the kitchen, listening out for the sound of any movement. He reaches the kitchen and peers into the gloom, not being able to make out anyone but feeling the summer breeze waft through the open doorway. He reaches in a pushes down lightly on the light-switch, causing the bulb to flicker and then go dark.

Noticing that the lights have gone out bates steps into the kitchen and puts his hand into the open cutlery draw, feeling around until he feels the handle of a large meat cleaver. He draws it out, unintentionally scraping the blade against the other pieces of cutlery, letting out a loud screech of metal on metal. His eyes register the movement in the shadows before his brain does and he just manages to step to the side, avoiding the swipe of a machete. He stumbles back and barely regains his footing before another swipe is inbound, cutting the sleeve of bates's shirt. Bates lunges forward at his attacker, slamming into him and pushing the knife into his shoulder, breaking the skin beneath the jacket. He barely has time to register the success before he feels a tight, cold grip on his wrist, twisting it around and causing him to drop the cleaver. He then feels a shoulder dig into his armpit, lifting him up into the air and slamming him up against the nearest wall. He tries to kick his leg out but to no avail as he feels the cold, sharp blade pierce his chest and dig into his lungs, making him gasp for air.

He feels the resistance fade as his attacker releases his grip on him, letting him drop to the floor. He lands hard and cries out as the pain shoots through his body, gasping for breath. He feels the mysterious assailants presence and looks up, staring at his killer's soulless eyes. The last thing Norman Bates sees is the hockey mask of his supernatural aggressor before the machete comes down again.

Jason Voorhees looks down at the body of his latest victim, watching the last remnants of life ebb away. He then reaches into the pocket of his jacket, fumbling around for a bit before he finds what he is looking for. He carefully removes a scrunched up, old piece of paper, unfolding it and looking at it's content. At the top is scrawly, shaky writing spelling the words "Horror Icons" with a list of names below it. Starting from the top he drags his finger down over the words Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Micheal Myers, Hannibal Lecter before finally stopping at the penultimate name,Norman Bates,. He reaches down and dips his fingers in large gash across Norman's face, getting blood on the fingertips. He then draws a line through the name, wiping his fingers on the side of his machete. His eyes then move down onto the last name on the list, before dropping the piece of paper onto the floor, letting it float down over Bates' face. He then shambles off into the night, as the wind blows the paper of Norman Bates' face, revealing the last name on the list;

Jack Torrance

Overlook Hotel, The Rockies, Colorado, United States, October 31st, 9:15pm

The doors of the outlook hotel are thrown open with great force, letting in the arctic type wind weave it's way throughout the hotel. Jason Voorhees steps into the front entrance, the dried snow on his boots crunching on the carpeted floor. He shambles through the lobby, barely looking around at his surroundings, making a bee line to the staircase. He clambers up the stairs all the way up to the top floor not knowing why, driven by pure instinct and as he reaches the top a hotel door slams shut somewhere down the corridor. Jason turns his head towards the sound and as he does another figure steps out from the adjacent corridor.

Letting out a roar of rage Jack Torrance charges at Jason, axe already swinging. Jason is too slow to react and the axe slams into his chest, driving him back with the sheer momentum to till he teeters on the edge of the top step. His free arm shoots out to grab onto the banister to steady himself and Jack tries to pull the axe out but it's stuck in deep and he has to get up close in order to get a grip on the head itself in order to wrench it free. Now holding it halfway up the handle he can swing it with more accuracy and tries to take Jason's head but the Camp Crystal Lake killer leans back and the blade narrowly misses his throat. The dodge makes him lose his grip on the banister and he starts to fall. He manages to grab hold of Jack's sweater and pulls him down with him, the two men tumbling violently down the stairs and all the way back to the hotel lobby where the two men are thrown apart by the impact. 

Jack Torrance raises his head from where he has landed and sees his axe lying a fair distance away from him, wrenched from his grip during the fall. He drags himself towards it mindlessly, the throbbing pain in his leg barely registering and he grips the handle and pulls himself to his feet. Jason is also on his feet but he had managed to keep hold of his weapon and the two men lumber towards each other, Jack's speed severely hampered by his injured leg. They both swing their weapons at each other at the same time and the machete slices through the head of the axe. Jack looks down at his broken tool and the momentary distraction allows Jason to bury the machete deep into Jack's right arm. Jack bellows in rage and uses the splintered edge of the handle to smack Jason across the face, blinding him with the splinters before slamming the same edge into Jason's chin, with enough force to knock the hockey mask off his face and lifting him off his feet.

Slowly getting back up after the blow he finds his opponent has vanished further into the hotel, his trademark machete still embedded in his arm. Jason notices a trail of blood and shuffles after the grisly marker until he finds himself once more in a kitchen. Remembering that he doesn't have a weapon he opens up the nearby draws until he finds a suitable sized knife before continuing to follow the blood until it stops before the walk in freezer, the door ajar. Pushing it open, Jason searches down the rows of shelves but cannot find Jack anywhere and shuffles back towards the door when he something clatters from above. He looks up as Jack Torrance leaps from the shelf he has clambered up, croquet mallet in hand. 

"Here's Johnny" he screams and lands next to Jason. He swings the mallet with his uninjured hand and it whacks Jason across the face. The blow is weak though and Jason is barely fazed, his disfigured face unaffected by the blow. Jack swings the mallet in a frenzy but each connection does little more tha,n make his opponent sway slightly. Lunging forwards suddenly and with surprising speed Jason buries the knife into Jack's neck. Jack grunts and tries to continue the assault but he is lost too much blood and Jason is easily able to pull out the knife and stab it in again and again until the Overlook Hotel caretaker lies motionless at his feet, his eyes still open in defiance even as all the life has ebbed away. Jason Voorhees looks down at his vanquished foe, the last opponent, the final horror icon. So caught up the occasion he doesn't notice the man in the Pig Mask slip into the room, swiftly moving towards him and jabbing a needle into his arm. 

Unknown Location, United States, November 1st, 10:24am  

Jason awakens inside a confined room in complete darkness, with no recollection of how he went from standing over the body of Jack Torrance to sitting in darkness. He tries to get up and shamble away but realises that something is attached to his head and he feels it his way around it, his numb fingers trailing over several sharp, teeth like bits of metal. Suddenly a bright light is shone into the room to reveal the attachment is a bear-trap, reversed on his head. Before he can even comprehend the situation a small television in the corner of the room flickers into life to reveal a puppet with a white face, black hair and piercing red eyes.

"Hello Jason," the puppet says "I've heard of your little mission to eliminate all the horror icons and I've been watching your progress and I must say that I'm very impressed. However Jason, there is a new breed of horror icons and sadly you just don't belong anymore and your mission just proves it. They were the old horror icons, and I, my dear friend, am the new." Jason looks at the screen blankly. 

"And I want to play a game"

Winner: Jason Vorhees 

Expert's Opinion Edit

Jason had the more deadly weaponry as well as being stronger and more durable than Jack Torrance which allowed him to dominate him in the close ranges the battle took place in.

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Battle vs. Tallahassee (by ThatRandomGuyFTW)Edit

The battle starts out with Tallahassee walking down a road. He then notices a sign for Camp Crystal Lake,he then asks himself "I wonder if there is any Twinkees there?". He decides to go in,and while walking down to the kitchen the camera pans towards Jason who is watching him from the woods. As soon as Tallahassee is about to enter the kitchen an arrow hits the side of the building. Tallahassee startled turns around and sees Jason in the woods. He then draws his Mossberg Mariner from his back and proceeds towards Jason saying "I zombie shooting a bow now i've seen everything,gonna be a shame to kill a "smart" zombie." Jason doesn't know what he is saying and fires another arrow which misses Tallahassee. Tallahassee angered about this fires 2 shots into Jason dealing no damage. Surprised Tallahassee asks "What kinda zombie are you?". Tallahassee looks up and sees Jason charging with his meat cleaver, in return Tallahassee pulls out his bat and whacks jason square in the face. Jason still not being phased by the damage tries to slice Tallahassee with his cleaver but he keeps missing. Tallahassee pulls out his Bowie knife and he stabs and slashes at Jason. Jason pulls out his machete and he tries to stab and slash Tallahassee. Jason gets the upper hand and knocks Tallahassee to the floor disarming him of his weapon. Tallahassee then disarms Jason of his machete with his feet. Surprised Jason pulls out his speargun and shoots almost hitting Tallahassee in the crotch. Tallahassee gets up and runs into the kitchen Jason picks up his machete and follows. We then see Tallahassee waiting behind a corner with his Mare's Leg and as soon as Jason enters Tallahassee fires a shot into Jason's head bringing the monster down. Tallahassee not satisfied walks over to Jason and puts two more shots into his head killing him. Tallahassee then looks up and sees a box of Twinkees. Tallahassee then remarks "Well i'll be a monkey's uncle."

Expert's OpinionEdit

The experts believed that Tallahassee's wits and intelligence prevailed in the long run against Jason sheer strength. While Jason was very powerful and could not be killed by simple means he was not as smart as Tallahassee.

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Battle vs. Casey Jones (by Elgb333) Edit


New York, 1:30 AM

The nightlights blink as the people of Manhattan sleep soundly in the silent night. With the Shredder gone and the various gangs he controlled are in disarray, peace has finally come to this once violent neighbourhood. With the help of the vigilantes that roamed the city, peace reigned, and the former drug lords and criminals are nowhere to be seen.

But there were always the sort of men that wanted to return to the Dark Ages.

Seven men clouded in dark blue tight suits and red sashes stealthily approach a small loan’s bank in the middle of the night. Their ninja suits, red eyes and arms indicate that they are super powered members of the dangerous Foot Clan. One ninja boots his small laptop and pressed a bunch of codes to hack into the city’s security system, before all the lights and cameras shut down simultaneously throughout the streets. It was obvious that the night wasn’t going to be pretty.

Now clouded and invisible, the ninjas then approached the door of the bank. They easily pick the lock of the old building. A young security guard, who unfortunately has seen the ninjas, made a rookie mistake of trying to stop them with politeness. But one bloodthirsty ninja quickly decapitates him with a fast sword slash.

“Location is secured, ready to breach the vault,” the squad leader said, as they finally reach the big metal door and quickly installed the explosives. As one ninja was ready to punch the detonator, someone suddenly grabs his hand, lifts him up in the air, and breaks his fingers. The ninja yells in pain, and the others turn their heads. In front of them was a hulking vigilante hidden in the dark, his hockey mask glistening in the night.

“You punks made a big mistake to show your face ‘round ere,” the vigilante said. “This is Casey Jones’ territory, and Casey Jones’ don’t like it when ninjas come making trouble in his territory,” he said before lifting the ninja above his head, and bending his spine with a loud snap.

“Get him!” the leader foot clan said as they all attack Casey together. The vigilante just made a loud sigh, before throwing the ninja carcass at the squad, knocking three of them like bowling pins. Casey then grabs his hockey stick, and slams one ninja in the face, knocking him out. Another ninja wall jumps and lunges at him with a wakizashi, but Casey spin his body and slam the stick in his neck, putting the ninja out of action. The leader crept at Casey’s back and attacks him with a katana, but Casey just disarms him with his hockey stick. The unarmed leader ninja then makes a martial arts stance, but Casey just laughs his ass off and swipes the ninja to the wall, breaking all twelve ribs.

“Ya know, for a buncha genetically engineered superninjas, you guys are really super weak,” Casey said, as he trips one attacking ninja with his stick, before slamming the blade into his chest. One ninja throws a bunch of shurikens at him, but Casey uses his hockey stick to return them back to the owner. “Oooongola!” Casey yells as he jumps in the air and quickly puts out the remaining foot clan ninjas with a well performed set of attacks. The ninjas were indeed fast in their assault, but Casey was faster.

With the ninjas badly injured and moaning in the ground, Casey then purposely trips the alarm to get the police in the location.

“Yo Donnie, all them ninja boys you said are taken care of. Didn’t even break a sweat. No need for the Turtles to be ‘ere. Just go back to sleep all of ya, and tell April I’m comin’ home,” Casey said on the phone. It was another wonderful night for the chivalrous vigilante. He always does his best to make a performance to the Turtles and his beloved April.

“Gonna get some midnight hotdogs foist before going back home,” Casey thought. Even with the hooligans making trouble, the night still remained peaceful for the sleeping community; the kind of peace he’s been searching all his violent life. He takes his mask off and savoured the night.

But as he was just leaving, he hears a loud screeching shout. He hears a call for help; a very urgent one. Behind him was a badly injured teenage lady, dragging her body in the road with blood dripping all over. “Heeeelp!!” she yells, trying to get anyone’s attention.

Casey then comes into her aid, and catches her as she almost kisses the pavement. “Jesus lady, what the hell happened to ya?” Casey said in sympathy. The lady was in a bloody mess. Tears and spit were flowing from her face and half her blonde scalp was torn. She had multiple stab wounds in her abdomen, and to make things worse, her right arm was missing; ripped savagely from its socket.

Whoever did this was enough to piss Casey off. Grabbing a needle of morphine, Casey injects the lady to keep her alive. He then patches her wound with first aid from his bag, but it won’t hold that long if the lady doesn’t get medical attention. “Damn it, I gotta get you to a hospital,” Casey said as he picks her up in his arms.

But the young lady just pushed him aside and looked him straight in the face. “Please sir, my little brother is still there. We have to save him please. That monster... that monster! God please...” she said with pain.

“Where is he? And who did this?” Casey asked with grudging curiosity.

“I don’t know. But he had a mask too, just like you. We—were driving in the highway when he came. He just--- God he just flipped the car off the road and attacked us. He had a big blade and he butchered us. He killed Tom, and Charlie, and Tammy. But my little brother, I managed to hide him in a ditch. He’s still young; please you have to save him before he gets him too.”

The lady then tightens her grip on Casey, and looked at his eyes with painful determination. “The road we were at is 2 miles in that direction. Call for help. Please he’s all I got left...” she said with her remaining strength, before finally losing consciousness.

Casey knows fully well the importance of family to him. He lived his whole life as a mess and he lost his a family to violence. Though with almost no direction in his life but to use the same violence to his enemies, the Turtles and April managed to show him that he can still be part of a family. His mindset has now been switched, and he’ll do everything to save that kid. He first delivered the battered young lady to the hospital for medical attention, before setting off to get that bastard.

Casey Jones finally arrived at the scene of the crime. It was a lonely road, with large trees covering each side, and the ground was moist and marsh. Nightlights illuminated the street barely. There was blood on the side of a road; a gory vicious looking crime scene. There was no sign of the vehicle, but the trees covered much of the street, and the kid may be anywhere. Then he hears a call from afar.

A young man wearing a varsity jacket approached him. Just like the girl, this one was also covered in blood and had multiple stab wounds. The young man cried in relief as he saw Casey before falling on the ground visibly exhausted, as Casey tried to get to him.

“Come, I’m getting you out of here.”

“Help me... help us...” the young man said.

“Were you with a kid?”

“Y-yeah, little Jim, we had to hide him... hide him from that... God!” The young man tried to speak but the pain was just too much for him. “Please take him, forget about me, get the kid out of here first,” he said as he points his finger at a ditch far away. Casey looks, and spots in uneven darkness a scared little kid hiding in the wet bushes; scared, lost, and crying.

Casey and the kid’s eye meet. Scared and traumatized, the kid made Casey remember his own childhood living in fear. Now, he is determined to save everyone from this mess. “I’ll get you BOTH out of ‘ere,” Casey said with determination.

But then suddenly, the kid speedily stood up and waved his hands in surprise and frustration. “Mister watch out!” the kid warned them.

Casey quickly looks back, and saw Jason Voorhees standing in the woods. His mask too shimmers in the night, while also aiming a speargun at them. Jason lets out a bolt, and quickly hits the young man in the spine. The man yelled a horrible cry like a banshee, before dying with tears fresh from his eyes. Little Jim quickly went back to his hiding place, covering his little ears and sobbing in fear.

Casey stood up, hot rage filling his blood. Jason calmly lets out another spear, but Casey swiftly catches the spear with his hand and bends it with anger. “You son of a bitch! You’re dead! You’re fuckin’ dead!” Casey yells. His morals are now of, his rage besetting him. He’s going to kill this monster one way or another. There will be no mercy.

Casey puts his mask back on and grabs his baseball bats. He swiftly jumps from tree to tree like a capuchin, using them as high ground. Jason looks in awe at his agile opponent, as Casey suddenly lunges at him with the bat and smashes it at Jason’s face. “Oooongola!!!”

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Battle vs. Michael Myers (by WanderingSkull)Edit


Winner: Jason Vorhees

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Battle vs. Adam MacIntyre (by Wassboss)Edit

Jason Voorhees is walking through camp crystal, clutching a blood stained machete in one hand and a spear gun in the other. Having just dispatched a group of teenagers, skinny dipping in the lake, he is on his way to the kitchen. Suddenly a loud manic laugh echoes from the forest. Jason turns to face it but the laughing stops. Thinking it is just his imagination Jason turns back to his killing spree, but the laughing sounds again.

This time Jason takes knows it is not his imagination. Picking up a nearby bow, he notches an arrow and fires it through the forest. The laughing immediately stops and Jason gose back to finding anymore teenagers to kill. Suddenly a figure charges out of the forest, knocking Jason to the floor. Jason gets back to his feet and looks at his attacker, who is now standing 30 feet away from him. His attacker is a large clown, who is juggling two chainsaws.

Jason fires another arrow but Adam blocks with his chainsaws. “Your gonna have to try harder than that” he shouts his voice high pitched and child like. Jason takes out three more arrows and fires them in quick succession. Adam manages to block the first two with his chainsaws, but the third one strikes him in the arm. Adam winches in pain and pulls the arrow out, throwing it to the floor in disgust.

“We don’t want that do we” says Adam taking out a balloon and blowing it up. He throws it at Jason and it pops in his face spraying him with the irritant gas. Jason drops his bow and franticly rubs his eyes, trying to get the stinging gas out. Adam laughs manically and, after revving up his chainsaws, charges at his defenceless enemy. Jason manages to regain his vision just in time to see Adam charging at him. He tries to dodges the attack but Adam is too near and he swings his chainsaws.

Fortunately for Jason his earlier attempt to dodge the attack means that the chainsaws only scrape his arm. He takes his spear gun out of his belt and fires it, striking the crazed clown in the shoulder. Adam screams in pain and takes out two hunting knives. He throws them into Jason’s chest but due to his durability it barley fazes him. Adam knocks Jason down with a shoulder barge and prepares to finish him off.

Jason looks around and sees his machete which he dropped when he was trying to get the irritant gas out of his eyes. He scrambles towards it and picks it up. He manages to block several swipes from the chainsaw but before he can land a blow, Adam uses his chainsaws to yank the machete from Jason’s hands. Now weapon less Jason runs towards the kitchen hoping to find another weapon.

Adam runs after him hungry for blood. Jason reaches the kitchen first and runs in closing the door behind him. Adam gets there not long after and smiles. “If you think that will stop me then you are wrong” he says getting more and more high pitched as he talks “burn”. He then breathes flames at the kitchen setting it ablaze. Adam laughs and walks’ away thinking that his adversary has been vanquished.

However a completely unshaved Jason emerges from the building meat cleaver in hand. He runs silently at Adam and swings the the meat cleaver into his neck repeatedly, decapitating the psychopathic clown. Jason picks up the two chainsaws and stumbles off into the woods.

Winner Jason Voorhees

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Jason won because he had the range advantage and thus could end the battle before Adam could get near enough to do any damage.

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Battle vs. Wolverine (Old Man Logan) (by Monkey Doctor 33)Edit


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As much as how faltered his physicality is in the future, Logan still has the skills and experience to take down Jason. Jason is nearly unkillable and has faced other beings similar to him. However, Logan has faced more enemies than all the things Jason fought or killed. He himself is also the same Wolverine that was born in the 18th Century and fought hundreds of heroes and villains during his lifetime. His healing factor is indeed, weaker than those of Jason's. But Logan's adamantium claws make short work of the hockey-masked killer himself.

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Battle vs. Count Dracula (Novel) (By Pygmy Hippo 2) Edit


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Battle vs. King Arthur (by Dargoo Faust) Edit


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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battle vs. Zombies, Hellboy, Pious Augustus, Jack Torrance, and Grendel (by Oshbosh)Edit

A mysterious force was passing by. It took warriors from countless mediums of horror fiction. It didn't care who.' It just wanted them. They were all transported to a dark forest unknown where. The battle was about to begin.



Hellboy was walking through the forest. "Now where the hell am ?" He grumbled. Suddenly, he heard twigs snapping. Hellboy drew his Samaritan. Meanwhile, 5 walkers were in the forest. They then smelled human flesh. They go and follow the smell. Jack Torrance is in the forest wondering how he got there. He then stops and hears footsteps. He waits and see's the 5 Walkers. Jack looked so surpridsed, he didn't relize the Walkers coming. He took out his Fire Ax and hit one of the Wlkers in the head. Walkers: 4. He then hits another Walker with his Croquet Mallet, but it cause's no affect. One of the Walkers bites Jack and he screams in agony. The Walkers then proceed to eat Jack's corpse. Fighters: 6. Pious is looking around the dark forest. He use's magic to make light to find where he is. He then hears a scream. He follows the scream to where it came from. Grendel is also walking through the forest. He then comes across the Walkers. He rips two of the Walkers with his bare strength, leaving two Walkers left. Walkers: 2. Kaede is walking throught the forest when she finds the 2 Walkers and Grendel. She use's her vectors to cut the Walkers into a pile of limbs.Walkers:0. Fighters: 5. Pious finds Kaede and Grendel. He is about to attack them but Jason comes out with a Speargun and fires at Kaede. She quickly use's her Vectors to stop the Spear. He then throws the Meat Cleaver at Grendel, but it bounce's off as Grendel laughs. Jason the goes at Pious with his Machete but Pious counters with his Gladius. Pious then takes out his Colt M1911.45 pistol and shoots Jason, but t does nothing.Pious knows that mere weapons will not kill him and was about to use a Magickal Attack, but Hellboy comes out with his Big Baby and shoots at Jason, yelling "Take this, mask wearing moron!" Jason turns to Hellboy but Kaede decapitates Jason. Fighters:4. Pious leaves, but not before using Summon Zombie, Summon Trapper and Summon Horror to summon a zombie, a trapper and a Horror. "Have fun!" Pious laughed as he sat back to enchant his weapons, prepare damage fields and shields.Hellboy then goes after Grendel as Kaede deals with the creatures the liche summoned. Hellboy takes out his Samaritan and fires at Grendel, but realizes that it does nothibg. Grendel aghs as he says "Foolish mortal. Don't you know I can't be harmed by mortal weapons?" Hellboy responds by saying "Yeah, i've read Beowulf. I know all about you." He readies his Right Hand of Doom and charges. Kaede used her MP5 to shoot down the creatures. When it dosen't work, she used her Vectors to throw trees at the creatures and slices them up. Hellboy had won a fist fight with Grendel, and rips off his head.Fighters:3. Hellboy comes face to face with Kaede. Kaede uses her vectors to gash Hellboy across his arm. Hellboy fires his Samaritan, and it goes through the vectors and through her chest. She attempts to stop the bleeding when a M78 Grenade Launcher goes into her mouth and Hellboy fires it and blows up Kaede. Fighter: 2. Hellboy then finds Pious. "Time to end this." Hellboy grumbles. "Face me, and you shall surely perish!" Pious responds, taking out his Gladius. Hellboy charges with his Red Right Hand of Doom. He punches Pious, but that only serves to break his shield.He takes out his Samaritan, but he finds out that he has no ammo left, nor in is Big Baby. Pious use's Sanity Draining and Hellboy loses control. Hellboy tries to fight, but Pious use's Magick Attack and finishes off Hellboy. Fighters:1. Pious walks up to Hellboy and yells "Fool! I spit at thee. The Darkness shall be...Eternal!"

Winner: Pious Augustus

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The voters believed that Pious's magical abillities, years of expieriance as a Centurion and overall better tactics won him this Battle Royale. Next battle, the Daleks invade Voya Nui as a part of Invasion of the Daleks.

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