The Great Journey has begun. And the Brutes, not the Elites, shall be the Prophets' escort!
— Brute chieftain Tartarus

The Jiralhanae are one of many alien races serving in the Covenant. The Jiralhanae warrior's culture makes them formidable opponents, and they were incorporated into the Covenant to serve as fierce guards for the Prophets and as heavy infantry. There fierceness in combat is unmatched and they are extremely zealous creatures, known for their willingness to cling to ancient, bloody traditions and are deep believers in the promise of the Great Journey and in the Forerunners. Jiralhanae are known for their particular joy in vicious activity, complimented by regimented discipline.

Battle vs. Locusts (by Samurai234)Edit

Locust: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

Chieftain: Green Green Green Green Green

In a abandoned city, resembling the ones in Gears of War, four Locusts led by General RAAM are walking across the city, looking for any sign of trouble. Unaware to them, Tartarus and four Chieftains are walking across the other side of the city, also looking for enemies. One of the Chieftains sees the Locusts and fires his needle rifle. He manages to take out a locust boomer. Grey General RAMM sees the Chieftains and yells "We are under attack! Fire back!". The locust return fire with their hammerbursts, and manage to take out a Chieftain. Green The two teams' leaders tell their men to split up, and they all scramble. A Chieftain enters a narrow alley, looking for any signs of a locust. Suddenly, he hears a raspy voice say "Hunger!", and he is ambushed by a Locust butcher. The Locust pulls out his butcher knife, and swings, but misses. The Chieftain pulls out his Jiralhanae Combat Knife and stabs the Locust in his abdomen. The Locust retaliates by cutting the Chieftain's hand off. The chieftain roars in pain, before getting his head cut off. Green The Locust says, "you'll make a very tasty meal.", and pulls his body to the shack to cook him later. However, he sees another Chieftain armed with a plasma cannon. The Locust says "Uh Oh!", before getting blown up. Grey The Chieftain exits the alley, but he almost gets shot by a locust with his torque bow. Another Chieftain sneaks up on the locust and crushes him to death with his hammer. Grey However, another locust grabs the bow and fires an arrow in the Chieftain's leg. The Chieftain rolls over, before the locust finishes him off with his the bow's sharpen end. Green RAMM and the last locust drone enter the a series of small house where a Chieftain is hiding. The Chieftain hurls a spike grenade at the drone. The grenade starts beeping, so RAMM gets out of range before the Grenade blows up. Grey The locust general looks ahead, but doesn't see anything. To be sure, he hurls a bolo grenade in one of the houses. It blows up, and the Chieftain is dead.Green RAMM suddenly hears a loud roar. he turns and sees Tartarus, gravity hammer in hand. RAMM looks on the floor and sees a boom shield and explosive flail, which he picks up. The two approach each other and duel. Tartarus slams the hammer down, but RAMM blocks it with the shield. RAMM swings the flail, but Tartarus simply ducks. The two distance each and charge. RAMM makes the first blow and hits Tartarus in his head with the flail, causing an explosion. RAAM gets up and stares at Tartarus' body, which now has no head.Green RAAM raises his fist in the air and yells "For the Queen!".


Expert's OpinionEdit

The Chieftain and Locust brought very great weapons to the table, but the Locust's better weapons and tatics are what won the day for them.

To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.

Rematch vs. Locusts (by Sith Venator)Edit

No Battle Written

WINNER: Jiralhanae

Expert's OpinionEdit

In the end the Jiralhanae defeated the Locust with better weaponary and armor in addition to their bigger size.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes click here.

Rematch InformationEdit

The blog post for the original battle took place beck when this wiki was rather new. In other words, it received very few comments, and voters were not required to provide any reasons in their votes as to why said warrior was deadlier. This lead to the Locusts winning. A rematch was done in which not-so-thorough votes were counted as half, and a poll was also put up. In the end, the Jiralhanae won both in the comments, and in the poll.

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