Since God had commanded it, it was necessary that I do it. Since God commanded it, even if I had a hundred fathers and mothers, even if I had been a King's daughter, I would have gone nevertheless.
— Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc was born into a peasant family in 1412 in France. At 17, she heard voices from God telling her to drive the English out of France to win the Hundred Years War. She told the local lord of this and he sent her to the dauphin (the heir to the French throne). He knew of a prophecy where an armed maiden would save France. So he made the astounding decision to give Joan full control of his armies. The prophecy seemingly became true about Joan of Arc as today she is known as one of the all-time best warriors in history. After winning the Hundred Years War for France, Joan of Arc was betrayed and burned alive. She was killed at 19.

Battle vs. Julius Caesar (by Sport Shouting)

Joan and 4 French Knights roam their castle. Julius and 4 Roman soldiers spot them. One of Caesar's men throws the Pilum javelin, hitting a Knight in the face, killing him.

Joan- 4

Joan sends her men to attack Caesar's troops. One of the Knights and one of the Romans clash mid range weapons. The Knight's Halberd disarms the Hasta spear and the Knight kills the Roman.


Joan calls her men to the siege cannon as Julius forms a new formation to counter-attack. A cannon ball from the Siege Cannon tears through the chain mail armor of a Roman soldier killing him.


Caesar sends his men after Joan's men. A Roman uses the Dolabra to kill a Knight by going around his plate armor.


2 of the Knights notice a charging Roman. They fire their Steel Crossbows at him. 2 bolts him him in the neck to kill him.


The Knights run after the Romans. The Romans form a strong formation to trap the Knights. Joan uses her "Audactity" to defeat this. The Knights plow through the trap and kill a Roman with the Arming sword.


Julius and his last soldier draw a Hasta and Crocea Mors. A knight charges at the soldier with a Halberd. He wounds the Roman but is killed by Caesar.


Joan and her Knight charge after the Romans. The last Knight thrusts the Arming Sword at the wounded Roman to kill him.


Caesar retriieved his sword


Julius and Joan draw their swords. Caesar runs to pick up a Dolabra. He gets it and hits Joan in the face with it, killing her.



Expert's Opinion

The voting went to Julius because the voters noticed that Caesar killed, Joan didn't. That was the key X-Factor in Julius Caesar's win.

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Battle vs. Boudica (by The Deadliest Warrior)

Joan of Arc is riding on her horse through a clearing, when she spots a chariot in the distance. Boadicea is next to the driver of the chariot, and she fires an arrow at Joan, missing her by an inch. Joan lowers her helmet and charges at the chariot, pike in hand.

The pike goes straight through the driver, killing him. Boadicea quickly grabs control of the reins controlling the horses, but the chariot swerves and Boadicea leaps out moments before it turns over and splinters to pieces.

Boadicea menacingly growls deep in her throat, and hurls several throwing axes at Joan of Arc, one after the other. They bounce harmlessly off of the French maiden’s armor, but the horse is hit in the neck. It staggers and Joan jumps off before the horse falls, dead.

Boadicea takes out her lancea and longsword and runs at Joan, who takes out her crossbow. A bolt flies from the crossbow and hits the Celtic queen in the shoulder, but she rips it out as she is running without so much as losing her footing.

Joan of Arc rolls to the side as Boadicea chucks her lancea, and is slashed on her shoulder with the longsword. Joan takes out her mace and tries to attack her opponent, but the weapon is too heavy and constantly misses. Boadicea grabs the mace and lifts it up before she punches the French maiden in her chest and stabs her unprotected stomach. Joan weakly falls back, but takes out her war hammer and wounds Boadicea in her thigh, sticking it straight in.

Boadicea screams in rage and bends down to pull the weapon out of her leg. Before she can react, Joan grabs her longsword from the ground and slashes at the Celt’s neck. Boadicea’s head falls to the ground, and her body crumples on top of it. Joan clutches her stomach wound, but manages a cry of victory before she limps away, wounded but otherwise fine, leaving Boadicea’s body for the crows.

Expert's Opinion

the experts agreed that while weapon-wise Joan and Boadicea were neck-and-neck, and that they were both very skilled in their method of mounted fighting, Joan's armor was what won the battle for her over the armorless Celtic queen.

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Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Thundrtri)

Joan: 12345

Genghis: 12345

3 French knights walk along a rough dirt path accompanied by two horses, one ridden by a French knight, the other Joan of Arc herself. They come out of the long wooded path and in front of them is a vast green, hilly field.

Across the field, are two mounted Mongol warriors, one Genghis Khan, and rest are foot soldier Mongols.

Joan orders one of the unmounted knights to load the crossbow. The knight cranks the bow until the string is in its position; he then places a bolt on the table and aims the crossbow at the Mongols.

Genghis hears the cranking in the distance of the crossbow; he looks over and sees the knights standing in the wooded path. “!”He yells. (Attack!)

The Mongol foot soldiers run out into the field. One removes his bow from its holster and grabs an armor piercing arrow. The other Mongols run up but one is shot in the chest by the crossbow.

Joan: 12345

Genghis: 1234

The bowman fires the armor piercing arrow into the French knight’s gut. Leaning over in pain, the knight attempts to rip out the arrow, but as he does so, he falls over and dies.

Joan: 1234

Genghis: 1234

Joan yells to her troops “attaquer!’ (Attack!)

The knights run off to battle leaving Joan and the mounted knight on the hill.

The mounted Mongol looks at Genghis and nods. He rides off into the field with his Jida lance in hand. The Mongol bowman fires a second arrow but misses, suddenly the knights come up, one grasping a Halberd, the other a French mace. The bowman holsters his bow and unsheathes his Turko Mongol saber. The knight with the halberd hacks with the axe end of the weapon. The Mongol sidesteps but the knight thrusts his halberd into the Mongol.

Joan: 1234

Genghis: 123

The mounted Mongol rides up to the knight with the halberd and thrusts his Jida lance into the knight’s chest.

Joan: 123

Genghis: 123

The lance stays within the dead knight’s chest and the mounted Mongol pulls out his mace. The remaining Mongol foot soldier runs up to the other knight holding the mace and slashes with his saber. The knight dodges and smashes the Mongol’s face in with his mace.

Joan: 123

Genghis: 12

The mounted Mongol rides over to the knight and swings his mace killing the knight.

Joan: 12

Genghis: 12

Joan and her mounted knight ride down the hill, swords at the ready. Genghis rides up to his comrade and readies his saber. The knight rides up to Genghis with his sword and slashes, Genghis rides to the side and instead, his fellow Mongol is slashed across the face.

Joan: 12

Genghis: 1

The knight rides over to Genghis, who stabs the knight in the chest.

Joan: 1

Genghis: 1

Joan rides up to Genghis and slashes with her sword. The blade merely scratches his armor, but the blow knocks him from his horse. He stands and sees her riding up towards him; she slashes and knocks his saber from his hands. Genghis looks over and sees the Jida lance still in a dead knight’s chest. Genghis removes the lance from the dead soldier’s chest and readies himself for Joan’s attack. Joan swipes with her sword but is impaled in the chest. She falls from her horse in a heap. Genghis rips the lance from his dead foe’s chest and yells in victory.

Joan: X

Genghis: 1

Winner: Genghis Khan

Expert's Opinoin


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Battle vs. Stephen the Great (by Ssdmarista)

Stephen and 4 Moldavian soldiers were guarding a fortress in the middle of the forest meanwhile Joan and 4 French knights were aproaching.The Moldavian scout saw the French aproaching and alerted the troops.The Moldavians grabbed their bows and fired upon the French one of them getting killed.Joan and the other french grabbed their crossbows and fired back the Moldavians ducked but one ducked too late and got killed.Joan and her knights threw their crossbows and charged at the fortress.Stephen and his men came out of the fortress and charged at the French.A French knight got killed by a Moldavian horse archer who later gets shot by a crossbow and dies.A Moldavian with a pernach aproaches the French crossbowman and kills him.The last of Joan's knights comes and kills the pernach Moldavian with the morning star.Joan on horseback draws her sword and charges at the last Moldavian who was also on horseback and kills him.Meanwhile Stephen has a duel on foot with the las Frenchman who tried to kill him with the morningstar but Stephen wraps it around his sword and throws it away and later kills him.Joan dismounts and charges at Stephen with her sword.The Duel starts it does not take really long and Stephen finally kills Joan with one swing.The scene then cuts to Stephen in front of a newly built monestry cheering in victory

Winner:Stephen the Great

Experts Opinon

Even tough Joan had a more westernised army and has such a legacy she didn't do much fighting herself and merley inspired the french people wile Stephen actually fought in his battles and got wounded.Also Joan only faced the English and that's it Wile Stpehen faced a numerous variety of foes (Rival Moldavians,Hungarians,Turks,Polish,Tatars,Mongols, Corrupted Wallachians and even Bulgarians) 2 of witch had armies similar with Joan's army (Hungarians and Polish

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