This, is how it begins.
— Al-Asad seconds before executing Al-Fulani.
Men like Al-Asad don't talk unless men like Price beat the words out of them.

Khaled Al-Asad was an Arab dictator that ruled the Middle East with an iron fist for months. He lead the OpFor against president Al-Fulani and then against the United States Marine Corps. After the US invaded his nation and reached Basra, the capital, he unleashed a nuclear weapon upon the city, while he was in Azerbaijan. Shortly after, he was found by SAS operatives and was executed by Captain Price.

Battle vs. Zavimir Serdar (by Goodboy12)Edit

Khaled Al-Asad: Red Red Red Red Red

Zavimir Serdar: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

In a small Arab town, Zavimir Serdar and four of his soldiers approach the market through the street. Meanwhile, Khaled Al-Asad's sniper spots them. He aims his Dragunov and hits one of them. Blue Serdar spots him and orders his man with the G3 to fire. He kills the sniper. Red Serdar and his guards now move into the gate. Al-Asad's man with the RPG fires a shot, but misses. This gives Serdar a chance to fire his MP-443 at him. Red Also, Serdar's sniper kills the man with the RPD. Red

Meanwhile, Serdar's shotgunner is going around to outflank Al-Asad, but the W1200 blows the guy to pieces. Blue Al-Asad comes out of hiding with an FAL, passing it to his shotgunner. He fires the FAL at one of Serdar's men, killing him. Blue Serdar pickes up his M2 Carl Gustav and fires it at Al-Asad, wounding him with shrapnel. Now the PKM guy comes out of hiding and kills the man with the FAL. Red He moves in to kill Al-Asad, but is blown away by his Desert Eagle. Blue A leader on leader fight ensues.

Serdar fires his MP-443 at Al-Asad on the stairwell, missing him. He goes up, and finds him supposedly wanting to jump off the building. But this is his trap. "Your too easy on me" he says. Then he turns around immeadiately and fires all 6 remaining rounds into Serdar. Blue He yells "العرب " (For Arabs) in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The reason why Al-Asad won is because even though Serdar had better weapons, Al-Asad dominated in the X-Factors, tipping the scales in Al-Asad's favor.

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