The khanjar, known by the term "jambiya" in Yemen, are curved daggers used throughout the Middle East, but are of greatest significance in the southern Arabian Peninsula, specifically the countries of Oman and Yemen. In these countries, the khanjar or jambiya is worn by all males over 14, but traditionally only drawn if the user seeks to use it for revenge, assassination, or combat, or at least in the case of the Yemeni jambiya certain ceremonial events. Jambiya are also used as status symbols, with wealthy men carrying khanjars adorned with gemstones and other expensive materials, some costing over $1,000,000 US. The weapon also became known as the preferred weapon of the Hashashin or the Assassins, who would use poisoned khanjars for assassination. They would also sometimes leave a khanjar next to the bedside of a target in their sleep as a death threat, typically with a note stating that unless they follow the demands of the Hashashin, they will be assassinated. Saladin was intimidated into lifting a siege in this manner.