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Welcome to Deadliest Fiction Wiki
A fanon website where every user gets to write battles between history and fiction's deadliest fighters!

This wiki should not be utilized for research purposes- we have synopses rather than biographies
Take a quick look at our Policies!
There is no continuity between battles, unless explicitly stated.
There are spoilers for various series on this site. You have been warned.

Talk to any of our Administrators for advice on our website

See our sister site Endless Skies!
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Battles Weapons Warriors Tournaments
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Wiki Activity News Staff Policies


We are Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Users are invited to write battles they wanted to see played out. Whether its a special forces group versus a special forces group, or a historical figure vs a historical figure, all are invited to write their own battles. If you dream it, you can write it!
Contactany of the Administrators if you have any questions.
We hope you feel welcome here on our diverse wiki. Edit on!

The Battle of the Month is:

Robert the Bruce vs. Minamoto No Yoshitune by Grand Admiral Harmon

The Battle of the Month is voted on by the users of the wiki at the end of every month on our news blog, being awarded as an essential reading that highlights the best and boldest of Deadliest Fiction's creative talent.


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Deadliest Fiction Wiki
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And so ends the first month of 2017 C.E. A lot has happened, but we like to focus on what is going to happen. And by that, we mean film. What's your most anticipated film of 2017?

The poll was created at 04:14 on February 2, 2017, and so far 49 people voted.

Make sure to have your say on the upcoming news blog. Head on over to Cfp's or Skully's blog .page to have a look.


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