A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet's role has just ended...
— Quote from Majora's Mask.

Majora is the primary antagonist of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and arguably the most mysterious antagonist in the series. In the game, Majora is a spirit that inhabits a mask once used by an ancient tribe for occult rituals, and posesses the wearer, in this case, a creature called a Skull Kid. Link follows the Skull Kid from Hyrule into the land of Termina, which is doomed to be destroyed by Majora in three days, who intends to crash the world's moon into it. Link, however is able to avert this, repeatedly turning back time to defeat Majora's minions, summon the four giants whose strength is needed to stop the falling moon, before battling and defeating Majora, who, comes to life from the mask, as a demon with whip-like tentacles. It is suggested in Hyrule: Total War, that the Majora that Link defeated is but a highly weakened form of him, and Majora is actually a Lovecraftian Horror with godlike power bent on causing chaos and destruction.

Battle vs Vasher (by Leolab)Edit

Vasher is walking in T’telir, when he spots an oddly-shaped mask on the ground. Majora rises, growing tentacles out of his back. Vasher holds Nightblood forward, still in its sheath. He sees two possessed beings wearing masks. Vasher throws Nightblood at the pair, and touches the rope around his waist. He infuses Breath into it, Awakening the rope.

The masked beings pick up Nightblood as Vasher turns the corner, using the Awakened rope to increase his agility. Majora follows, and Vasher starts using his rope like a whip, lashing Majora’s back. Majora eventually falls, as Vasher runs back to the alley where he found the mask. The two beings are dead. He pulls Nightblood and its sheath out of the body it’s stuck in. I killed them. They were evil. Aren’t you proud of me? the sword asks. Not responding, Vasher turns to see Majora has grown legs and an eye, and is now in Majora's Incarnation form. It starts running at him, but he uses his Awakened rope to dodge every time. He then opens a pouch and takes out a grey-skinned squirrel. “Almond grass. Kill it. Almond grass.” he says. The squirrel leaps on Majora, its teeth heavily injuring it. Vasher finishes it off with Nightblood. As he turns, he sees Majora change yet again. Now, the mask is a demonic figure with whips for arms. He starts running towards a nearby D’Denir statue, dodging the whips.

“My sin be hidden! Kill it! My sin be hidden!” he shouts, desperately. The statue responds to his command, and moves in and squashes Majora. Dusting himself off, he retrieves the squirrel and returns to his safe house, wondering what to tell Vivenna about the fight.

Winner: Vasher

Expert's Opinion Edit

Vasher had more fighting skill than Majora, because Majora was essentially a child.

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