You have the right to remain silent and some other s*** I can't remember.
— Marcus Reed

Marcus Reed is the son of a major New York crime boss, Isaiah "the King" Reed. After his father's arrest, Marcus inherited his criminal empire, but lost it and nearly his life after a friend betrayed him and tried to kill him. Marcus killed the traitor and many gang members, but was confronted by Terry Higgins, an NYPD officer and old friend of Marcus' father. Disappointed in Marcus, Terry agreed to cover the killings up in exchange for Marcus turning his life around.

10 years later, Marcus fulfilled his end of the bargain, becoming a police officer, and being one of the precinct's best. Marcus passed a test for a transfer to the NYPD's Organized Crime Unit, but tragedy struck when Terry was killed in an explosion while meeting an informant. Later, Marcus was contacted by FBI agent Gabriel Whitting, who informed Marcus he had discovered a possible mole in the OCU, who may have caused Terry's death. Marcus set out to investigate four major criminal organizations in an effort to find the mole and avenge his mentor's death.

Battle vs. Elliot Stabler (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

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Expert's OpinionEdit

Reed's training was quite inferior to Stabler's marine training, who would definitely take more precise shots. That, along with Elliot Stabler's superior arsenal, won him the day.

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