So he wants me dead, eh? Well you just tell him to get in line, behind everyone else.
— Mattias Nilsson
Now begins Ragnarok!!
— Mattias Nilsson

Mattias was born in Arvidsjaur, Sweden circa 1978, there is no record of a Mattias Nilsson in official archives. This has caused some to believe that "Mattias Nilsson" may be a pseudonym, others believing the records were lost due to a childhood experiment with explosives. As a child Mattias was a juvenile delinquent who rarely ever attended school and was always in trouble with the law.

Mattias first joined the Swedish Navy at the young age of 17, and became an artillery soldier. However his obsessive use of explosives eventually got him discharged. A short time later, Mattias joined the Lappland Ranger Regiment, commonly known as the Arctic Rangers. While serving with the Rangers, he would accept the most dangerous assignments, seemingly heedless of his own personal safety. His apparent need for a constant adrenaline rush concerned his superiors, who knew the Arctic Rangers existed in an unforgiving and merciless environment. Mattias accepted this and thrived, building up a rapport with his comrades. His loyalty caused problems however as he frequently fought on his fellow Ranger's behalf. Mattias was never liked very much, and after the injury of a fellow member because of Mattias, he was discharged in 1999.

Shortly afterward, he joined an outlaw biker gang known as the Wolfpack Brotherhood MC. Under his influence, the Brotherhood went from being a mild irritant to the Swedish authorities to becoming a host of the most wanted criminals of the nation. Mattias himself became infamous for his violent exploits and adrenaline-fueled stunts. Mattias began a war between the biker gangs by inflitrating army bases and stealing equipment which he used against rival biker gangs. He was eventually captured by the Swedish authorities, but never one to be chained down, he escaped while being transferred to another prison.

Now a fugitive in his native Sweden, he realized he could not remain there. He left the country and became a mercenary. He swiftly gained a reputation for overkill, often using high explosives and air strikes for jobs best suited for small arms. Despite this, he got his assignments done and his explosive reputation soon made him one of the most sought-after mercenaries in the world. After being a operative for Tactical Solutions Inc., he joined Executive Operations, where his first assignment was the "Song Initiative."

Mattias has served in conflicts around the world. The so far known ones are Kosovo where he worked alongside Josef, North Korea, Montenegro, East Timor, Senegal alongside fellow mercenary Blanco and most recently Venezuela.

Battle vs. Mr. Grimm (by AnnhilationNation)Edit

It was a hot day in Venezulea, as some back roads, that wind through the rainforests were seen to a small crew of the Venezulean army, who was easily dispatched by Mattias Nilsson. The vehicle was toast, from an RPG-7 he just used up, but the attached Norinco QJY-88 was barely on the back of the attack Jeep still. "Ha! Why can't everything be rocket propelled?!" Mattias says laughing to himself, as he scored an easy $3,000 dollars for the heads of those men. Meanwhile, in the distance, he was being watched through binoculars, as Mr. Grimm was searching for a powerful soul. "There..." He says, spying Mattias. "He is the one." Mr. Grimm loads up his M60 in the sidecar of his motorcycle, and begins to drive off the hill, towards Mattias. Mattias finishes his raid, however, he hears the hum of a motorcycle approaching him. He looks over, as Mr. Grimm pulls out his H&K MP5A3 and started to fire, as Mattias ducked behind the truck for cover, as Grimm expeled half his clip on the drive-by, as he went down the lane, and started to circle back for another pass. Mattias looks up at the Light Machine Gun, and goes up to it, unbolting it from it's base, as Grimm was beginning to turn around. He was starting to aim his sub-machine gun, hitting the car as he passed, while Mattias fired the Norinco at his foe, a few rounds grazed Grimm's legs, however, he shot out the front tire of his motorcycle, which caused him to lose control, as he passed Mattias, and went down the road and skidded to a small crash, as he jumped from his bike and rolled down a hill. Mattias ran down the hill with his Norinco QJY, as Grimm was getting to his feet. Grimm was about to reload, however, he heard bullet fire, and panicked, dropping the clip. He ran into the woods, as Mattias ran his gun dry. He then takes out his PP-2000 and goes to stalk his prey. Grimm ran, and hid, as his ribs hurt from his accident. He reaches for his holstered M1911, while trying to sneak back for his M60. He ran back, as Mattias started to spray rounds from his PP-2000, nearly hitting Grimm.

Grimm leans back with his M1911 and fires back as he runs away from him, both missing shots on the moving targets. Grimm gets to his M60, and began to blind fire, as Mattias quickly jumped down, and behind fome foilage, trying to lose him. Nilsson army crawled his way out as Grimm was expending round after round, missing his mark. He stopped firing, as he was searching for Mattias.

Mattias emerged from the jungle with his Smith and Wesson Model 500, as Grimm spotted him and began to fire his M60, spraying, however, at a random shot, Mattias fired, and hits Grimm in his shoulder, causign him to scream in pain, as he dropped his gun. Mattias was about to aim at Grimm's skull, however, Grimm was ambidexterous enough to pull out his Colt again, and shoot Mattias in his arm. Having used his last round, Grimm gets his signature knife, the Makraka. He swiped, as Mattias used his gun to stop the blade, however, Grimm kicked him back, knocking his sidearm out of his hand.

Mattias somersaulted back, and drew his survival knife, and went for quick slashes, however, Grimm was deflecting them. Nillson then tackled Grimm, adn sent him down, however, Grimm kicked him off. Mattias scrambled for his Model 500, and was getting up on his knees. He pointed teh gun, only to have his hand severed off by Grimm's makraka. Mattias let out a blood curdling scream, until he was relived by a slash to his jugular vein.

"Sorry, bud... I'm getting tired of the asylum food." his foe says, as he taken Mattias' knife and embedded it into his chest, and pries his ribcage apart. He removed Mattias' heart and taken a bite, before screamign in victory, as blood flowed down from his chin.

WInner: Mr. Grimm

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Mr. Grimm may have a fevered insanity, he is still a rational thinker, and still able to fight well enough on his own. Mattias is an expert soldier, but he was under-equipped for good ol' fashioned American weaponry.

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Battle vs. Giacomo Dante (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Mattias Nilsson: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Giacomo Dante: Green Green Green Green Green Green

Square in a town in northern Italy

Mattias Nilsson's M2 Bradley APC rolled down the deserted streets, only barely wide enough for it. As it rolled into the square, several 25mm rounds pinged off the armor. Nilsson turned the turret to see a VBM Freccia APC with him dead in its sights.

Nilsson fired the Bradley's TOW missile launcher, sending a missile into the side of the Freccia APC, causing it to explode in a flash of fire, but only killing one of Dante's men. Green

A FRF merc on the roof one of the buildings retaliated, firing an AT4 at the Bradley, destroying it, killing one of the Allied Nations soldiers inside. Blue

Nilsson and the other four soldiers he was working with, however managed to get out of the burning vehicle. Nilsson raised his RPO-A rocket launcher and pulled the trigger, firing a thermobaric rocket into building where Dante's man fired the AT4, killing him and blowing away the front of the building Green

Suddenly, the upper body of an AN soldier exploded in a mist of blood and gore. Blue An AN sniper took cover behind the Bradley APC, spotting one of Dante's men, armed with a Denel NTW-20 in a building on the west side of the square. The sniper fired, scoring a headshot that caused the FRF sniper's head to practically explode. Green

Suddenly the sniper himself met the same fate as his target, blown apart by an anti-materiel round. Blue. Nilsson spotted Dante in the tower of a church directly in front of him. Nilsson raised a second RPO-A tube and took aim at the tower.

Dante saw Mattias take aim with the launcher and ran down the stairs of the tower, making it out of the tower, and into the main church building just as the explosion leveled the church tower, killing Dante's spotter. Green

Nilsson led the two remaining AN soldiers towards the church, XM8s in hand. An AN infantryman burst in first, only the be caught in the blast of a Claymore mine. Blue

Nilsson and the last surviving soldier advanced into the church. A FRF merc armed with an M4 carbine bursts out from behind a pew, only to be cut down by a burst from the last AN soldier's XM8. Green.

The last AN soldier, however, is cut down second later by Giacomo Dante, who fires his M4 down from the choir balcony. Blue

Mattias fires at Dante with his XM8, driving down the staircase into the main area of the church. Dante fired a burst of fire that narrowly missed Mattias, who dove out of the way behind a pew. Nilsson raised his XM8 and took dead aim at Giacomo Dante, firing a three round burst, one of the rounds scoring a perfect headshot. Green

Mattias walked over to Dante's body and took a photo to confirm the death of the HVT.

WINNER: Mattias Nilsson

Experts OpinionEdit

While both Nilsson and Dante were dangerous, highly trained mercenaries, Nilsson's superior firepower gave him the edge in this battle. As there was no voter turnout, this is a "exhibition match" decided by the author.

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Disregarded BattlesEdit

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Akemi Homura (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Akemi Homura walked into the Venezuelan villa that Mattias Nilsson was using as a headquarters. Homura grabbed an M249 SAW and placed it against the round "shield" on her arm, the weapon disappearing into her "hammerspace".

Suddenly, Homura's magic got low, and the time stop ran out. Mattias Nilsson ran at Homura and tried to disable her with his rifle butt, but Homura blocked with her katana and fled, drawing her Desert Eagle and firing back at Nilsson as she ran out the door, missing all her shots.

Nilsson returned fire with his Sig, but also missed as Homura exited the villa with Nilsson giving chase. Homura had just climbed on top of the front gate and fired her AT4 at Nilsson, missiing and instead destroying a sports car that had belonged to the villa's former owner, Venezuelan billionaire turned dictator Ramon Solano. Nilsson returned fire with his RPO-A Shmel, blowing up the gate, but not injuring Homura, who fled across the Maricaibo Coast Highway, up a gravel road to an abandoned quarry.

Suddenly, missiles fell from the skies as Nilsson ran accross the road. The Type-88 missiles destroyed several civilian vehicles and blew craters in the highway. Nilsson, however, survived the barrage and crossed through the carnage and walked up the mountainside on the other side of the road.

From his vantage point, Nilsson could see two JSDF Type 88 Anti-Ship Missile Launchers, with Homura standing behind them. Nilsson got out his XM8 and fired off a smoke grenade from the underbarrel launcher.

"Now begins Ragnarok!", Nilsson said as the grenade landed amongst the launchers.

"Roger, we have your target", an MC-130 pilot said to Nilsson over the radio. Homura fled up other side of the quarry as a massive bomb landed in the quarry. The MOAB destroyed both of Homura's missile batteries in a massive ball of fire. Homura, however, was still alive, and fired her M249 SAW at Nilsson, grazing his shoulder. Nilsson replied with his QJY, missing Homura.

Homura fired a long burst at Nilsson, who took cover behind a rock. As Homura reloaded her SAW, Nilsson fired his RP0 again, but the shot went wide, the blast wave knocking over, but not killing Homura.

Nilsson walked over to Homura and used the zip-cuffs he normally used to subdue HVTs to bind her.

"I've been interested in how my weapons have been disappearing", Nilsson said to her, "Explain yourself".

Homura explained herself, saying "You may not believe me", before explaining that she was a "magical girl, and explained about some cat-like creature called Kyubey that betrayed her after she made a contract with him.

"I'm not sure I belive you, but I guess I'm not the only one who's been fucked over in a contract", Nilsson said, "If what you say is true, I'll let you have a few weapons, but first, you have to steal me a nuclear bunker buster. Only the U.S. and China ever made them, quite frankly, I don't care which who you steal it from. But, if I see you stealing from me again, I will kill you".

"You have yourself a deal, now get me out of these cuffs", Homura said.

Nilsson undid the zip cuffs, and kept his weapon trained on Homura as she left.

Three months later'

Homura arrived at the Solono villa.

"I heard the news story of about the stolen Chinese nuke, I'm assuming you have it", Nilsson asked.

"Right here", Homura said as she pressed her shield, A Chinese-made nuclear bunker buster on an ordnance cart appearing in front of them.

"All right that's my end of the deal", Homura said, "You have the ordnance I wanted".

Nilsson lead Homura into the garage of the villa, where Homura collected a couple MOABs, a Chinese MLRS, an Abrams tank, and assorted small arms.

As Homura left the Nilsson's villa, Nilsson pushed the ordnance cart into the hanger. Now he just had to get the bomb loaded on Misha's Sukhoi and he could take care of Solano's hardened bunker.

Expert's OpinionEdit


Mattias Nilsson won this battle due to his greater combat experience, training, and killer instinct, as well as his superior weaponry and firepower. While Homura possessed superhuman agility and had a formidable arsenal of military weapons at her finger tips, Nilsson's superior experience and training counteracted that. However, it should be of note that this battle took place between Nilsson and a "nerfed" Homura, namely, Homura was not allowed to use her time manipulation magic, which was deemed unfair as it would allow Homura to literally "pause the universe" and merciless attack Nilsson with him unable to respond. In the original anime, Homura and the magical girls also cannot be killed unless their "soul gem" is destroyed, or possibly if they sustain extreme bodily damage i.e. decapitation, total vaporization etc. Because of this, this battle would have likely gone differently with Homura at full power.

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Battle vs. 500 Left 4 Dead Infected (by SPARTAN 119)Edit



"I've got Ewan coming in with a chopper, ETA 30 minutes", Mattias Nilsson said, "We just need to hold out until then".

"We have a problem", 119 said, "Infected incoming, hundreds of 'em, all directions, they're approaching the line of charges".

The horde of the living dead charged in from all directions, upon reaching a point a couple hundred yards from the building, about 70 infected, mostly "common infected", were blown apart in a massive explosion. Akemi Homura had detonated the charges.

But there were more zombies incoming. Nilsson placed the bipod of his M249 SAW on the east wall of the structure and started firing off bursts of fire, cutting down multiple zombies with each burst.

Meanwhile, SPARTAN 119 fired the AG-36 grenade launcher under his C8 Carbine, killing about twenty zombies, including a Hunter. 119 then fired took aim down the scope of his carbine and placed three round into the brain of a Smoker, killing it.

Homura, meanwhile, was cutting down zombies left and right with her Howa, as Fujino tore zombies limb from limb. Suddenly, however, Fujino let out a scream. A Smoker had wrapped it tongue around her and was trying to drag her off the building.

119 ran over to with his machete drawn, however, that proved unnecessary, as Fujino tore the tongue in half with her psychic powers. Fujino tore the Smoker apart with her powers.

Suddenly, a chunk of concrete flew of over Homura's head, missing her by inches.

"Tank!", Homura said.

"Two more", Nilsson said.

"One coming from my direction too", Fujino replied.

"You have got to be shitting me!", 119' yelled, though he knew it was true.

"Each one of us, take a different one", Nilsson said, "Try and use rockets, those thing can take out a mechanical tank, it should have no trouble with these".

119 raised his M202 FLASH rocket launcher and fired. The first rocket missed, but impacted in the middle of a horde, killing twenty-five infected. 119 took aim again as the tank stopped to pick up a concrete block. 119's second rocket hit it right in the chest, vaporizing the creature.

Meanwhile, Nilsson disposed of the tank on his side, as well as 30 infected with his RPO-A, while Homura annihilated the third with her AT4 and Fujino used her psychic powers to collapse the wall of a building across the road onto the fourth.

"Nice one Fujino", I said.

"Thanks", she said

"Wish I knew where you were getting all these weapons", Nilsson commented to Homura.

"I just come across them here and there", she replied in her quiet, somewhat monotone voice.


"Misha", Nilsson said into the radio connected to the fighter pilot in his PMC, a heavy-drinking Russian named Misha Milanich, "We have enemy forces incoming, commence cluster bombing run. Marking target with red smoke"

Nilsson tossed a smoke grenade into the horde. Seconds later, an MiG-23 fighter jet flew over head and dropped a cluster bomb. Hundreds of bomblets impacted the target, blowing apart at least 100 infected, including a tank.


There were only about thirty zombies left, unfortunately, they were pounding on the roof access door. 119 raised his Glock 18 and fired a burst of rounds into the door, killing three zombies before the burst in. As the horde of the undead entered, three of their head exploded in a spray of blood, the handiwork of Nilsson's S&W 500, Homura's Desert Eagle, and Fujino's psychic powers, respectively.

Fujino then raised the PP-2000 SMG she grabbed from the supply drop, firing a burst that cut down two zombies as 119 fired a few more 3-round bursts, killing a few more infected. A zombie advanced on 119 as his pistol ran dry. 119 drew his machete and decapitated one of the infected and impaled another, killing them both.

Nilsson, meanwhile, took out five zombies with his revolver, and then started cutting them up with his knife. A Jockey tried to climb on him, but Fujino tore it's head off.

"Nice one, psychic girl", Nilsson said.

Seconds later, the Fujino screamed. A Hunter had jumped onto her as was trying to claw at her. 119 ran over to her and ran the hunter through with his machete. 119 and Fujino then turned to see the last dozen or so Zombies advancing on them.

Fujino beheaded two with her psychic powers as 119 reloaded. They were mere feet away. 119 took aim and shot one of them, killing it, when suddenly, all of the remaining zombie's exploded, save for two, which appeared to have been decapitated with some kind of blade.

Akemi Homura stood over them, Desert Eagle in one hand and katana in the other, the blade bloody and the gun smoking at the barrel.

"Think thats the last of 'em", 119 said, "And just in time, too". The sound of helicopter rotors filled the air. A green Huey helicopter landed on the roof, flown by Ewan Devlin, Nilsson's helicopter pilot. 119 allowed Homura and Fujino to enter before climbing in himself, Nilsson bringing up the rear.

"I would say this would make one hell of a movie", 119 commented as he the chopper took off, "But between the zombies, the mercenary, the psychic powers, and the time manipulation, this seems more like four different movies combined into one".

ALL SURVIVED, 500 infected killed

Expert's OpinionEdit


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Battle with Jennifer Mui vs. Kiritsugu Emiya and Maiya Hisau (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Mattias Nilsson and Jennifer Mui walk through the port of Fuyuki City. Unknown to them, above them, in one of the many gantry cranes, Kiritsugu Emiya lies in wait with his WA-2000 sniper rifle, with Maiya standing on the bridge of an oil tanker with her Steyr AUG.

Emiya takes aim at Nilsson and fires, missing by inches, as Maiya fires a three-round burst at Jen. Nilsson and Jen split up, moving from the cover of one shipping container to another, avoiding incoming fire.

Jen got out her Barret M99 and fired a shot at Maiya, narrowly missing her. Maiya took cover behind the bridge of the oil tanker as Jen fired a second shot, this one an armor-piering incendiary round right into one of the fuel storage tanks.

The tanker exploded in a huge ball of flames, but Maiya was not killed. She managed to jump from the bridge of the blazing ruins of the vessel on to a stack of shipping containers. Maiya fired another burst a Jen, who still though she was dead. The Barret M99 was blown out of Jen's hands by the 5.56mm rounds.

Jen got out her Chang Feng submachine gun and fired a burst of rounds at Maiya, who ran across the stack of shipping containers, climbing down as she went. Jen fired off the rest of the mag at Maiya, all of her shots missing, save for one that blew the AUG out of Maiya's hand.

Jen reloaded her SMG, only for a 9mm round to hit her hand, blowing the magazine out of her hand. Jen turned and drew her SIG Sauer, to see Maiya facing her with her Glock.

"You got blood on my new coat, you bitch!", Jen said, firing several times at the exact same time as Maiya opened fire. Both women were struck in the chest several times, falling to the floor.

With her dying breath, Maiya said "Kiritsugu... I..."

At the same time, Jen said, "At least my body will be... well... dressed..."

Meanwhile, Mattias fired his XM8 at Kiritsugu, only to have it shot out of his hand second later. Nilsson fired his RPO-A Shmel at the gantry crane that was Kiritsugu's sniping position.

As the rocket flew in, Kiritsugu activated his time manipulation magic. Time seemed to slow down, while to Mattias' eyes, Kiritsugu seemed to slide down the ladder with superhuman speed.

The crane exploded above him as Kiritsugu got out his Calico SMG and turned around the corner of the maze of shipping crates as Mattias drew his Smith and Wesson. Kiritsugu fired a burst, some of the rounds hitting, but none doing lethal damage.

Mattias fought against the pain and raised his revolver and fired. The .50 round hit the Calico SMG's drum mag, shattering it. At the same time, Kiritsugu drew his Thompson Contender, firing, but missing and hitting the revolver in Nilsson's hand, disarming him.

Nilsson ran into an open shipping crate as Kiritsugu reloaded his contender. Nilsson grabbed a second RPO-A Shmel rocket launcher and leaned out from cover as he said "Now begins Ragnarok!". Nilsson fired a rocket at Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu fired his Contender, hitting Nilsson in the chest, just as the RPO rocket hit him.

The thermobaric rocket impacted, its fuel-air warhead vaporizing Kiritsugu instantly in a powerful shock wave and a blast of intense heat. At the same time, Mattias felt a pain in his chest. The flesh in his chest looked rotted, dead, the result of the magic bullet in Kiritsugu's Contender. As his heart literally died within him, Nilsson said

"I guess... Valhalla awaits me..."


Expert's OpinionEdit

Mattias' Superior sidearm and explosive weapons and durability, as well as Jen's superior sniper rifle were sufficient Kiritsugu's superior SMG and limited time manipulation abilities. This, along with the X-Factors, canceled out the two teams advantages, resulting in a tie.

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