The chain in those handcuffs is high-tensile steel. It'd take you ten minutes to hack through it with this. Now, if you're lucky, you could hack through your ankle in five minutes. Go.
— "Mad" Max Rockatansky
I just can't get it clear in my head, Jess. He was so full of living, you know? He ran a franchise on it. Now there's nothing. And here I am trying to put sense to it, when I know there isn't any.
— "Mad" Max Rockatansky

Max Rockatansky is a Main Force Patrol officer fighting for peace on the roads of a dystopic Australia. Max is quiet, rarely speaking to any great extent, and never paying much attention to his steadily-increasing reputation. Though the best officer on the force, he is secretly afraid that he is becoming cold and heartless like the criminals he pursues. Max is eventually unable to cope with the loss of his friend, wife, and infant son. As a result, he carries out the ruthless revenge killings of those responsible for their deaths. He is last seen driving out into the wasteland, leaving the fading remnants of civilisation behind him.

Five years later, while wandering the wasteland of the outback, discovers a besieged group of people manning a remote oil drilling station and refinery. After losing nearly all of his remaining worldly possessions, including his dog and his car, the "Pursuit Special", Max, with few options, agrees to help the refinery's denizens to escape through hordes of marauding motorcycle gang members.

Fourteen years later, after being kicked out of Bartertown by Aunty Entity, Max Rockatansky left his life behind him following his revenge killings of the Toecutter and his gang, and his later defeat of Humungus. Since that time he has wandered through the outback, scavenging whatever he needed for survival. His hair has grown long, and very few remnants of his old police uniform remain recognisable. He had gone full circle, However, at the destruction of Bartertown, he helped a group of children find safety at the ruins of Sydney, and has made the full circle, regaining his humanity again, at the possible cost of his life.

Battle vs. Martin Riggs (by Facetheslayer)Edit

The simulation begins on the roads of Austrailia, as Max is seen driving his Pursuit Special. Little does he know, on the top of a plateau, Martin Riggs lays in wait, aiming down the road with his Heckler and Koch PSG-1. The former Special Forces soldier, fires a round, however, Max heard the shot, and swerved in reaction, as the shell went through the passenger side's glass. Knowing he had to stop that car, Martin fired lower, shooting out the rear driver's side tire. Max had spun out of control, until his vehicle stopped in the middle of the outback desert.

Martin stood up from his prone position, trying to scout the chance of Rockantsky being alive. Meanwhile, inside the vehicle, Rockantsky reached into the backseat, and grabbed the Mauser Karabiner 98k. He aimed through the driver side door, and managed to shoot out Riggs's rifle, damaging the scope.

"Well... someone wants a shot at the title" Riggs says with a smirk, before sliding down to his 1986 GMC Crew Cab. He reaches inside the tailgate, and equips an AK-47. Meanwhile, Max was pursuing him, with his Mauser and shotgun both holstered on his side, as he holds his H&K G3 up. Riggsmeets him off the face of the plateau, as they exchanged fire. Rockantsky fired wildly, however, Riggs was trained to be calm, as he puts a shot into the Road Warrior's abdomen.

Rockantsky felt pain, as he ran up and clashed assualt rifles with Riggs, as the two were using them in close combat. Rockantsky managed to get heh AK-47 out of Riggs' hands, as he hits him in teh jaw with the butt of his stock. The Lethal Weapon hits the ground hard, however, he does a sweep kick, knocing Max down, and causing him to lose his assualt rifle. Riggs gets up first, and runs back to his vehicle, as Max was slower at getting to his feet.

Riggs ran behind his truck, and reached inside for his H&K MP5A3, as he was covering himself. Max started to open fire with his Mauser C96, He was pickign hsi shots, as Riggs was usign bursts of fire. Rockanstky managed to land a bullet into the left shoulder of Riggs, as he wounded him, to the point where he dropped his gun.

Max walked up to him, ready to fire a bullet from his Mauser into Riggs' skull, however, the gun clicked, as it was out of ammunition, due to the shortage of shells in his time period. Riggs saw this as an opening, as hegets up, and starts a fist fight with him. He grabs Rockantsky's arm, and started to flip him over with a Judo throw, however, it was blocked by the Road Warrior. However, Riggs threw him down with an STO takedown, and puts his beretta to Max's face, but before he could fire a round, max threw some of the desert sand into Martin's eyes, and pushed him off.

Max started to grapple martin's right arm, however, little did he know, Martin dislocated it at will, to escape, as he kicked Rockantsky away. Riggs aimed his Beretta at Rockantsky's head, and fired, however, Rockantsky reacted just in time, so the bullet merely left a painful graze on his left cheek. max fought the pain, and then struggled for the Beretta, as he used hsi right hand to get the gun pointed away from him. And in a quick-draw, he pulls out his Sawed-off shotgun fro it's holster, and pointed it at Riggs' chest, and fired pellts, which tore apart his lungs and heart. Riggs fell to teh ground, and then said to Rockantsky, before he died... "Thank you" Before being at peace, as his life faded away. Max, still wounded pointed his trusty shotgun into the air and yelled in victory, before commandeering Martin's goods.

WINNER: Max Rockantsky

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Martin Riggs had better training, and more modern weaponry, the harshness of Max's training, and the reliability of his weapons, in addition to his ruthlessness made him slightly stronger. in this bout.

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Battle vs. Rick Grimes (by Postapocfan1999)Edit

Max walked down the abandoned streets of downtown Atlanta. Then suddenly, he heard a gunshot and he immedeatly crouched behind a car. Rick, who has a couple yards away, had just fired at him with his M4 thinking he was zombie. Max got his rifle out and began looking for Rick's location.

"I'm sorry sir, thought you were one of those things!" Rick shouted as he slowly raised his hand up.

Max pondered for a bit, "Screw you." He spotted Rick and fired his M1. He ducked and the bullet hit air. Rick blindly fired his rifle at Max and wasted the magazine. After Max heard that Rick's gun ran dry, he ran to the other side of the street and entered an abandonded department store (the same one in TWD TV show).

Rick followed him and had his shotgun out. Max suddenly fired both of his shotgun rounds at Rick, albeit blindly, and the pellets hit Rick in the leg. "AHHHH" He screamed. Rick then fired two shotgun rounds and then found out that his gun jammed. Max took out his Mauser and his Revlover and began looking for Rick around the store. He followed a trail of blood outside the department store where Rick waited behind an overturned van. Rick saw Max and fired his Glock which jammed after just one round. 

The bullet hit Max in the arm and he dropped his Model 28. Max shot his mauser and a few bullets hit Rick in the shoulder which caused him to drop his Python. Max used his remaining rounds to continue firing at Rick which made him jump off the van. Max ran of of bullets and pulled out his hunting knife to finish off Rick. Rick saw this and unsheathed the Gator Machete.

Rick struck first as he swung the Machete, nea Max then grabbed Rick's machete arm and stabbed Rick in the stomach. He then pushed Rick to the ground and began to punch his face until Rick eventually succumbed to all of the trauma. Max stood up and pulled the knife out of Rick.

"I guess I'm worse than those things sir." He said as he walked away from Rick's body.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Max won because he had more experience than Rick even though Rick packed some pretty good weaponry compared to Max.

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Battle vs. The Lone Wanderer (by Lasmoore)Edit

No battle written

Winner: Max Rockatansky

Expert's OpinoinEdit


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Battle vs Snake Plissken (by NoTreble)Edit

Max is exploring the wastes of Australia in his battle scarred MFP cruiser when a helicopter appears from overhead. A ladder drops from the copter. Suspended from the ladder is Snake Plissken. Snake gets closer to the car and the helicopter speeds up and catches up to the car. Snake, directly above the car, drops onto the top. Max swirves back and forth, trying to knock Snake off, but he holds on. Snake pulls knife and stabs through the roof. Max climbs out the window and stabs at Snake, inflicting a deep stab wound. In response, Snake draws his six shooter and shoots at Max. Max slips back through the window and hits the break, narrowly escaping death and throwing Snake off the roof. He prepares to run over the soldier, but Snake pulls out his subcompact carbine and fires a burst in Max's general direction, destroying the cruiser's engine block. Max secures the shotgun in his holster and grabs his rifle from the back seat, then jumps out the window. Snake rolls backwards out of view. Max creeps around the front of the car with his shotgun in hand, not knowing Plissken's location. He sees Snake through the back window, aims his shotgun and blows out the car's window. Snake, who was planning this, jumps on top of the car, climbs over the top of it, and tackles Rockatansky to the ground. He slashes his face with his knife, blinding him in one eye, then tries to stab Max in the chest. Max grabs Snakes hands and tries to push the knife away. Snake thinks Max is about to cave, when the officer throws Snake's arms to the side, knocking the knife away, and throws Snake over. Ironically angry, Max jumps on top of Snake and begins bashing him with the butt of his rifles. Snake is distraught, blinded by and choking on his own blood. He finally snaps, knowing it's a life and death situation. He swipes his hand around the ground and his hand finds the barrel of the Smith & Wesson he dropped when he fell of the car. Max, in a berserk rage, doesn't notice. He shifts the gun around, cocks the hammer, places the barrel at Max's temple, and pulls the trigger.

"Crazy bastard." Snake swears as he cleans his weapons as well as Max's, his nose broken.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Max is a capable fighter, but his rage and brutal efficency couldn't stand up to Snake's superior training and more weapons. To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.

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