The Maya people are a group of Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. They inhabit southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. The overarching term "Maya" is a collective designation to include the peoples of the region that share some degree of cultural and linguistic heritage; however, the term embraces many distinct populations, societies, and ethnic groups that each have their own particular traditions, cultures, and historical identity.

The pre-Columbian Maya population was approximately eight million. There were an estimated seven million Maya living in this area at the start of the 21st century. Guatemala, southern Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras have managed to maintain numerous remnants of their ancient cultural heritage. Some are quite integrated into the majority Hispanicized Mestizo cultures of the nations in which they reside, while others continue a more traditional, culturally distinct, life often speaking one of the Maya languages as a primary language.

The largest populations of contemporary Maya inhabit Guatemala, Belize, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador, as well as large segments of the population within the Mexican states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Chiapas.

Battle vs. Igorot Warrior (by Samurai234)Edit

In a dense forest, a Mayan Warrior is taking a scroll, keeping an eye for any enimies. Unaware to him, he is being watched by a Igorot warrior. Thinking the Mayan's head would make a great trophy, The Igorot raises his bow and arrow and fires a shot. It hits the Mayan, but bounces off his armor. The Mayan, in turn, raises his own Bow and Arrow, and fires, but the Igorot blocks it with his shield. The two warriors charge at each other, spears and shields in their hands. They thrust at each other, until the Igorot uses his spear in disarm the Mayan of his shield. Angrily, the Mayan thrusts his own spear in the Igorot's shield, but it ends up getting stuck. The Igorot pulls out his Axe and chops the Mayan's spear in half, causing him to fall over. The Igorot runs into finish him off, but the Mayan pulls out his Maquahuitl and slashes the spear head off. The Igorot holds his shield to defend himself, but the Maquahuitl manages to cut it. The Igorot grabs his axe and tries to fight back, but at one point ends up getting it stuck to a log. The Mayan prepares to end the fight, but the Igorot pulls out his Bolo Knife and slashs the Mayan across the chest, cutting the armor and leaving a large wound. The Mayan pulls out his last weapon, the Sickle, and slashes at the Igorot. The Igorot avoid them, though, and stabs the Mayan through the neck, before swinging the blade up, decapitating the Mayan. The Igorot raises the Mayan's head in the air and yells in victory. Winner: Igorot Warrior

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Battle vs. Thracian Peltast (by Yetimonster)Edit

The battle begins as a Thracian Peltast scouts out an open plain. Nearby, a Mayan makes his way up a partly collapsed temple. Once he is halfway up, he spots the Thracian. The Mayan places a spear in an Atlatl and hurls it at the peltast. Below, the Thracian hears the flying spear, but cannot see it as his vision is obscured by the sun. Suddenly the spear lands in the Thracian's sheild. The Thracin yanks the spear out, and spots the Mayan on the temple steps. The Mayan hurls another spear, hitting the Thracian in the stomach. The Thracian is knocked on his back. The Thracian removes the spear, and makes his way twoard the temple. As the Thracian goes up the steps, the Mayan stuffs a poison dart into a Blowgun. The Mayn shoots the dart at the Thracian but misses. The Thracian begins chaseing the Mayan up the steps, as the Mayan continues to shoot darts at him. The Thracian chucks his Javelin, but the weapons misses and goes over the temple, whizzing by the Mayan. The two eventually meet at the top of the temple. The Thracian arms himself with a Rhomphaia, and slashes at the unarmed Mayan. The Thracian knocks the Mayan to the ground, and attempts to lay in the finishing blow, but the Mayan rolls out of the way, and grabs a Knife. the Mayan stabs the Thracian twice in the torso, unnarming him. The Thracian then grabs his mace and knocks away the knife. The Thracian attempts to strike again, but his blow was met by the Mayan's war club. The mace is knocked down the temple steps, and the Mayan slashes across the Thracian's shest, leaving a deep wound. The Mayan attempts to finish off his opponent, but the Thracian grabs a Sica, and hooks the war club in it. The Mayan is caught off guard, and the Thracian manages to slash the mayan's neck, killing him instantly. As his foe drops to the ground dead, the Thracian raises his weapons and shouts in victory.

Winner: Thracian Peltast

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Battle vs Gladiator (by MilenHD)Edit

The battle starts in Mesoamerican jungle,a lone Mayan soldier is scouting the area.At 15 feet away a gladiator was lost and was searching his way to the civilization,after few more foot steps he saw a warrior with painted face,and he though that he might help him find the way to the civilization.The Mayan heard the footsteps and turned around shooting his poisoned arrow at the Gladiator,hitting him at the bronze shoulder plate,bouncing off.

The gladiator returned fire with his sling,but only bounced from Mayan's cotton armor,the gladiator hurled another rock from his sling,but this time hitting the Mayan at the clavicle,the Mayan felt a pain but this time he shoot another arrow at the gladiator hitting him in the leg,the gladiator felt pain,but he pulled the arrow from his leg,and charged with his scutum and trident,the Mayan swung his maquahuitl at the gladiator,only hitting the scutum and doing nothing,but the gladiator pierced the animal hide shield with the trident and left the Mayan vulnerable,but he dodged and smacked with full strenght the gladiator's helmet knocking it.The  gladiator responded with a stab with the triden,only to get the shaft broken by the maquahuitl.

Then,the gladiator pulled his sica and slashed at the Mayan's grip,making him to lose his maquahuitl,and the gladiator,kicked it away,but the Mayan tried to cut gladiator's belly with his sickle,but the gladiator blocked with his shield,instead the he put his scissor at his arm.Than the Mayan attacked him,but his sickle was cut in half by the sica,than the Mayan pulled his remaining weapon:the flint knife.Than both charged at each other,the gladiator stabbed the Mayan with the scissor making a little wound,but the he began feeling ill.

The poison had worked,the gladiaotr falled at he knees starting to cough blood,and the Mayan grabbed his second flint knife and with the both knives,he stabed the gladiator in the eyes so deep that he killed him.Seeing the gladiator is dead,the Mayan roared in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While the gladiator was better melee fighter,he lacked Mayan Soldier's training,armor and long range category,plus the poisoned arrows won this battle for the Mayan Soldier.

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