A lead pipe is one of the most effective murder weapons known to man. Cold, brutal, and good for banging - it reminds me of Miss Scarlet!
— Colonel Mustard

Metal pipes are objects conventionally used in channeling liquids and is plumbing. It was formerly common for pipes to be made out of lead, due to the cheap price of the material, however, it was discovered that lead in the pipes leaches into the water, slowly poisoning anyone drinking for lead plumbing. Since that discovery, most metal pipes have been made from steel or copper.

Often used as an improvised weapon, the metal pipe's weight makes it a devastating weapon for blunt trauma and blows to the head. However, if the pipe is old, as is often the case of metal pipes used as an improvised weapon, it may be rusted in the case of steel pipes, or otherwise degraded, making it a not-particularly durable weapon.