— Jason Lee Scott when the Rangers have to power up
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are a group of teenagers assembled by Zordon to combat the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa from dominating Earth. The team was created when Rita awoke from her 10,000 year captivity and sought to conquer the planet Earth. While the five friends were relaxing in the mall in Angel Groove, California, when an earthquake caused by Repulsa shakes the mall. Zordon has his assistant Alpha Five teleport the teenagers to the command center, where he declares the five of them the very first Power Rangers. Initially declining the offer, Jason manages to convince the others to join him as they are attacked by servants of Repulsa. Donning their Power Ranger armor, they easily defeat the Putty Patrollers. Rita retaliates by transforming her servant, Goldar, into a gigantic monster. The Rangers then summon the Dinozords, and transform into the Dino Megazord. After a lengthy battle, Goldar is forced to retreat and the Rangers are victorious. Back at the Command Center, the five teens are finally convinced that they can save the world from Rita's evil, and they accept Zordon's offer not to use their power for personal gain, not to escalate a battle unless Rita forces them to do so, and keep their identities a secret. Zordon promises that he will be there to advise them whenever they need it. And so, the first team of Power Rangers unites to defend the Earth.

Battle vs the Aquabats (by Lasifer)Edit

No battle written.

Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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