I'll kill you, "God"!
— Minene Uryuu, after meeting Deus, the entity claiming to be God.

Minene Uryuu was a normal Japanese child until she traveled to the Middle East with her parents as a child. Minene parents were killed in the crossfire of a battle between an Islamic terrorist organization and the (presumably) Isreali military, leaving Minene alone in a war-torn country where no one spoke her language. This incident instilled an intense hatred of religion in Minene.

Minene was forced to grow up on the streets of the Middle East, stealing and killing to survive. At some point in her life, Minene made it her life's mission to destroy religion, particularly the Judeo-Christian tradition.

By the time she reached adulthood, Minene had returned to Japan, and made an attempt to kill a Catholic Cardinal who was visiting the country. Minene escaped the incident but almost fell to her death in her escape, were it not for an entity claiming to be God rescuing her and telling her that she was chosen as part of a "Death Game" to become his successor. Minene received a "Future Diary", cell phone that predicts an aspect of her future, in her case, how to escape her current situation. Minene intends to become a god and use her power to destroy all religion in the world.

During the game, Minene lost one of her eyes when trying to kill fellow Diary Holder Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano and Yuno Gasai, and entered a strange love relationship with Masumi Nishijima, the investigator who was mean to capture her. She would later be forced to ally herself with Yuki which caused her to change her mind on her original wish. After Masumi's death, Minene sacrificed herself by blowing herself up, allowing Yuki to defeat John Bacchus, the eleventh diary holder. Shortly before her death, however, a dying Deus granted her a part of his powers, allowing her to survive.

When Yuno won the Death game and rest the world to once again be with Yuki, Minene saved him and battled the now godlike Yuno. Yuno was eventually defeated as she saw this worlds version of herself being cared for by her parents. With Yuno defeated, Minene married this world's version of Masumi and two children with him.

Battle vs. Gordon McSweeney (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Gordon McSweeney looked around the abandoned factory he had walked into. Little did he know, when he entered the building, he had been transported through space and time. McSweeney turned the corner around a rusting machine to face a mysterious woman with one eye and her hair a purple color that didn't seem natural.

Minene Uryuu turned to the soldier armed with the flamethrower, and assumed he must be a "diary holder", so she opened fire with her MP5 submachine gun, but missed, the shots flying over McSweeney's head.

"In the name of the Lord and the United States of America, I shall strike thee down!", McSweeney said as he fired his flamethrower.

Minene dodged the streak of fire, and said "Bringing pain and death in the name of God. I'LL KILL YOU FOR YOUR CRIMES!"

Minene turned the corner and fired her MP5, hitting the fuel hose, but not detonating it. McSweeney threw off the damaged Flamethrower and drew his Colt M1911, shooting the MP5 out of Minene's hand.

Minene took cover behind a now silent conveyor belt and drew her SIG Sauer P230, as a Mk I grenade landed next to her. Minene picked up the active grenade and threw it back. The grenade landed near McSweeney, but he took cover behind a machine and avoided the blast.

Minene climbed onto a catwalk and fired her pistol at McSweeney, grazing his shoulder. McSweeney moved from cover to cover and placed a TNT charge on a support of the catwalk.

Minene jumped off the catwalk as Gordon detonated the charge. As she jumped, she tossed an M67 grenade at McSweeney, but the grenade landed far short of him and detonated without harming McSweeney.

Minene felt something strike the side of her head hard, and turned to see that McSweeney had struck her with the brass knuckes of his trench knife. Minene blocked Gordon's slash with her combat knife, and, with her other hand, placed a remote C4 charge in the chest pocket of McSweeney's uniform.

Minene than kicked McSweeney between the legs, dazing him, before she ran to a safe distance and detonated the charges. McSweeney's upper body was vaporized by the explosion, a red mist filling the air.

Minene retrieved her MP5 and left the scene of carnage.

WINNER: Minene Uryuu

Expert's OpinionEdit

Minene took this for multiple reasons. For one, she took most of the edges where they mattered, in mid and explosive only missing out on the handgun edge. She dominated the x-factors with a better mental health and agility. Gordon was the type of guy that Minene was motivated to kill due to his religion and her pure hatred of it.

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Battle vs. Imran Zakhaev (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Village in Azerbaijan, night

Minene Uryuu silently walked up to a window on the second story of an abandoned house. Directly below her stood Imran Zakhaev, flanked by two Ultranationalist soldiers. Minene took aim with her MP5 and fired two bursts of three rounds, picking off both enemy soldiers.

Zakhaev, ran into the house, Uzi at the ready. Minene crept along the wall, MP5 in hand, before turning around a corner in the hallway leading down into full view of the stairs.

Minene spotted Zakhaev and opened fire, sending a burst of several rounds down at Imran. Zakhaev, however, rolled out of the way avoiding the gunfire. Seconds later, Imran Zakhaev peeked around the corner up the stairs and fired his Uzi in full auto fire, driving Minene around the corner as Zakhaev advanced up the stairs.

Minene turned the corner to see Zakhaev on the landing and fired her weapon at close range. The rounds did not hit Zahkaev directly, but instead knocked the weapon out of his hand.

Zakhaev drew his Desert Eagle and returned fire, a round hitting Minene's MP5 and disarming her as well. Zakhaev advanced on Minene and fired a shot from his Desert Eagle at her head, but the shot missed, due to the difficulty Zakhaev had controlling the weapon's recoil one-handed.

As Zakhaev lined up his next shot, Minene drew her SiG Sauer and fired off the entire magazine into Zakhaev's torso. Imran Zakhaev fell the floor, dead.

WINNER: Minene Uryuu

Expert's OpinionEdit

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