I will stalk and freeze you all
— Mizore Shirayuki

When Mizore was first introduced, she was portrayed as a lonely, somewhat depressed, and misunderstood girl, but after meeting Tsukune Aono and becoming friends with everyone, she actually is shown more as a serene, reserved and cute girl with limited emotions, while only showing emotions when having a cute moment withTsukune Aono. If there ever was any mental screening done on her, she could very probably be diagnosed with manic–depressive disorder, due to her frequent display of contrastic moods. She is often seen "stalking" and hiding in different locations, and it is portrayed in a humorous and cute way. Also, she gets into comedic arguments with Kurumu Kurono quite often, and they are often seen butting heads, although they are good friends. A running gag in the series is Mizore shooting ice projectiles whenever a girl and Tsukune have a tender moment together, and her always showing up in weird or otherwise random places unexpectedly, often for humorous effect. In the manga, we discover that Snow Women cannot have children after a certain age and Mizore is almost married off to a evil person because of her village's practices, however, as expected she is rescued by Tsukune and the others.

When Mizore was young she tried to gain the interest of a boy that once got lost in the mountains by her home village. However, when he found out that she was a Yuki-onna, he ran in terror, never to be seen again. When we are first introduced to Mizore we find out that she also tried to gain the interest of Kotsubo Okuto (the Gym teacher), who once told Mizore that he loved her. Mizore fell in love with Kotsubo, he then tried to rape her, so she turned him into ice; in fact, Kotsubo is the teacher he refers to when he tells Tsukune the story of Mizore. He tells Tsukune that she is a nuisance, annoying, and should also be removed from the school; this also plays into why she is so shy. Finally, when Tsukune goes to bring her back to school they get attacked by Kotsubo and end up defeating him, which then makes her fall into Tsukune's growing harem.

Battle vs. Human Torch (by MrPacheco101)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

It was believed that the Human Torch overpowered Mizore due to simply being able to melt anything she produced. The Human Torch's ability to fly was another factor that tipped this battle in his favor.

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