I am Moon Knight. The bearer of the mantle of Khonshu. Khonshu the justice bringer. I am vengeance.
— Moon Knight

Marc Spector was a mercenary who was on a job in Egypt when his superiors betrayed him and left him for dead. A cult of followers of the Egyptian god Khonshu bring him back to their temple. Marc is told by the god in a vision to be his avatar on Earth in exchange for his life. After defeating his former contractor, he returned to New York where he decided to become a costumed crime fighter. Since then, Marc has created four different personalities, which has caused his sanity to plungee lower than the average hero. Having served in both the CIA and the Marines, Moon Knight is both highly trained and experienced.

Battle vs. Azrael (by Cfp3157)Edit

No battle will be written

Expert's OpinionEdit

People believed that while Moon Knight was by far the more stable and intelligent mind, as well as being a more nimble fighter, he couldn't compete with Azrael's no-holds fighting style and his lethal arsenal of weapons. 

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

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