Our plan to strike at the very heart of the West is now in motion.
— Nikita Dragovich

Nikita Dragovich was a diabolical soviet general, who showed no mercy or remorse. He is described By Robert mcnmara as having no fear, no conscience, no weakness. However, he is killed By Alex Mason at the end of Call Of duty, Black ops.

Battle vs. Auric Goldfinger (by ReyesRebels)Edit

Dragovich: RedRedRedRedRed

Goldfinger: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Goldfinger, oddjob and three henchmen are walking up to a soviet research facility on rebirth island. A dead soviet with what appears to be a chakram wound on his face. . "we'll search the main hallways for doctor steiner. "yes sir" says a henchman. Inside, Dragovich, Kravchenko, 3 soviet soldiers and Dr. Steiner are walking down a hallway when, all of a sudden....Oddjob shoots a soviet soldier with a .357 magnum. Red The soviet soldier retaliates with a torrent of AK-47 fire that hits oddjob's henchman with an M1 garand.Blue

Goldfinger shoots the soldier with an AR7. Red One of oddjob's henchman enters steiners lab, but dragovich seals the doors of the test chamber, with the henchman in it...and unleashes Nova 6. Blue Dragovich Shoots one of Goldfingers henchmen who was tying up steiner. Blue

Oddjob Sees a soviet soldier running and shoots him 3 times. Red Oddjob is out off ammo he turns around and Kravchenko grabs him, pins him up asaint the wall, kicks him in the groin. Oddjob chops his neck, and kicks him away. Kravchenk roundhouse kicks him in the head. Oddjob throws his hat at him, but! Kravchenko Catches the hat and underhand throws it at oddjob.Blue

Goldfiner Takes out his AR7 and shoots Kravchenko in the head 3 times. Red

Goldfinger runs up the stairs, look ing for steiner....Dragovich jumps out of a closet and shoots the ballistic knife at goldfinger, hitting him in the chest. Goldfinger pulls it out and fires one last AR7 bullet that misses. Dragovich Punches Goldfinger and grabs Goldfinger's goldfinger. He rips it off. Goldfinger screams in pain and reloads his AR7. He kicks Dragovich who falls to the ground, pinned up against the wall. "you've got style." Goldfinger says. "and you have a bullet in your skull." dragovich replies and shoots goldfinger in the head with a Cz75.Blue

Steiner comes out of the lab and runs up the stairs. Dragovich sees him and tells him to send reinforcments.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Dragovich was better trained and had superior weapons, and that led to his victory.

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Battle vs. the Joker (Nolanverse) (by Nardei99)Edit

No battle written.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Dragovich was a trained military soldier, and the untrained, undisciplined Joker couldn't compete.

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