Nine-Toes is an insane and perverted bandit lord who resides in Skag Gully on the planet Pandora. He commands some of the bandits in the Arid Badlands and has two deadly pet skags, Pinky and Digit, which guards his lair, a cave guarded by various skags, midgets, and bandits. He often raids the nearby small town of Fyrestone, Harasses T.K. Baha, and is in heated competetion with rival bandit, Bone Head.

Battle vs. Tusken Raiders (Legends) (by Lasifer)Edit

(Nine-Toes, 2 Bandits, Pinky & Digit) (URoRRuR'R', 2 Sand People, 2 Massifs)

The battle starts off with The Tusken Raiders exploring Skag Gully when they stumble across Nine-Toes Hideout and fall down into a pit trap leading to Nine-Toes Shack. Nine-Toes, sleeping, wakes up to foot steps. He grabs his Clipper and walks outside with Pinky & Digit and says "You woke the wrong dog!" and procedes to do a pelvic thrust. Two Bandits appear behind the Sand People. Nine-Toes says "Your trapped now! Picky! Digit! Kill these mother fuckers!" Pinky then trips a Raider with her tounge and then Digit bites its head off.

(URoRRuR'R', Sand Person, 2 Massifs)

A Sand Person gets in cover as to a Bandit you fires at the Sand Person with a Combat Rifle mindlessley. The Tusken shoots the Bandit in the face with a Cycler Rifle, killing him.

(Nine-Toes, A Bandit, Pinky & Digit)

A massif runs up to Nine-Toes and Nine-Toes pistol whips it with the sharp cleaver at the end of The Clipper, killing the Massif.

(URoRRuR'R', A Sand Person, A Massif)

A Massif then tackles Pinky and claws her to death and pins A Bandit on the ground but bleeds out do to the scratches Pinky gave it.

(Nine-Toes, A Bandit, Digit) (URoRRuR'R', A Sand Person)

A Bandit and a Tusken Raider pull out their Shotguns and kill eachother by pulling the trigger at the same time.

(Nine-Toes and Digit) (URoRRuR'R')

Digit gets worn out and runs into his dog house. Nine-Toes arm gets shot off by UR's hunting rifle and drops his Clipper. UR is about to kill Nine-Toes but Nine-Toes picks up his Clipper and shoots both of UR's legs, igniting them. He gets up and chops off UR's head and picks it up, screaming in Victory. He throws it outside Digit's Dog House and comes out and begins to chew on it.

Winner: Nine-Toes

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