Do you really want to spend your entire lives praying for longevity? We were born to die! Whoever is with me, come to the battlefield tomorrow morning. Whoever is not, just stay where you are and watch me win it!
— Oda Nobunaga, 1560, prior to a battle in which he was vastly outnumbered

Oda Nobunaga was the initiator of the unification of Japan under the rule of the shogun in the late 16th century, a rule that ended only with the opening of Japan to the Western world in 1868. He was also a major daimyo during the Sengoku period of Japanese history. His opus was continued, completed and finalized by his successors Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was the second son of Oda Nobuhide, a deputy shugo (military governor) with land holdings in Owari Province. Nobunaga lived a life of continuous military conquest, eventually conquering a third of Japanese daimyo before his death in 1582. His successor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a loyal Oda supporter, would eventually become the first man to conquer all of Japan and the first ruler of all Japan since the Ōnin War.

Battle vs. Ivan the Terrible (by Samurai234)Edit

Ivan the Terrible: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Oda Nobunaga: Blue Blue Blue BlueBlue

In a dense forest, Ivan the Terrible and four Streltsy soldiers are walking across the field, looking for enimies. Up ahead, Oda Nobunaga and four of his best Samurai are having tea and celebrating a victory. Seeing the Samurai as a threat, Ivan commands one of the Streltsy soldiers to fire his Steel Crossbow. The soldier agrees and fires at a Samurai's neck, killing him. Blue (5-4)

Oda sees the Russians and orders for his men to attack. One Samurai fires his Yumi bow at the Streltsy soldier with the crossbow who was trying to reload. Darkred (4-4) Oda grabs his Tanegashima Rifle and fires at Ivan, but it's not a lethal shot due to Ivan's armor. Two Streltsy soldiers aim their Pishchals on their Bardiches and fire. They manage to kill one Samurai. Blue (4-3) As they try to reload, one Samurai fires his Tanegashima Rifle at a soldier's face and kills him. Darkred (3-3) The Samurai charges at the other soldier with his Yari. The Russian raises his Bardiche and chops the Yari in half. He then cuts the Samurai's head off. Blue (3-2) Another Samurai runs at him with a Chigiriki and begins a short duel. He finds an open spot and smacks the russian twice in the head, killing him. Darkred (2-2) Ivan runs up to that Samurai armed with his Sabre. As they duel, Ivan finds an open spot and stabs the Samurai in the neck and klls him. Blue (2-1) Oda runs up to the last Russian soldier and quickly unsheaths his Katana, slicing him in half. Darkred (1-1)

Oda and Ivan both run toward each other and begin having a short sword fight, with Ivan having the edge due to his shield. Evenly, though, Oda manages to slice the shield in half. They countine to clash, until they end up getting their swords stuck in the sand. Ivan pulls out his Dagger while Oda pulls out his Hachiwara. They begin a short knife fight, until Oda uses the Hachiwara's hook to disarm Ivan. Oda then stabs Ivan in his arm and throws him to the ground. He prepares to kill him, but Ivan pulls out his Chekan warpick and smacks Oda in his forehead. Oda falls over, dead. Blue (1-0)

Ivan raises his fists in the air and yells in victory.

Winner: Ivan the Terrible

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Battle vs. Suleiman the Magnificent (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Suleiman the Magnificent: Green Green Green Green Green

Oda Nobunaga:Red Red Red Red Red

Suleiman and five of his soldiers stand around the Dardanelles gun at the edge of a clearing in a forest, at the end of a road. The bombard is aimed at a Japanese castle in the middle of the clearing. Suleiman gives the order, and one of his soldiers fires the Dardanelles gun, firing a round that blasts away a chunk of the castle, killing a Japanese soldier who stood at the command of a Bronze cannon in the castle Red.

Suddenly, a volley of Tanegashima musket and Yumi fire erupts from the forest to Suleiman's right flank, one Ottoman soldier is killed, shot through the head by a musket round Green. Suleiman's troops turn towards Oda's men, firing of a volley of musket fire in return, killing one of Nobunaga's samurai Red.

The samurai charge out of the forest, weapons in hand. One of Suleiman's musketeers, who was in the process of reloading, draws his yataghan, only to be impaled on a samurai's Yari Green. The samurai is then himself killed when an Ottoman Janissary strikes him over the head with a flanged mace Red.

One of Nobunaga's samurai swings a chigiriki at the mace-wielder, pulling it out of his hand. Unphased, the Janissary draws his kilij. The samurai draws his katana in response. The Janissary and samurai duel for a few seconds, before the samurai manages to get a slash into the janissary's throat, killing him Green.

Suleiman gets on the back of his horse and draws his Turkish bow, firing an arrow as he rides by Nobunaga's samurai. The arrow struck the samurai's unarmored neck, killing him Red. Oda Nobunaga, meanwhile, charged on horseback as at Suleiman's last soldier, who aimed and fired a musket at him, but missed. The Janissary tried to pick up a dead samurai's still-loaded Tanegashima, but he was struck down by an arrow from Nobunaga's Yumi Green.

Suleiman and Nobunaga charged their horses at each other, firing arrows at each other. Suleiman's arrow struck Oda's armor and ricochet off, while Oda's hit Suleiman's horse in the head, killing the sultan's mount.

Oda drew his katana as he prepared to charge in and finish off his dismounted enemy, but Suleiman grabbed a dead Ottoman soldier's halberd and swung at Nobunaga. The hook of the halberd grabbed onto Nobunaga's armor and pulled him off his horse. Suleiman rounded on the daimyo and thust the spear point of the halberd down.

Oda rolled out of the way of the sultan's polearm and drew his katana, slicing the head of the halberd right of. Suleiman dropped the headless shaft of his halberd and drew his kilij. The two warriors' swords clashed, until Suleiman got in a particularly powerful swing, knocking the katana out of Oda's hand and knocking him on his back.

Oda kicked Suleiman with both feet as he drew his wakizashi, knocking the sultan backwards and sending the kilij flying out of his hand. Suleiman drew his yataghan in response. The two short blades clashed, until Oda was again disarmed. Oda ran about twenty meters, to the body of a fallen samurai. Suleiman ran at the unarmed daimyo, thinking he had an easy kill.

But he didn't. Nobunaga had picked up a Tanegashima musket from the dead samurai. The gun's match was lit, and it was still loaded. Oda squeezed the the trigger, sending a bullet into the sultan's chest. Oda walked over to Suleiman's body, and for good measure, stuck the sultan's own yataghan in his neck.

Oda then retrieved his katana and yelled "banzai!" as he raised the sword into the air Green

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Battle vs. Gustavus Adolphus (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Oda Nobunaga: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Gustavus Adolphus: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Oda Nobunaga's sat on horseback in the middle of an open field, flanked by four samurai on foot armed with Tanegashima muskets and yari. Opposite them, Gustavus Adolphus rode in slowly, followed by two musketeers and two pikemen.

The two sides stared each other down for several seconds, until, at the same time, both leaders ordered their men to open fire. Tanegashima and matchlock muskets roared, sending balls of lead flying and filling the air with smoke. A samurai and a Swedish soldier both fell. Darkred Blue

As Oda's men reloaded, the surviving Swedish soldiers took advantage of their multi-mission training and mounted horses for the Swedish baggage train while Oda's samurai were reloading, dropping their pikes and muskets and replacing them with sabres and pistols.

Oda Nobunaga and his samurai, however, were not intimidated. Oda pointed his katana forward and his musketeers, who had just reloaded, to open fire. The volley of fire impacted charging Swedes, blowing one right off his horse. Blue

One of Gustavus's Swedes raised his wheellock pistol and fired, scoring a hit on one of Oda's musketeers right to the chest, killing him. Darkred The Swedish cavalryman, however, was impaled on samurai's yari. Blue

Gustavus himself avoided the samurai pikeman and slashed his throat with his saber Darkred, as a second Swedish cavalryman fired his wheellock pistol, killing him with a headshot. Darkred.

Oda Nobunaga rode out, bajozutsu in hand and shot the last remaining Swede off his horse, Blue before drawing his katana and charging straight at Gustavus.

Gustavus, however, raised his wheellock pistol and fired, missing Oda but hitting his horse, killing it with a headshot. Oda rolled as he fell off his horse and turned to Gustavus, to see him charging it him with sabre at the ready.

Oda evaded the saber strike and sliced at the horse's neck with his katana. The blow killed Gustavus' mount, causing the Swedish king to fall off his horse, landing on his back. Oda raised his sword high, prepared to thrust downward and finish off the downed Swedish king. However, Oda did not realize that Gustavus had a second wheellock pistol.

Gustavus drew his pistol and fired at the opening his Oda's helmet for his face. Blood stained the inside of his helmet as the Japanese daimyo fell to the ground, dead. Darkred

WINNER: Gustavus Adolphus

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close match, as both Oda Nobunaga and Gustavus Adolphus were great commanders known for their innovative military tactics, however, Gustavus won this battle because of the superior, multi-mission training of his troops and his superior pistol.

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Battle vs. Hugues de Payens (by Affectos)Edit

Oda Nobunaga sipped his tea with four of his ashiguru, celebrating their latest victory. They had taken an alternate route back to Honnoji, leading them into a dense forest. Luckily, they had found a clearing large enough for their horses and for them to stay the night. (Oda PurplePurplePurplePurplePurple)

織田のもう一つの勝利[Another victory for the Oda!]” one of his men cheered as they clinked their together glasses as Nobunaga stared off into the distance with an ominous look.

‘私たちは、破棄しなければなりません...作成するために[We must destroy…in order to create.]” He thought was the sun began to set.

Hugh de Paynes and four of his Knights Templar rode through the forest on the way back from the Crusades to the Vatican at the request of the Pope. (Paynes RedRedRedRedRed)

‘מיאנילדחותבקשהשלהאפיפיור? [Who am I to deny a request of the Pope?]” Hugh thought as they rode on. As the sun began to set, they saw the glow of a fire in the distance. Hugh held is hand up to halt his men and cautiously glanced ahead to see five men in unusual armor and with exotic weapons.

‘קללתצלאח, הואחייבלשכוראתהאנשיםהאלהאלהצלבנים[Curse Saladin, he must have hired these men to the Crusaders].’ Hugh pointed to one of his men who held a crossbow and pointed at the men. The crossbowman nodded and steadied his aim.

Nobunaga’s ashiguru were having meal of dumplings and rice as Nobunaga sipped his tea. Suddenly an arrow came flying out of nowhere and impaled an ashiguru in the neck, killing him (-1 OdaPurple).

Nobunaga’s eyes flashed as he quickly got up and began shouting orders as two of his men grabbed their Taneshigama Rifles, took aim, and fired. One of the shots found the heart of a Templar (-1 Paynes Red). The crossbowman tried to shoot again, but the arrow ricocheted off Nobunaga’s armor while he mounted his horse.

Hugh decided to take advantage of the chaos, “תשלום! [Charge!]” He yelled as he and his three remaining knights galloped at full speed as the remaining forces.

Seeing them charge, one of the gunmen fired, taking the legs of a horse out, sending it and its rider tumbling to the ground as the other ashiguru was cut down by one of the knight’s Fauchard-Fork (-1 OdaPurple).

While slightly injured, the fallen knight had gotten up and pulled out a Horseman’s Pick as the remaining gunman tosses away the rifle and withdraws his Tessen war fan. The ashiguru swings the Tessen at the knight, but it rebounded of the knight’s helmet, giving him a concussion. Yet, the knights uses the last of his strength to swing the pick, knocking it out of the ashiguru’s hands and follows up with a strike to his head, killing him (-1 OdaRed).

The final ashiguru, now on horseback with a Yari in hand, maneuvered his horse behind the charging knights and stabbed the Yari into the back of knight with the Horseman’s Pick (-1 PaynesRed). He then turned around and galloped behind the crossbowman and stabbed him in the back as well (-1 PaynesRed). But as he rode up behind Hugh, he withdrew his Epee Bastarde, catching him in the neck, knocking him from his horse, an killing him (-1 OdaPurple)

Realizing that he was the only one left, Nobunaga narrowed his eyes as he rushed the remaining two knights, one of whom charged to meet him, but was slayed by Nobunaga’s fast moving katana before the knight could even raise his Fauchard-fork (-1 PaynesRed)

Hugh couldn’t let this man ruin his dream of peace, so with bastard sword in hand, he charged Nobunaga and before the Demon King could react, the Templar had swung his sword into his chest, throwing him from his force and onto the ground.

Quickly checking himself over, Nobunaga found that his armor was only dented as he rose to his feet. Sheathing his katana, Nobunaga grabbed the Yari of a fallen ashiguru as the knight rode towards him. As the horse neared, Nobunaga stabbed the Yari into the front leg of the horse, severely wounding it and tossing its rider to the ground.

As Hugh got up, he could feel the concussion, but shook it off as he pulled out his shield readied his bastard sword. Nobunaga lunged with Yari, but Hugh deflected it with his shield and chopped the end off.

Enraged now, Nobunaga threw down the useless shaft and rested his hands upon the handle of his katana and sheath. He snarled, “手遅れになることが浅井を教えて、魔王は、土地を制御できます。[Tell the Azai that it is too late, the Demon King has control over the land.]”

Hugh couldn’t understand the language that the man was speaking, so instead he tapped his sword against his shield and feigned a lunge. Oda pulled back and swung at Hugh, but caught the edge of the shield, knocking it out of his hand.

Hugh tried to step back, but Oda slashed at his chest, but only cut the cloth that covered the chainmail beneath. Seeing that his opponent was stunned at the lack of injury, Hugh took advantage of this. Swinging his sword overhead, he brought the blade down on the shoulder of his sword arm as a faint snap of Oda’s clavicle fractured.

Oda looked up at his foe as he realized that he had met his end as Hugh brought his Bastard Sword down on Nobunaga’s neck. (-1 OdaPurple)

Returning to his horse, he said a brief prayer for his fallen breathern as he mounted it and returned to his journey to the Vatican.

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Battle vs Saladin (by BattleGames1)Edit

Saladin: Red Red Red Red Red

Oda Nobunaga: Green Green Green Green Green

Saladin and 4 Saracen soldiers on horseback (two archers and two foot soldiers) are traversing across the savannah on patrol from Jerusalem when they reach the top of a hill. From there, Saladin looks to a small distance and spots Oda and his samurai (all of them also on horseback) approaching a small lake near a lightly wooded forest. Seeing them as a potential threat, Saladin silently orders his archers to ready their bows. Positioning himself on the top of the hill, Saladin asks Oda and his men what their business is trespassing on Arab soil. Not understanding Arabic, Oda asks Saladin for directions back to the coastline. Thinking that he is asking for trouble, Saladin looks behind him and gives a slight nod to the troops in waiting. Soon, the Saracens come charging over the hill as if to be ready for an assault. Oda orders his men to ready their weapons as the horse archers (as well as Saladin) fire their recurve bows and miss (deliberately, in order to scare the horses). Oda's archers return fire their yumis (while their horses are not that much under control) with ineffective result. Just as the archers begin reloading their yumis, one samurai is knocked off his horse and as the others dodge the incoming hail of arrows, the grounded samurai is not so lucky and is killed by an oncoming arrow Green. The samurai again return fire but as the enemy's horses get closer and closer, Oda then has his troops dismount and retreat into the woods. Saladin and his archers continue firing their arrows and manage to knock another samurai off his horse. Before the archer can deliver a final blow, the samurai manages to get his yumi ready and fires back - killing the horse archer Red - before charging into the woods. When Oda and his men become hard to target, Saladin has his men slow down. Getting off his horse, Saladin walks over to the fallen samurai and notes the deep penetration of the arrow within its armour, giving Saladin an idea. He walks back over to his men and secretly discusses a plan with them, all the while Oda and his three samurai watch from a distance. Oda has his three remaining samurai set up an ambush while Oda waits for Saladin further in. The samurai then dismount and prepare their weapons. As one samurai watches, Saladin has his archer stay behind to provide covering fire while he and the foot soldiers continue on inside without the horse. When Saladin walks off in one direction and his two foot soldiers in another, the samurai then charges out wielding his yari at the horse archer. With a quick reaction, the archer takes out his pike and begins clashing with the samurai, each swing and parry from the pike being countered by the yari. The samurai then jabs the yari into the horse, scaring it and knocking the Sacaren off his horse. Before the Saracen can fully get up, the samurai kicks him to the ground before jabbing the yari into the Saracen's chest Red. As the samurai takes out his yari, he feels a sharp pain in his neck - it is Saladin who, after watching the spectacle involving his archer, snuck up behind the samurai and stabbed his Khanjar at an open spot. The samurai falls dead onto the dusty ground Green. Sensing danger involving his two foot soldiers, Saladin rushes off in the their general direction. Weaving in and out of the trees, the two foot soldiers descend deeper into the woods, passing by two trees where two samurai are lying in wait. As they continue walking, the two Saracens notice a horse drinking water by a small stream. Coming up to investigate, the samurai sneak up behind, katanas draws. When they get close enough, one samurai stabs the foot soldier from behind Red. The other one now has to face two samurai, but Saladin rushes in on time and fires his recurve bow, killing the assailant Green. Saladin then continues making his way down to the river bed as the Saracen and samurai continue clashing swords. From the other side of the river bed, Oda comes up with this yumi drawn and at the ready. During the sword clash, the Saracen tries to strike through the back of the helmet but only succeeds in knocking it off. Saladin continues making his way down when he spots Oda waiting for the right moment to fire his bow. Saladin yells at his remaining man to duck, which he does - meaning that the arrow meant for him strikes the samurai instead Green. Noticing his blunder, Oda runs away from the river into the forest. Saladin then comes up to the Saracen and again devises a plan and again the two men go their separate ways. Entering a clearing where his horse is, Oda, thinking he may have lost the two, prepares to mount his steed. Behind the horse, however, Saladin's remaining soldier jumps out and starts swinging the scimitar at him. Oda unsheathes his chigiriki and strikes back at the Saracen, wrapping the end of the chigiriki around the blade. As the two warriors struggle with their weapons, Saladin sneaks up behind Oda again with his Khanjar dagger. However, before Saladin can strike, Oda swings his chigiriki out, taking the scimitar with it. Defenseless but seeing Saladin behind him, the Saracen tries to make a final stand using his hands. However, Oda strikes the Saracen with the chigiriki and (with flourish) beats him to death Red. The swinging of the chigiriki hits Saladin and flings the khanjar away a distance. Saladin then unsheathes his scimitar and two have a fierce sword battle. Although one manages to wound the other in some areas, the battle is dead even. Saladin tries to swing his scimitar at areas where Oda's katana isn't but they are blocked by the samurai armour (although the force of the swing is enough to shatter the plates). Oda himself is having trouble due to the weight of his armour and his blows being blocked a lot by Saladin's sword. Eventually, Oda disarms Saladin. Saladin then runs towards the trees. Oda chases after him thinking he is on the retreat. In actually, Saladin was reaching for his fallen khanjar, which he does, and throws it at Oda who is charging at him with the katana. The thrown knife pierces Oda's eyes, causing him to scream out in agony. Saladin gets up on his feet as Oda collapses dead onto the plain Green. Saladin pumps his fist into the air shouting "Allahu Akbar!".

Winner: Saladin

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close battle. Both warriors were excellent swordsmen and excellent leaders. However, what really won the day for Saladin was his long range weapons (which surprising included the khanjar dagger) and his more powerful (but only just) scimitar. Yes, Oda did have the armour but this made the wearer slightly heavier (like a knights armour) and slower. (if you think this battle is unfair, you can go right ahead and do a rematch).

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Battle vs. Julius Caesar (by Goddess of Despair)Edit

Oda Nobunaga sat quietly polishing his katana. Another samurai entered his tent, making Oda rise to his feet and sheath his sword. The two bowed to one another, and then the samurai stated “The Romans are closing in.” The two stepped outside, and watched as three Romans put up their shields, whilst Caesar himself held an Arcus bow and arrow. “Start the fire.” Said Oda, which signaled the Japanese archers to emerge from where they were hidden and draw their bows.

One arrow launched landed into a Roman’s throat the second hitting Caesar in the leg. Red

“Cowards!” said Caesar angrily. The 2 scutum wielding Romans turned to defend themselves from the archers. Caesar fired an arrow, however it missed the samurais. “Bring me a bow.” Oda said to the samurai on his left. Caesar dropped his Arcus and grabbed a fallen Roman’s scutum. “Advance!” he called as the Romans began to move towards the Japanese archers.

Oda takes aim carefully with his bow and delivered an arrow to Caesar’s shoulder, making the Roman scream in pain. “Fight me, you barbarian!” roared Caesar. Oda scowled and tossed down his Yumi bow. “I accept!” called Oda as he walked towards Caesar, who had just pulled out an arrow from his shoulder.

Oda eyed Caesar’s injured leg as his hand felt the hilt of his katana. Caesar took a step forward and thrusted at Oda’s face with his gladius. Oda side steps and draws his sword lightning fast, slicing Caesar’s already injured leg. As the Roman fell to his knee, Oda swung his blade once more, decapitating Caesar. Red

The remaining Roman legionaries look on in horror as their now headless leader fell to the ground. Oda sheathed his sword, as his archers dispatched the final legionaries. Red Red

Oda returned to his tent to ponder that battle, and how to respond to his future opponents.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While Caesar had an effective close range combination, Oda's superior ranged weapon, training, metallurgy, discipline, and tactics lead him to dominate Caesar. Caesar is by no means a fool, but his tactics required more manpower than he could muster in this matchup. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.

Battle vs Chatrapati Shivaji (by MilenHD)Edit

Battle starts near the coast of Maratha,nice and relaxing morning,but it was interrupted when a Japanese ship arrives.After hitting the coast 5 figures clad in samurai armor appeared.After uniting Japan,Oda Nobunaga wanted to conquer even more and he was on a mission to conquer Maratha.Not that far away Shivaji and 4 of his Rajputs are patroling,until Shivaji stopped and order his man to ready their muskets and bows,seeing Oda and his samurais are coming closer,Shivaji shouted "आग"(Fire),and arrows and musket leads flight throught the air,most of the lead muskets missed,while the hitted one of the samurais,killing him.



Realising,that the Marathas attacked Oda,ordered to his samurais to do the same,shooting their yumis and tanegashimas,1 arrow and 1 tanegashima lead ball hitted 2 of Shivaji's rajputs.



Then both squads charged at each other,one of the rajputs swung his pata and decapitated a samurai,but in the next moment he was stabed by Oda using a yari pike.



Seeing a bamboo forest,Shivaji ordered to his last man to trick Oda and his samurais,and the Shivaji and his Rajput rush to the bamboo forest.Thinking Shivaji is retreating,Oda ordered his samurais to follow them,after running after them and they entered the forest,but in the next moment one of the samurais was decapitated by the rajput's talwar.



Turning around,Oda and his samurai saw the rajput,then the samurai charge at the rajput with his wakizashi and both clashed their swords first the samurai cutted rajputs arm,but the he was stabbed by the raput's talwar,but in the same time Oda rushed and decapitated the raput with his katana.



Seeing he killed the rajput,Oda thought he won,but in the same time Shivaji sneaked behind Oda with his katar,but the walked on leaves and Oda heard him and turned around and he slashed at Shivaji but missing him by few inches,then Shivaji countered attack but he missed too and finaly both leaders attacked with their final blow.Oda slahed at Shivaji but he blocked  with his claw katar and stabbed Oda in the neck with his other katar. Oda:


Seeing the Japanese general is dead, Shivaji raised his katars and roared in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Experts believed Shivaji won,because his weapons were bteter and his tactics were better too,also his steel was harder then Oda's steel and Oda's most effective weapon was his tanegashima, while all of Shivaji's weapons were effective.

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Battle vs. Francisco Pizarro (by Cfp3157)Edit

After his success against the Incan Empire, Spain is sending Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadors to settle east. Little does he know that Oda Nobunaga is waiting for him

Francisco is watching the rest of his supplies get unloaded from his last ship. "This land is peaceful. Perfect." he thinks. Just then, an arrow bounces off his chest plate. He looks starts to look around when another hits his leg. He angrily yanks it out and snaps it in half. He finally sees the shooter: Oda Nobunaga, Yumi Bow in hand on a nearby ship. Francisco quickly grabs his Arquebus and loads it, all while dodging arrows. He props it on his stand and releases a shot. It barely makes it, but it does what it needs to do. Oda is hit in his chest. He survives, but his bow falls into the water.

As Francisco starts to reload, Oda advances goes with his Tanegashima and Yari. He drops the spear and loads his musket. As Francisco reloads, Oda is done and aiming his gun. They both fire at the same time. The Arquebus misses, but Oda manages to graze the stand, causing it to break. Francisco runs inside and grab his Alabarda.

Oda moves to Francisco's ship, Yari in hand. Francisco is waiting for him. As he passes the cabin door, Francisco busts open the door, sending Oda flying. The Spaniard attempts a thrust with his Alabarda, but is parried by the Yari. These two polearms dual for awhile, then Francisco swings with his Alabarda. As Oda dodges to the right, Francisco turns the polearm,sending the hook into Oda's leg. The Samurai drops his spear and draws his Katana. Francisco tries to finish him off with the pike end, Oda dodges and breaks it with a hard slash.

Francisco draws his Espada Ropera and the final showdown begins. Francisco tries a thrust and Oda blocks it and counters with a slash. A loud CLANG is heard when the steel sword meets the steel cuirass. Francisco takes the opportunity to try another thrust. It penetrates the lamellar, but not deep enough to reach the skin. Realizing this new danger, Oda begins a large flurry of attacks that Francisco can barely parry. Then he gets an idea.

He runs into the lower decks. Oda wonders what is happening, and rushes down there to. Oda is looking behind some crates when he hears a noise. He turns around to see Francisco with his Crossbow pointed at the Samurai. Oda, realizing he lost, thrusts his Katana in the hole Pizarro made earlier. As he lays there and dies Francisco shrugs and shoots him in the head. Francisco Pizarro raises his Crossbow in the air and yells, "Gloria!" (Glory) in victory.

Expert's OpinionEdit

In the closest battle [Cfp has] ever hosted, Francisco Pizarro won the day because of his better training in firearms, armor, and close range weapons.

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Battle vs. Michael the Brave (by Impaler5150)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit