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In any war, there are calms between storms. There will be days when we lose faith, days that our allies turn against us. But the day will never come, that we forsake this planet and its people.
— Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime was once simply Optimus, leader of the Cybertronian Science Division, until it was discovered that he was the last of the Dynasty of the Primes, hidden away when The Fallen betrayed them. After The Fallen corrupted his brother and friend, Megatron, and lead the military leader to seek the All-Spark to conquer other worlds, Optimus took the rank of Prime and vowed to stop him, forming the Autobots to deny the tyranny of Megatron's Decepticons.

After eons of conflict, the All-Spark was jettisoned into deep space, eventually discovered by Megatron on Earth. The rediscovery of the All-Spark ignited the Cybertronian Civil War once again, with Earth as the new battlefield, and Optimus Prime leading a team composed of Jazz, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Ratchet, vowed to defend the humans and their world, leading to the Battle of Mission City, where he personally killed Bonecrusher and watched Megatron die and the destruction of the All-Spark. Initially believing the conflict over, Optimus decided to make the Earth their new home, and sent out a signal to any Autobots still wandering the galaxy to make their way here. He helped found N.E.S.T., a joint Autobot-Human paramilitary organization that hunted and destroyed Decepticons in hiding around the planet.

During one such mission in Shanghai, Optimus and Ironhide learned that the Decepticons believed The Fallen was returning, a revelation followed shortly afterwards by the resurrection of Megatron by a shard of the the destroyed All-Spark. The new, stronger Megatron, Starscream and Grindor assaulted Prime and overwhelmed him, killing him. He was revived through the Matrix of Leadership in Egypt just in time to fuse with Jetfire and kill The Fallen, stopping his plans to drain Earth's sun and leaving Megatron cripplingly wounded. When he later discovered that his predecessor, Sentinel Prime, still lived, Optimus was overjoyed, but when he discovered Sentinel had made an alliance with the Decepticons and planned to enslave the human race to rebuild Cybertron, Optimus was forced to fight and kill him, alongside Megatron, in a battle that resulted in the complete destruction of their dead homeworld.

After the end of the war, Optimus and the Autobots lived in harmony with the Humans for a time, but growing resentment and distrust of the aliens lead to the people of Earth building their own man-controlled Transformers and declaring the world unsafe as long as the Transformers continued to live on it, turning on the Autobots. With the people he once trusted as friends wanting him dead, Optimus and the remaining Autobots were forced into hiding deep undercover to survive, eventually forcing Optimus to seek new allies in the form of the dangerous Dinobots.

Battle vs. Optimus Prime (G1) (by Drayco90)Edit

The sky was tinted orange as the afternoon sun receded across the skyline and day prepared to turn to night. The long stretch of highway was barren of vehicles, save for one incredibly bright red truck with a huge cab on the back. Optimus Prime was thinking to himself as he drove down the road- he was relieved that the Decepticons hadn’t launched an attack all week- as a peaceful Cybertronian by nature he hated the constant stream of battles he found himself in, but he was nonetheless nervous that his ancient foes had something big planned.

Prime’s thoughts were cut off when another truck appeared on the horizon, coming straight at him. The Truck looked far more streamlined and alien by the standards of Earth technology they had encountered since the 80s. Intimidating flames were printed across the sides. Moments before the two trucks past, it began to shift into a robotic blur.

Optimus Prime observed this with interest, transforming himself. The robot before him was like him, with a similar face, but was like a mangled image of him. As if looking through a broken mirror. One thought immediately came to mind- a Decepticon clone. It wouldn’t be the first time Megatron created a copy of his archrival, and it wouldn’t be the last, Prime was sure.

Movieverse Optimus Prime stared dumbfounded by what he saw. It was like a Cybertronian made out of clunky boxes. It looked simple and awkward. A lower form of life, perhaps? But it had still transformed, and while freedom was the right of all sentient beings, this one was a Transformer. Transformers were either Autobot or Decepticons, and this wasn’t one of his…

“I am Optimus Prime- leader of the Autobots. Identify yourself.” The Movieverse Prime exclaimed.

“No, I am Optimus Prime. You are nothing more than a twisted image made real by your Decepticon masters.” The G1 Prime answered. “If you surrender now, you will be show the foremost Autobot hospitality.”

Movieverse Prime was confused, but he never had a problem with hitting things to solve his problems. He drew his Chaingun and began to fire on the imposter. G1 Prime was taken by surprise, and the bullets shattered against his chest, breaking one of the windows on his chest.

He may have been surprised, but G1 Prime was always prepared. His forearm quickly converted into a Photon Beam Rifle. The Rifle fired off a burst of hot plasma, burning straight through the Chaingun. Movie Prime threw the gun aside and charged, drawing his Dual Energon Swords. G1 Prime fired another burst, but it was deflected when his Movieverse counterpart raised his blade to cover his face, spinning into a shoulder ram, knocking G1 Prime off his feet.

Movie Prime sank a sword deep into the broken window on G1 Prime’s chest, causing the older robot to gasp out in pain. As the newer counterpart raised his other blade he roared- “GIVE ME YOUR FACE!”, but G1 Prime quickly transformed his smokestacks into a shotgun like weapon, the Prime Gun. He fired into Movie Prime’s leg, causing the giant robot to buckle. As Movie Prime stumbled backwards, G1 Prime transformed and drove away to gain some leverage over his faster and stronger foe- there was a bridge a few miles back, he could use the height advantage.

Movie prime groaned as energon leaked from his knee wound. He slowly raised up to prevent more loss than necessary, and retracted his blades. He knew his enemy was leading him into a trap- but he had no choice but to follow… and hope this strange, confused Cybertronian wasn’t prepared for his Barrage Cannon.

After a few miles of driving, Movie Prime saw a bridge off in the distance. Suddenly he heard a beeping, and realized he had been locked-on. A rain of missiles descended from the sky, raining around him, shrapnel tearing across torso as he transformed mid-air, trying to dodge the explosives. He discovered the lock-on was broken when he transformed, and he drew his barrage cannon, firing at the bridge where G1 Prime stood with his Thermo Rocket Launcher.

G1 Prime fired another wave of missiles from the Thermo Rocket Launcher before leaping from the bridge. The bridge collapsed from the other Optimus’ weaponry before exploding in a burst of flame. The missiles weren’t very accurate on a Robot Mode foe, but they were distracting Movie Prime while G1 drew his iconic Ion Blaster. Prime charged the distracted robot, shooting rapidly at him.

Movie Prime reacted quickly, returning fire with the Barrage Cannon, but the time he spent dodging missiles had allowed G1 Prime to close in. The classic Optimus delivered a strong punch to his film counterpart, shattering the movie Prime’s faceplate. G1 Optimus threw another punch, but the Movie Prime caught this one, and twisted the arm, snapping it at the joint. As G1 cried out, his film clone delivered a roundhouse kick, knocking him back, before spinning around and raising his shoulder-mounted jet engine, activating it and delivering a massive kickback that sent his classic counterpart flying.

Scrap metal and energon flew everywhere as Prime hit the ground hard. G1 Prime tried to prop himself up with his Ion Blaster, but he was hurt bad- whole pieces of his torso were hanging off, and a corner of the Matrix of Leadership could be glimpsed in the shell. Movie Prime strolled slowly behind him, drawing his Energon Hooks. The twisted blade pierced through G1 Prime’s back, and began to lift him off the ground.

“I rise.” Movie Prime began “You fall.”

But G1 Prime activated his Energon Axe, his hand disappearing in a beam of orange energy. With a swift stroke, the classic Optimus Prime sliced off the modern Prime’s arm. As he fell from his enemies’ grip, he swiped again, slashing the Movie Prime’s knee wound, and dissecting the leg. They both collapsed to the ground in a heap, but G1 Prime pinned his foe to the ground. Pulling himself upwards, he raised his Energon Axe, and severed his movie equivalent’s head.

The one, the true, classic Optimus Prime stood triumphant. Though battered and bleeding, he had prevailed in the end, for nothing could keep G1 Optimus Prime from stopping the Decepticons. No matter the cost.

He drew the Matrix of Leadership from his chest and raised it high into the air. “’Till all are one!” he roared in triumph, before transforming. “Transform and roll out!”


Expert's OpinionEdit

While Movieverse Prime is a real killer on the battlefield, the voters thought that G1 Prime had the experience and tactical knowledge as well as the skill to make up for his weapons not being quite up to his foe's.

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Battle vs. Ultron (MCU) (By Sppople)Edit

Two weeks after his battle with Lockdown, Ultron had returned to his base and reverted to his second form. He had also become far more aware of the Transformers, but he still ignored them. 

Ultron was creating 10 more Ultron Sentinels when a Beeper on a computer went off. Ultron turned to it. "Oh, what is it now?" he groaned. The computer then showed a news article stating that the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime had been spotted in Japan. Ultron became intregued. "Optimus Prime?" Then he realised. "Lockdown! He was searching for Optimus Prime!" Ultron then came up with an idea. "Lockdown was willing to capture Prime, but if I do it instead, then I will be superior to him! Even better, I could destroy Optimus Prime" Ultron flew out of the base along with 10 Ultron Sentinels.

Ultron flew across to Japan and landed down in front of a huge Truck. "I guess this is him" Ultron shrugged. The truck then transformed into a gigantic robot. "I was right!" The Robot looked upon Ultron. "Who are you?" He asked. "Ultron" Ultron answered. "And I already know who you are, Optimus Prime" Optimus Prime quickly stomped forward. "How do you know my name?!" He cried, firmly. Ultron replied. "Well duh. Everyone knows who YOU are. But I've done something that no one else has. I've overlooked you. Until I met Lockdown." Optimus Prime gasped. "Lockdown. Where is he now?!" Ultron gave a sinister smile. "Dead. I killed him." Optimus Prime sighed. "But he wanted you" Ultron explained. "He was going to bring you to the Creators. Do you know who they are?" Optimus Prime shook his head. "No. But go on" Ultron walked two steps back. "Point is, Lockdown was willing to capture you. So if I capture you, scratch that, KILL you, I'll be superior to him! So maybe I should kill you, instead" Ultron blasted Optimus Prime with a Concussion Blast, sending him to the ground. Optimus Prime got to his feet and roared, only for Ultron to blast him again. Optimus Prime stumbled back and Ultron blasted him again, making him stumbling back even more. "Enough!" Optimus yelled as he grabbed Ultron and threw him across the road. Ultron got up and, with his Anti-Gravity Tech, pulled Optimus Prime towards him. Optimus Prime flew towards Ultron, only for Ultron to send him to his side. Optimus Prime sprawled across the Ground, before he then blasted at Ultron. Ultron was hit by the blast and flew back. Optimus Prime was then blasted by dozens of concussive blasts from the Ultron Sentinels. Optimus Prime roared. "I will defeat you!" Optimus Prime blasted the 10 Ultron Sentinels with his blaster. Optimus Prime then turned and was smashed in the chest by Ultron, who had flown into Optimus Prime and sent them both flying. Optimus Prime smashed into the ground with Ultron on his chest. Ultron punched Optimus Prime in the face twice, only to be grabbed and thrown off. Ultron got up and faced Optimus Prime, who brought out his huge Sword. "This is your end, Ultron!" Optimus Prime growled. "No. You're called Optimus Prime. Not Ultron. I'm called Ultron" Ultron joked. Optimus Prime charged at Ultron and swung his sword at Ultron, who dodged and blasted Optimus Prime, who then swung his sword at Ultron, who blasted Optimus Prime again, only for Optimus Prime to kick Ultron back. Ultron stuck the ground and Optimus Prime landed his Foot onto Ultron and pinned him down. "This will end now!" Optimus Prime yelled and brought down his sword, but then felt a huge pain in his chest. Ultron had blasted Optimus in the chest. Optimus dropped his sword and clutched his Chest. Ultron blasted Optimus Prime again and again, and then he got out from under Optimus Prime's foot and blasted him again. Optimus cried out in pain and collapsed. 

Ultron chuckled. "I am superior"

Winner: Ultron (MCU)

Experts OpinionEdit

Although Optimus Prime is far more experianced, Ultron has superior armour, intelligence so he could defeat Optimus Prime.

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