The Preobrazhensky Regiment was the Russian Empire's front line regiment. It was made up of well-trained recruits. It was formed in 1683 by Peter the Great to combat against enemy armies in Europe. They participated in all of Russia's wars from then until the Russian Revolution, when Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks dissoluted it in 1917.

Battle vs. Stonewall Brigade  (by Goodboy12)Edit

Stonewall Brigade: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

Preobrazhensky Regiment: Green Green Green Green Green Green

In a forest in the evening, six Stonewall Brigade members approach a small house, where the Preobrazhensky Regiment is staying. One of the sentries spots the Confederates. He aims, but then is quickly hit by an Enfield. Green The five other Russians don't hear the shot, and the boss goes to get a coffee from the counter. Meanwhile, a Stonewall Brigade member slips in through the door and kills a Russian with his LeMat. Green The remaining 4 grab their guns and head toward the forest. One fires his Reichsrevolver at a Confederate, and kills him. Grey The remaining Stonewall Brigade regroups behind the house.

Two of them grab horses and Mamelukes along with them. They then charge into the woods. However, the Russians have fortified some trees as sniper nests. So, when two CSA get into range, a Russian sniper fires his Vereinsgewehr and hits him. Grey The other Confederate quickly finds his opponent and fires his Enfield, but misses. He moves toward the tree, but the Russian shoots him with his revolver. Grey

The other only alive CSA horsman moves in with the other 2 alive. They hide in the trees. They spot Russian horsemen pass by, but a Spadroon accidentaly hits a Confederate. He is wounded. The Russians try to find the CSA, but they can't. They keep on looking. About a half-an-hour later, it is extremely dark. The two infantry walk in the forest. They see a horse. One of the infantry fires at the man on it, not knowing it is his own teammate. Grey The two regroup and see they shot their own mate. One grabs a Mameluke, and they continue to scout the forest.

Soon, they hear footsteps. A Confederate takes out his LeMat and fires it randomly, and kills a Russian. Green He fires another bullet and hits another one. Green One of the two remaining Russians charges with his Spadroon into the trees. He swings several times until he steps on a dead Brigade member. Grey The last Confederate runs for his life, with Mameluke in hand.

A Russian hits his head on a tree, and slashes it, thinking it is a Confederate. The real one slides down a tree and fires his Enfield at him, after whacking him in the head with it. Green The two combatants face off with their swords. The Russian eventually slices the Mameluke out of the Brigade member's hand. He is on the ground, with woodchips in his hand to stop his bleeding. The Russian is ready to take a killing blow, but the Confederate quickly pushes the Mameluke on the ground into his feet, and after 10 seconds, bleeds out. Green

The CSA man quickly yells out "CSA is independent!" in victory, and moves toward a tree for more wood.

Winner: Stonewall Brigade

Expert's OpinoinEdit

The reason why the Stonewall Brigade won is because they had better weapons and had majore X-Factors on their side.

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