Pyg will make you perfect!
— Professor Pyg
Lazlo Valentin's past is unknown. Allegedly, he has a chemist for Spyral, who created a powerful thought-damping drug that mimics the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Trapped by their technology, he escaped the only way he could - a schizphrenic break, and a new persona named Professor Pyg. Escaping, he formed the Circus of the Strange. It is unknown what happened next, but apparently he was approached by Doctor Hurt and convinced to "share his vision" with Gotham City.

Pyg moved the Circus of Strange to Gotham, announcing the "Year of the Pig". Pyg started the campaign of making people "perfect", as his minions (Dollotrons) capture Robin. All of this is part of Dr. Hurt's plan.

Pyg then tries to introduce an addictive "identity destroying" drug into the city via his Dollotrons. The drug is sold to various different gangs and mobs who use it to control prostitutes. However, Batman quickly puts an end to this - he rescues Robin and subdue Pyg and capture all of his Dollotrons. Pyg is arrested and taken to Blackgate Penitentiary.

Battle vs. Riddler (by Lasifer)Edit

The Riddler IntroEdit

"And in other news, Batman saves Gotham yet again by stopping the villain, Mr. Toad, from robbing the First Gotham Bank." A news reporter on TV broadcasts, before the TV is turned off suddenly.

"Mhm, The Batman. Oh how i manage to fail to beat you, everytime! And here he is, stopping these new rogues like 'Mr. Toad' and 'Flamingo'. I'm sure Batman misses a true challenge like myself." Says Edward Nygma, The Riddler, sitting on his 'throne', smirking at the thoughts of his encounters with Batman, and turns his tele back on to watch the rest of the news.

"Also, The psychopath, Professor Pyg, has secured down The Gotham Funhouse, and using it as a base of operations, and Commissioner James Gordon will not be setting in any of the Gotham Police Department do to personal reasons..." The news reporter delivers more news, before Nygma turns his tele off once more.

"Hehehehe, This is perfect, I can end the Batman's career once and for all. My plan will be perfect..." Says The Riddler, getting up from his 'throne' and puts on a Trench Coat and grabs his staff before heading out the door, into the rainy streets of the Gotham Slums.


Winner: The Riddler

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