I was weak. That's why I needed you... Needed someone to punish me for my sins... But that's all over now. I know the truth. Now it's time to end this.
— James Sunderland

Pyramid Head appears as a large man in dirty glove and an butcher's apron, as well as a metal, pyramid-shaped helmet on top of his head. Pyramid Head appears in the mythology of the Order as an executioner figure, seeking out and killing those whose crimes go unpunished. A painting in the Silent Hill historical society suggests that executioners under the control of the Order once wore a similar pyramidial helmet.

The Pyramid Head appears as a manifestation of James Sunderland's guilt of over having mercy-killed his wife, Mary. James encounters Pyramid Head a number of times, actually engaging in combat with him twice. In both encounters, Pyramid Head will eventually give up if James dodges his attacks for long enough, however, his defeat can be hastened by shooting him.

Pyramid Head later abandons the weapon and later appears a second time, along with a second "Pyramid Head". Both "Pyramid Heads" are armed this time armed with spears. James engages the two Pyramid Heads in combat, and, after the battle, remembers his involvement in the murder of his wife, and tells them that he "doesn't need him any more", at which point both Pyramid Heads commit suicide. In addition to his weapons, Pyramid Head also has a hole in his helmet, with which he release a sharp tongue-like appendage to impale enemies at close range.

Battle vs. The Bogeyman (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

The grinding sound of a large blade being dragged along the ground was heard in Silent Hill's infamous Otherworld, this time manifesting itself as a prison-like dungeon. Pyramid Head walked into the next room, a large, dark underground chamber with bars blocking off one end, and blank concrete walls, like an oversized prison cell, with smaller metal cages and implements of torture hanging from the walls, which were stained with blood.

On the other side of the chamber stood a figure clad in a black raincoat and gas mask, armed with a large hammer that appeared to have a cinder block as a head. The Bogeyman brought down the hammer, and sent a destructive shockwave towards Pyramid Head creating a fissure in the ground as it went, causing him to recoil as shockwave hit him.

Furiously, Pyramid Head advanced forward, but was slowed by the weigh of his Great Knife- truly more of a two-handed sword. The Bogeyman launched another shockwave attack, again slowing down, but causing significant damage to Pyramid Head.

Frustrated with his lack of success with the ranged attack, The Bogeyman went in for the close range kill, swinging his hammer in a great horizontal arc that connected with Pyramid Head, knocking him backwards, and in the process, causing him to drop the Great Knife, sending it sliding across the room.

The Bogeyman raised his hammer to finish off Pyramid Head, but unencumbered by the weight of the Great Knife, Pyramid Head evaded the attack and ran to the side of the room, grabbing a spear from the rack on the wall.

Armed with the lighter weapon, Pyramid Head advanced faster than before, dodging a vertical strike from the Bogeyman and running his spear right through him. The Bogeyman was badly wounded, but not quite dead. Pyramid Head moved in and prepared to finish the job with his sharp tongue like appendage.

But it was not over for the Bogeyman. He caught the appendage in his hand and literally snapped it off, causing Pyramid Head to roar in pain. The Bogeyman responded by kicking Pyramid Head on his back and retrieving his hammer. It looked like Pyramid Head was finished...

But he had landed next to his Great Knife. Pyramid Head seized the large sword as the Bogeyman prepared to bring his hammer down, however, he was interrupted by the Great Knife literally thrusting through his chest. Pyramid Head got up as The Bogeyman fell to his knees. Pyramid Head pulled the Great Knife out of the Bogeyman and brought it down in a vertical strike, splitting the Bogeyman's head in half and going halfway through his torso in a spray of blood. The mangled remains of the Bogeyman fell to the floor.

WINNER: Pyramid Head

Expert's OpinionEdit

Pyramid Head won this match because of his superior weapons, as well as a possible psychological effect he has, even on monsters. His metal pyramidial helmet also make him less vulnerable to downward attacks.

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Battle vs. Nemuru Kushinada (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

Nemuru Kushinada ran through an abandoned construction site at night, in her "Hunter costume", armed with her massive scythe. Suddenly, the scenery around her seemed to disintegrate, replaced with the a scenery still similar in structure to the construction site, but the appearance of everything had changed changed. The steel girders of the construction site now appeared old and rusted, several of the panels of drywall have been replaced with rusted iron bars. The exits to the construction site were all block off by iron gates topped with metal spikes. All around there were red stains, which looked like blood. The formerly orange harvest moon in the sky now glowed blood red.

Nemuru felt a chill go down her neck as she heard a scratching sound come from behind her. She turned to the spot, to find herself face to face with a terrifying figure: A large man, over six feet tall, armed with a sword so large he dragged behind him on the ground. The figure's face was covered with a metallic, pyramid-shaped helmet.

Pyramid Head raised his great knife and swung it down at Nemuru. The blade, however, struck only the ground- Nemuru had dodged the right, and retaliated with a diagonal slash with her scythe. Pyramid Head, however, turned his head towards the blow, meaning the scythe blade simply ground against this metal helmet, doing no damage.

Nemuru pressed her attack, slashing at Pyramid Head again, this time making a gash across his chest. However, when Nemuru prepared for her next attack, raising the scythe over her head, Pyramid Head used the opening to seize Nemuru by the throat.

Nemuru dropped her scythe as she coughed and spluttered, struggling to breathe. Pyramid Head, meanwhile, released a tentacle with a sharp point on the end from his helmet. Nemuru had to do something quickly to avoid being impaled.

She did just that, using the superhuman strength granted to her as a kamibito, and kicked Pyramid Head in the face, knocking him backwards and escaping his grip. Nemuru grabbed her scythe and slashed at Pyramid Head, the blade slicing off the tentacle protruding from his helmet.

Pyramid Head let out a grunt of pain, and dropped his great knife, instead picking up a blood stained spear stuck in the ground and charged forward, moving faster than before, before making a spear thrust that just barely grazed Nemuru's side.

Nemuru jumped into the air, narrowly avoiding the attack and landing on a steel girder ten feet above the ground. Nemuru then jumped down, making a wide slash with her scythe, cutting a huge gash in Pyramid Head's chest, before coming around with a horizontal swing at the monster's neck. The scythe blade sliced through the unprotected neck, severing the monster's pyramidial head.

Pyramid Head's body fell to the ground, dead.

Nemuru Kushinada walked away as the scenery returned to normal, Pyramid Head's body disappearing completely, saying "I hate geometry!"

WINNER: Nemuru Kushinada

Expert's OpinionEdit

This battle was decided by an author tiebreaker vote. Anyway, the expert's (and the author) believed that Nemuru's superhuman agility and normal intelligence would more than make up for her lower durability. The slow moving, less intelligent Pyramid Head simply couldn't keep up. And yes, that one liner is out of character for Nemuru, and was inserted for humor value.

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Battle vs Jack Baker (by Pygmy Hippo 2)Edit


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