They are the monsters in the dark, the dripping nightmares that haunt your race. ... All areas where humans are weak, the Ra'zac are strong.
— Oromis
The Ra'zac were one of the several ancient races that were thought to have followed the humans across the sea to Alagaësia. They were a race that fed on humans and likely came from the same homelands. Ra'zacs' breath have the power to paralyze humans in a dream-like state, however, it barely clouds the minds of dwarves and is ineffective against elves altogether.

The last two Ra'zac to live before the extinction of their race in Alagaësia (as well as the remaining two Lethrblaka) were servants of Galbatorix, living in their black towers at Helgrind. They were used by King Galbatorix to investigate any rumors of dragons who might have escaped the downfall of the Dragon Riders. They were called by some the king's personal "dragon hunters." They were especially effective against Dragon Riders because their minds were shielded from mental powers.

Battle vs. Xenomorphs (by Richard Starkay)Edit

The Ra'zac are patrolling through Helgrind when one of them hears a growl.

It walks to see what made the sound when it pounced. He saw a black figure tearing at his chest, He shoots his barbed tongue into the said of the Alien's neck. The Alien stumbles back and roars in Pain.

The Ra'zac swings his sword and beheads the Aliens[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 4]. Badly wounded he raises his sword and is about to shout in victory, when another Alien jumps from behind and snaps his neck.[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 3]

The other Ra'zac turned around to face the Alien when two others attacked her from behind, then the other joined the frenzy.[Aliens 3 Ra'zac 2]

Suddenly, a Leithrblaka shot from the sky and caught an Alien in it's talons. It cruelly pecked the Alien until it went limp.[Aliens 2 Ra'zac 2]

The leithrblaka bulled after the others but the aliens jumped out of the way and the Leithrblaka crashed into the wall and snapped it's neck.[Aliens 2 Ra'zac 1]

The other leithrblaka went after them but missed and was overwhelmed by the aliens[Aliens 2 Ra'zac

Winner Xenomorphs

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