Sinan was the original “Old Man of the Mountain” of the Crusaders, who made the Nizari Ismailis famous in medieval Europe as the Assassins together with a number of tales regarding their secret practices.
— Oxford Dictionary on Islam
Rashid ad-Din Sinan was the Grandmaster of the Hashashin, or Assassins, during the time of the Third Crusade. Little is known about him as his autobiography was partially destroyed.

Rashid first received the Assassin training and was sent to Syria in 1162 by the Assassin grand master Hassan II grandson of the original Grandmaster, Hassan-i-Sabbah. Rashid set up his base in the mountain fortress of Maysaf and took control of parts of Northern Syria.

Rashid's main enemy was the Syrian ruler at the time, Saladin, who was the target of two assassination attempts on Rashid's orders. In 1176, Saladin tried to lay siege to Maysaf but was intimidated into lifting the siege and aligning himself with the Hashashin after he received a death threat from Rashid. According to some accounts, Saladin awoke to see a figure leaving his tent and find a threatening note stuck into a plate of scones with a poisoned dagger.

Rashid ordered a number of other assassinations during his time as grand master, the last in the last year of his life, in 1192, when he ordered the assassination of Conrad of Montferrat, King of Jerusalem. It is widely speculated that Rashid conspired with either Saladin or Richard the Lionheart in this assassination, as both had reasons to want Conrad dead. Later that year, Rashad died in Al Khaf Castle in Syria.

Battle vs Hattori Hanzo (SPARTAN 119)Edit

Rashad: Green Green GreenGreen Green

Hanzo: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Rashad ad-Din Sinan and four Hashashin crept towards Japanese castle under cover of night. Their mission: to assassinate Hattori Hanzo. One of the assassins spotted a Japanese guard on the walls of the castle, and drew back his composite bow, before releasing and firing an arrow through the guard's head, causing him to fall over, dead. Darkred

The assassin squad walked over to the side of the castle entrance. Seconds later, someone shouted in Japanese- they had seen body of the guard on the wall. Two more guards burst out of the doors, not noticing the assassins at either side until on to them attacked one of the guards, killing him by thrusting a poisoned khanjar into the back of his neck. Darkred

The second guard heard the death of his comrade and turned to face the assassins, osutsu in hand. The guard pulled the trigger and fired a blast of shot into the chest of one of the Hashashin. The assassin fell to the ground and blood flowed out of his mouth. Green.

The remaining Hashashin were shocked by the report of the gun, but regained composure when the guard dropped the gun and drew his wakizashi. An assassin attacked with his saif, but the guard dodged the attack and thrust his wakizashi through the assassin's chest. Green

The guard, however, was quick to fall, his throat cut by Sinan himself. Darkred One of the Hashashin grabbed the dead guard's osutsu. The Hashashin continued through the narrow halls of the castle, to a room where Hanzo and two guards stood in wait.

The Hashashin that took the osutsu tried to fire it at Hanzo, but heard only the click of an empty weapon- he did not realize the weapon had to be reloaded after every shot. One of the guards laughed and lit the fuse of a ceramic grenade on a torch hanging on the wall and threw it at the Hashashin, the blast killing one of them outright Green, and stunning the assassin who tried to use the osutsu. Hanzo himself got up, wakizashi in hand, and ran the stunned assassin through, and turned to face Sinan, flanked by his surviving guard.

Then, Sinan realized it: Those things the guards carried exploded when exposed to fire. Sinan drew a ceramic incendiary grenade and lit it on a torch, before throwing the pot of flammable materials at the guard. The incendiary shattered, releasing the burning liquid, which immediately set fire to the guards clothing and cause three ceramic grenades he was carrying to explode. The blast killed both the guard and Hanzo, set fire to the wood and paper screens in the room Darkred Darkred.

Sinan ran out the door as the room as the fire spread rapidly through the wood and paper furnishings in the room. Sinan jumped out a window, landing in the moat of the castle and swam across, any surviving guards distracted by try to extinguish the blaze that now engulfed the entire room- flames could be seen through the windows.

WINNER: Rashad ad-Din Sinan

Experts OpinionEdit

The experts decided that Rashad's superior intelligence, leadership, and considerable combat experience and training, along with a longer sword, poisoned blade, and longer range projectile weapon won the day for him. The battle was decided by a creator tiebreaker due to a tie in votes.

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