l re-caculate. Your deaths will be indescribable.
— Ro-Man

Earth's space program as a threat to alien civilizations, the lunar Great One sent his deadly cyborg enforcer, the Ro-Man, to wipe out humanity. Armed with a death ray known as the Calcinator, Ro-Man was able to destroy all but eight humans before they found an antidote to the Calcinator. The Great One sent Ro-Man to finish the job himself, only for the cyborg to fall for an Earthwoman. Finally, the Great One decided to destroy both Earth and his disloyal servant on his own.

Battle vs. Creature from the Haunted Sea (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

On a small island near Cuba, Ro-Man arrives on his ship, having been sent by the Great One to search for human survivors. Meanwhile, the Creature From the Haunted Sea surfaces nearby, alerted by the sound of the ship landing. Seeing Ro-Man, it decides the android could be a potential meal, and charges out of the sea.

Ro-Man turns just in time to be slashed across the chest by the Creature's claws. Recoiling, Ro-Man retaliates with a punch, knocking the Creature to the ground. Ro-Man tries to stomp on the Creature's head, but the monster dodges, Leaping back up, the Creature bites down on Ro-Man's arm, but is unable to penetrate too deep.

Ro-Man punches the Creature again, causing it to let go. The Creature retreats back toward the waves, but Ro-Man has had enough. Before the Creature gets back to the water and its advantage, Ro-Man runs up from behind and grabs the Creature by the throat. Pulling it down, Ro-Man strangles the Creature to death. He then radios back to headquarters with a message: "Great One, you're not going to believe what just happened..."

Winner: Ro-Man

Expert's OpinoinEdit

This has been a recurring trend in my battles recently, hasn't it? Again, the warrior able to think on his own prevailed over the savage monster.

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