Dead or alive, you're coming with me!
— Robocop
Robocop is a genetically enginerd cyborg with the brain of his former self police officer Alex J. Murphy and the body of a robot. He was originally designed by the megacorperation OCP to help clean up the streets of Detroit, Michigan but as he became more aware of OCP's evil intentions he tried to stop them.

Alex J. Murphy was a Detroit Police officer for years in the good part of town. He was moved to the Old Detroit Precint which was the worst part of town in 1987 where on the first day on the job he gets a call. He and his partner Anne Lewis chase Clarenge Boddicker and his gang to an old steel mill where Alex J. Murphy is trapped and massacred badly by a hail of shotgun blasts. He miraculously survives and is transported to a hospital in a coma where he dies before they can save him. Later he wakes up as a cybergineticaqlly engineered robot called Robocop. He sets out to put an end to all crime in Detroit and after a while it seems to work until he finds about corruption in the OCP coorperation and seeks to arrest the Vice President Dick Jones. After he is unable to do so and is hunted down by Clarence Boddicker's gang he kills them all and then proceeds to kill Dick Jones.

Robocop has titanium armour build around all of his body. His skull is made of metal and it encases his human brain which often causes him to have flashbacks from when he was Alex J. Murphy. Robocop has incredible strength and stands over 7ft tall. He weighs almost half a ton and is capable of crushing a man's skull. He is a good guy and always helps people ehen they're in trouble and will always serve the Detroit Police Department. He is not fully robotic but is mostly therfore he can have emotions but he does not understand them. Robocop is the awnser to all crime in Detroit, Micigan.

Battle vs. Terminator (by KevlarNinjaEdit

In his police cruiser, Robocop responds to an armed attack at a shopping mall. When he gets there, the place is surrounded by SWAT vans. He is informed that all attempts to communicate with whoever is causing this have failed and a entry team that came in never came out. Robocop walks in with a Cobra Canon and a Auto 9. All the lights are off beacause the power has been cut off. In the distance, Robocop sees a SWAT officer running in terror. He hears the reving of a motorcycle and sees the Terminator dives up and shoot the officer in the back of the head with his Model 1887 shotgun. Robocop scans him, but there is no file of him in the database. Robocop shouts "Detriot PD! Hands in the air!" Without a word, the Terminator pulls out an Uzi and starts fireing at Robocop, who responds by fireing his Cobra at the Terminator, who dodges it. Robocop runs for cover inside a store well the Terminator dives over to him, fireing the rest of his shotgun rounds.

Robocop hides in the shadows and shoots out the bike's tires with his Auto 9. It crashes and the fuel tank explodes, but not before Robocop has time to run out. He thinks that the Terminator is dead, but sees him, with his fake skin and M79 in hand. He fires a grenade at Robocop. It explodes, sending Robocop flying. Robocop pulls off his arm and starts fireing. He manges to blast off the Terminator's left hand.

Robocop puts his arm back into place as the Terminator pulls out a stiletto. Robocop brings out his hand spike and stabs Terminator in the chest. As Robocop pulls it out, Terminator stabs him in the neck. Robocop drops down, dead. The Terminator just walks away in silence.

Winner: The Terminator

Expert's OpinionEdit

Despite Robocop's incredibly more sophisticated arsenal and his human creativity, he couldn't compete against the sheer firepower, durability, and most importantly, adaptability the Terminator brought to the table.

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