Do you know, he managed to shoot me in the head over (REDACTED) times? A man like that deserves to die in combat, so close to his opponent he can feel his breath.
— SCP-076, after learning a soldier he considered a "worthy opponent" was killed as collateral damage in an air strike.

SCP-076-2, also known as "Subject Able", is a mysterious man of apparent Middle Eastern origin who was found in a stone coffin dated to be about ten thousand years old, currently stored at a high-security facility. Upon opening of the coffin, SCP-076 will reanimate and often enter a "rage state" in which he will violently attack anyone he encounters. However, SCP-076-2 is by no means a mere beast, as can be spoken within both English, and several dialects of ancient Sumerian. He also has knowledge of military tactics, human anatomy, metallurgy, and strangely, cattle breeding. In spite of his intelligence, SCP-076 is either a sociopath or thinks in a manner alien to normal humans, having no understanding of the concepts of love or equality, and showing no interest in sex- gender is nothing but a means of visual identification to him.

SCP-076-2 is shown to possess superhuman strength, speed, and agility, being able to rip through a steel blast door, cover 64 meters of ground in seconds, swat bullets out of the air, survive multiple .50 caliber rounds to the head, and, most mysteriously, pull melee weapons out of apparently thin air. SCP-076-2 has even put up a fight against SCP-682, though he was killed in the end. "Able" can be killed by severe damage, such as sustained heavy machine gun fire, but he will "reform" in his coffin after between anywhere from six hours to twenty-five years.

Battle vs. Lucy (by SPARTAN 119)Edit

The diclonius known as Lucy stepped over the mangled body of a soldier she had killed moments ago. This soldier was much like the others that had come for her, but she noticed he had a different insignia than the JSDF and SAT soldiers she had faced previously.

This man's insignia featured a circle with three rectangular points protruding from the circle in a triangular pattern. Within this was a smaller circle, with three arrows originating just below the three rectangular points going into the center of the circle. Below that, was a phrase in English: "SCP Foundation: Secure, Contain, Protect". Below that was another phrase: Mobile Task Force Omega-7.

Suddenly, Lucy heard a whooshing sound over her head, and turned to see an oversized chakram had embedded itself right into a brick wall. Lucy turned to face a man of apparently Middle-Eastern origin, with tattoos of mysterious symbols all over his body, wielding a second chakram.

Lucy summoned her vectors and seized four MP5s from the fallen soldiers, and turned them towards her mysterious adversary, pulling all four triggers at once. The first few bullets pierced the man's body, one going straight between his eyes. Lucy thought she had one...

But she had not. SCP-076 started running, staying one step ahead of Lucy's aim, throwing the second chakram, which the diclonius evaded. Lucy expended all 120 bullets in the four magazines. Save for first few, which hit to little effect, Able had evaded all of them.

Furiously, Lucy threw all four of the empty guns at hundreds of meters per second with her vectors. One of them was cut down by Able, who drew a katana seemingly out of no where, while the other smashed holes into a brick wall.

Able then lunged at Lucy with his katana, making a downward diagonal slash. However, Lucy evaded, slamming her vectors on the ground, pushing her off, jumping into the roof of a three story building.

Several bricks impacted like cannonballs, knocking SCP-076 flat on his back, before he was pinned to the street by a flying piece of rebar, which impaled him through the chest. Lucy than used her vectors to seem to "hover" downwards, standing on top of her downed adversary.

Lucy then used her vectors to slice off Able's right arm, which held the katana. The blade dissipated as soon as it left his grip. Able, however, was not finished yet. He pulled the piece of rebar out of his own chest and struck Lucy in the chest with it, knocking her several feet away.

The Lucy got back up as "Able" summoned a five-foot bardiche with a two-foot microvibrating edge blade. Amazingly, Able was able to wield this massive weapon one-handed. Lucy used all of her vector to pick up a small car and throw it at Able.

As the flying vehicle flew at him, Able swung his bardiche, the massive axe chopping the car clean in two. The two halves kept going, smashing more holes into the brick wall behind him as SCP-076 lunged in for the kill.

Lucy brought up her vectors to block the attack, but to her terror, the massive blade went right through them. Lucy then met the fact of so many of her victims, sliced clean in half by Able's blade. Still, for a split second, she remained concious. The last thing she saw was Able bringing down his great axe onto her head. Then the diclonius queen knew no more.


Expert's OpinionEdit

SCP-076 won this battle, albeit with injury because of his far greater combat experience against anomalous beings such as Lucy. This, along with his inhuman durability and strength gave him the edge he needed to win this battle.

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Battle vs. The Last Dragonborn (by Aaron Siegel)Edit


WINNER: The Dragonborn

Expert's OpinionEdit

While 076 may have an advantage in his vast skill and experience with any bladed weapon, the Dragonborn had one ace up his/her sleeve that won this battle: The Thu'um. The sheer variety of abilities that the Thu'um gives the Dragonborn is too much for the Sumerian warrior to take in, namely the Dragon Form and Summon Dragon shouts.

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Battle vs. EMIYA (by Appelmonkey)Edit


Expert's OpinionEdit



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