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"We do the jobs other SEAL teams don't do,"
— Bob Tartagelione, SEAL team 13 member, "Age of Voodoo" by James Lovegrove, page 85
In the Novel "Age of Voodoo" by James Lovegrove, SEAL team 13 is a crack commando unit that does "Grey Ops", i.e. missions involving paranormal situations. Anything from Vampires, Chupacabras, Zombies, Dragons,  Djinns, Ghosts, to Werebears, Trolls, Flying Snake women, Voodoo Zombies, Demons and UFO crashes, you name it and they've done it (and more than what is listed here). The Team is made of members that, though highly skilled and trained, are not full SEAL team strength (a Navy SEAL Platoon is 16 in number: Team 13 is only 5 strong), and each team member , through a series of bad mishaps, was deemed a risk, thus were only going to avoid the subsequent heat by joining a unit like Team 13 (Ironically a bad luck number in itself).

Nevertheless, the team gets results, and combines standard Navy SEALs combat training and weaponry with talismans, Amulets, and other unconventional items that could prove useful against their mystic beastial opponents.

During a mission, the team will at times attain the aid of people versed in the supernatural in order to deal with certain threats: whether they be shamans of Voodoo Priestesses, etc, they may take with them a person or get something from that person to combat their current targets. Sometimes this aide will be amulets, charms, or even a blessed mixture to put on themselves like war paint. Whatever is needed it is used by SEAL team 13.

The Team will at times also specialized weaponry, depending on their target: against ghosts, they will use Fragmentation bullets containing Iron mercury suspension, which proves acidic to ghosts. They will also use EMP-burst projectors, which can mess with ghosts so badly (electrical disruption) that renders them unable to harm living beings. Vampires, it seems, may be the most common monsters they fight, because in their missions they always carry holy water, stakes and UV emitting flashlights, even when vampires are not the target of a mission. Buckler, the leader of Team 13, boasts about the number of Vampires he's downed during his time with SEAL team 13.

The following are short bios on them team members:

Tom Buckler: SEAL Officer, leader of the team. Mustached, mid forties, and highly experienced. Originally a rookie member of Team 13 for several months before most of the team was slaughtered in Sarejevo (an Incident clouded in mystery, involving the real Hell, he talks little about it). Afterwards, be became the team leader

Pearce: Tall quiet type, caucasian with some Native American Indian ancestry. Like Buckler, he totes an M60 Machinegun

Madison Morgenstern: The only non-SEAL member of the unit. Originally from the Navy's Hospital Corps, she serves as the team's medic. No doubt recieving extra combat skills from her seal team members, she has proven herself a quite formidable opponent. 

Corey Sampson: The largest member of the group, a tall, heavily built African American, noted for his brute strength befitting his name. One of the most formidable members of the group, he hits as hard as a heavyweight boxer.

Bob Tartagelione: Italian American, possibly from New Jersey, and best friends with Corey Sampson. Though a brave and formidable warrior, he has a good sense of humor. However, when the situation becomes extremely dire or terrible, he tries to get the others to retreat, and sometimes has to be corrected by Buckler or Sampson. This tendency however does not mess with his skills and performance in battle.

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