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You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death.
— Sauron

Sauron was a Maia named Mairon who was soon ensnared by Melkor (also called Morgoth). Renamed Sauron, He convinced men to worship Morgoth as a god. Sauron served as Morgoth's chief lieutenant when The Noldorin Elves left the Blessed Realm of Valinor in the Utter West (against the counsel of the Valar) in order to wage war on Morgoth. The outcome was a victory for Sauron. After a thousand yers, Sauron forged the One Ring in Mount Doom to rule the other rings, investing most of his own power into the Ring as he forged it, becoming the Dark Lord of Mordor. Afew Years later, He found the Hobbits Bilbo and his nephew, Frodo had the ring. After finding out that Aragorn was in Allience with Frodo and other members of the ring bearers. He thought that Aragorn had the Ring. So he sent an army commanded by the Witch-King of Angmar to overthrow Minas Tirith in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Unfortunately for Sauron, the battle ended in a crushing defeat. Things started to look bad when Frodo, who was given the job to destroy the ring was tempted to put it on. Luckily for Frodo, Gollum, the Original Owner of the Ring, came to retrive it. However, as he grabbed it, He slipped and fell into a pit of lava along with the ring. Because the ring was destroyed, Sauron was finally finished and never rose again.

Battle vs. Thor (Mythology) (by Urbancommando77)Edit

Thor: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Sauron: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

Thor and 5 vikings are walking up to Mordor. "What is this place?" One of the vikings asked. Thor didn't answer, but he did continue to walk up to Mordor. Then, Sauron and 5 Orcs stumble out of the city. Sauron commands his men to attack the Noreigen warriors. One of the vikings charged up to an orc and stabbed him in the leg. The orc hollered and stabbed the viking in the arm. The vking finished the orc with a swift stab to the brain. Darkred

Three vikings were charging at Sauron. Sauron killed two of them in a single strike. Blue Blue The other one tried to run, but Sauron smashed his head. Blue The other two vikings charged at the orcs. the orcs were ready for them and killed them. Blue Blue

Sauron's orcs charged towards Thor, but Thor created a small storm that shocked three of them. Darkred Darkred Darkred The last orc made it to Thor, but Thor crushed his head. Darkred

Sauron walked towards the god. Thor started walking toward Sauron. Sauron got close enough to hit Thor in the chest with the Mace, only knocking him down. Thor hit Sauron in the head over and over again, but it doesn't kill him. Sauron stood up and tried to hit him, but missed. Thor created a storm, only annoying Sauron. Thor charged up to Sauron and broke his hand off, along with the ring. Darkred

Thor looked at the towering beast as it fell with a dense thud. Thor yelled in victory as he took the Mace of Sauron.


Expert's OpinionEdit

While Sauron possessed an immense amount of power with the one ring, and was in fact, smarter than Thor, the latter had god-like powers that even Sauron couldn't match up to. This allowed Thor to win without too much difficulty.

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Battle vs. Voldemort (by Oshbosh)Edit

No battle written


Expert's OpinionEdit

Sauron won due to having much greater endurance and magical prowess. While Voldemort had an advantage in agility, it wasn't enough to compensate for all his other disadvantages.

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Battle vs. Emperor Palpatine (by Sppople)Edit

Sauron walked across Mustafar. Soon he would conquer this place and use it to his will. Suddenly, he came across a man in a dark cloak with two Storm Troopers. The man in the cloak turned and saw Sauron. "Commander" he said to a Storm Trooper.  "We have company". The man in the cloak faced Sauron and called "I am Emperor Palpatine and you shall kneel before me." Sauron scoffed at Palpatine's demand.         "The Lord of the Rings bows to NO ONE!" Sauron shouted. Palpatine told the Storm Trooper to return to base as he looked back at Sauron. "And what makes you think you cannot be ruled by me" Palpatine said.   "I am Sauron the Accursed! Lord of Mordor! Enemy of Middle Earth! Weilder of the One Ring of Power! And You Shall Die At My Feet!"

Palpatine ran at Sauron with his lightsaber. Sauron swung his mace at Palpatine. Palpatine ducked under the strike and struck his lightsaber at Sauron, but Sauron blocked the strike with his Mace and struck at Palpatine with his Mace. Palpatine dodged and prepared to strike at Sauron again. But Sauron once again blocked the lightsaber and then kicked Palpatine to the ground. As Sauron prepared to strike a fatal blow with his Mace, Palpatine used the Force to send the Mace out of Sauron's hand. Palpatine sent Sauron flying back with the Force. When Sauron got up, Palpatine was dashing at him, ready to strike him with his lightsaber. Sauron grabbed Palpatine's lightsaber hand and then grabbed Palpatine by the neck and threw him to the floor. Sauron brought out a Mordor Blade and struck at Palpatine twice. Palpatine dodged the two strikes and, with his lightsaber, struck Sauron in the Soldier. But Sauron simply laughed to Palpatine's suprise. "Impossible!" Palpatine shouted. "You are just a human!" Sauron punched Palpatine in the face, sending him to the floor. "Am I?" Sauron said. Palpatine was now worried. Palpatine used the Force to reclaim his lightsaber and then struck Sauron with Sith Lightning. Sauron stumbled back, but was still standing. Sauron blasted Palpatine with Dark Magic. Palpatine fell back on the ground. Sauron grabbed his Mace and prepared to strike Palpatine with a final strike. But Palpatine struck the Mace in half, disarming Sauron. Palpatine then blasted Sauron with all of his Sith Lightning. Sauron fell down, but then got up. Then, Sauron used his Matter Control to disintergrate Palpatine's lightsaber and send Palpatine to the ground. Sauron brought out his Mordor blade. When Palpatine got to his feet, Sauron impaled Palpatine with his blade. Palpatine fell to the ground, dead, whilst Sauron continued to attack Mustafar.

Winner: Sauron

Expert's OpinionEdit

This fight was very close and both villains were similary matched. But although Palpatine's Force Mastery was extremely powerful, Sauron's Dark Magic could do things that the Force couldn't. Sauron's Matter Control and Alteration was also very useful as it was able to disarm Palpatine, making it far less likely to have the Ring chopped off. Even if Sauron couldn't destroy the lightsaber, Palpatine sith training would mean he would strike his opponents in more fatal places.

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Battle vs. Dominarian Wizard (by GSFB) Edit

Sauron vs Dominarian Wizard

19 moons ago... It took several months for the Nazgul to locate their prey, just off the shore of the river Isen on a midsummer night's eve. When they had initially spotted their target, a wizard of awesome power that, like Sauron, craved the ring of power, they drew out their swords and stabbed him, slashing with fury. Despite their best efforts, the wizard remained alive, and then dissappeared from their presence. The second time they encountered the wizard, he was not alone:

The warrior, an elf not native of the land of Middle earth, showed no fear as the Nazgul approached. "Away with thee, elfin, or thy own ears shall make for good ornaments of Mordor!" The Witch King, leader of the Nazgul, said. "My spear I shall not retract, my knives I shall not sheath; thy ruin shall be at my bare hands, oh son of the Lord of the Pit! Come to me, and I shall give your spirit to the depths of the Underworld." The Elven warrior shouted. The Nazgul, looking at each other, decided to charge. As they did so, the wizard behind the elf dissappated, as if made of fog. As the Nazgul closed in, they drew their swords. The elf pulled out three daggers and threw them, each hitting a Nazgul in the eye. As the spirits shrieked the elf jammed his spear into the ground, raising the blade. Before the withc king could turn his steed, the spear impaled it, sending the horse rising and shrieking. It crashed, its lifeforce quickly fading as had the wizard. The Elf pulled out his spear and was about to ram it through the witch King, another Nazgul drew close from behind and with a wave of his broadsword sent flying the elf's head. The battle was over, but the war had just begun. Over the next several days the Nazgul faced more and more foes not native to the realm Sauron so aspired to conquer, beings they had not imagined in their wildest dreams, beings that posed a considerable obstacle to their mission.

On the occasions where the Nazgul were not blocked by monsters, winged beasts or elven warriors, it seemed as if the woods themselves served as the wizard's shield.

Then, one day, as the Nazgul approached the Wizard once again, they found themselves surrounded by a powerful light from above. Soon the outer world dissappeared, and the Nazgul became filled with dread, a dread far worse than any they had caused mere mortals. They heard a sword drawn from a metallic sheath. Looking skywards, they saw a sight that caused them to tremor and cringe.

The Archangel flew down, and in one stroke sliced two Nazgul in half, sending their evil spirits rushing back to Mordor, filled with a searing pain. The other Nazgul tried to flee, but the Arcangel proved far too fast for that, flying down and striking them one by one. The Witch King raised his sword and summoned a wall of flame to protect himself, but the angel, laughing with a devilish smirk busted through the fire and cut the Nazgul Lord from head to right foot, and then slashing sideways with the force of a giant in her arms. In just under ten seconds, the Nazgul were salughtered, all their spiritual remains floating back to Mordor, where their report would trouble the brow of the Dark Lord Sauron...

9 moons ago...

Sauron, still fearing the growing power of the Dominarian Wizard, and recently hearing about Saruman being attacked by yet another wizard from that far away land, is preparing his forces for an early assault on Middle Earth. Though not at full strength, he hopes to achieve a quick victory over Minas Tirith, so that he can join up with Saruman's forces and together squash the Dominarians, stopping this invasion. As he writes down his plans and strategies on a basaltic boulder, he hears the Orc horns of Mordor. Battle Horns! As the Great eye looks about its empire, it quickly sees invaders: Mordor is under Attack! The Eye first glimpses Cirith Ungol, where the Orcs were crushed underfoot, in one mighty step, by a colossus the likes of which the Dark Lord had never glimpsed.

As the Golem roared in victory, Sauron turned and saw two more giants, assaulting Minas Morgul.

Both Brutes brought down the walls of the black Gate, though the Glass Golem was heavily damaged in the attempt. Fiery arrows and black magic assaulted both monsters, the former weapon doing little. The Stone Golem continued to hammer orc after orc after orc, before being overpowered by a horde of Olog-Hai special forces, and demolished by the Witch King's fire. The Glass Golem, unable to take the excesive damage from the magical attacks, shattered into a million pieces. Then a Great panic and horn signals to retreat caught Sauron's ear. As he turned, he saw yet another massive brute approaching his empire.

As Sauron watched with astonishment the colossus smashed the black gate, breaking it apart with its feet and fists. Countless Orcs and Trolls fell with the destruction, and the giant, unphased by the arrows, approached, heading towards Barad-dur. Sauron squinted. Speaking in Maiar tounge, he summoned a great lightning bolt of fire and bane, shatterined mountainsides around the great golem. As the brute looked around him he found a series of avalanches approaching. He could not move fast enough to dodge the debris, and in a titanic crash the golem found itself trapped amid tons upon tons of boulders and other debris. Then, as the golem looked at the eye, Sauron laughed. With anothe red bolt the Golem was decapitated. As Sauron turned to summon another bolt to destroy the Golem of Cirith Ungol, he saw yet another wonder approach, this time from the heavens.

Sauron sensed a powerful magic in this being; though it was not as strong as most of the golems sent so far, it had a deep power that threatened him. Not waiting for his Nazgul to mount their fell beasts, he transformed, from a giant fiery eye to a huge humanoid black cloud, bearing a crown similar in shape to that of Sauon's physical form. As the Angel pulled out its sword and pointed it to the Maiar Monster, Sauron grabbed it and, with a mighty roar, hurled the angel into the sarry void, safely away from the war, unable to use its more unusual capability to aid the Dominarian. As Sauron thundered, lighting spilling forth from its murky flesh, it turned, seeing that the Colossus that demolished Cirith Ungol had turned, striding back towards the west. Sauron had won a great victory, he knew. But he had to capitalize, or otherwise the vicory would mean nothing. He had to find the ring, he had to destroy the Dominarians. He had to avenge this strike. Turning back into a orange eye, he summoned his Orcish Generals, and called forth from the lands of Harad, Khand, Rhun, and the seas of the Corsair, ordering to pick up speed, to make it to his realm as soon as possible. Another Battle would take place.

3 moons ago...

Sauron bided his time, building up his forces and ordering repairs on the Black Gate and Minas Morgul. He also ordered Cirith Ungol to be rebuilt and remanned. However, despite his call to his allies, the trek to Mordor was proving more difficult than he surmised. Though Lord Denethor of Minas Tirith had long been mentally disturbed by Sauron's stare, the armies of Gondor had been gathered in full and deployed, sitting between the white city and Osgiliath. Ranger attacks on incoming Haradrim were growing more numerous and violent, and for some reason, the Corsairs and their warships never appeared.

Still, Sauron's forces of Mumakil war elephants had arrived in large numbers, and his orcish and troll legions combined numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Sensing that his forces were big enough, and no longer considering Minas Tirith his main prize or threat, in light of the assault upon his kingdom of Mordor, the Dark Lord ordered his armies to march to the realm of Rohan and Saruman, where the new Wizard recided. During this march the Dark Lord learned that his ally, Saruman, had been killed in battle by another Dominarian wizard, a witch of awesome powers who likewise sought his ring. Growing more worried, he ordered the Witch King to not stop until his army had attained the head of the other wizard, the more powerful one that had dared attack Minas Morgul and Morannon's black Gate, who dared to invade Modor. Yet when the Witch King arrived in Rohan to make war on the wizard, he found an army of vast numbers, beyond count. 12 giant Golems looked upon the armies of Mordor with humor, laughing at them as they approached. Of these constructs, there were 4 made of a dark steel:

4 more were made out of Blightsteel, with unusual lights circling around them, as if the lights, like the giants, were alive.

The last 4 were made out of platinum: though they were not as powerful as the other golems, they could still crush armies underfoot.

Along with these were 4 Akron Legionaires, the special forces of Dominaria who could fell armies by themselves, whose unknown magical capabilities gave them the ability to fell powerful angels demons and Djinn, warriors feared far and wide in the homeland of the Wizard, feared even by wizards themselves. Behind them all was a murky, vast, mist-like monstrosity, a elemental spirit of breathtaking powers with heads soaring miles above the earth;

Out of this mist roared two mighty hydras, beings that were so terrible to behold and so huge that they made the Hydra of Herakles seem like a shrimp.

Both Hydras were twice as strong as the Progenitus, though they could be felled by physical weapons and force.

The Wizard's army was joined by two other great legions: one consisting of the forces of Rohan, whom the Wizard had made an alliance with after the defeat of Saruman, and the other, coming up out of the unsteady south, was of Gondor. Indeed, it was the entire army of Gondor, lead by Lord Denethor, Steward of Gondor!

Formerly, Sauron had warped the mind of the Steward so that the defense of Gondor would be easier for his troops, making Minas Tirith an easier prize. Yet the Dark Lord's Power was overcome by that of the Dominarian Wizard, who used a powerul spell of his own to control and manipulate the mentality of the Steward.

The three armies gathered around the forth, which was about to panic and flee mindlessly when the Witch King signaled his Mount, an ancient fell beast, to rise. With a booming voice he said,

"Armies of the East! Orc, man and Troll! Harken unto my words! We are gathered in great numbers, to quell the freedom of Middle Earth, to put it under our yoke, under the rule and lordship of our beloved Sauron the Deciever! Let not our company collapse in fear, but rise to overcome our eminent danger! We are not made to panic, for our leader induces panic on the foolish, turning heroes into the most filthy, lowly of cowards! Perhaps this day the hearts of righteous men will fail, perhaps this shall be the day when those of the north will indeed turn upon each other, my friends. This day, this moment, shall be ours, today the spirit of the south and the east shall survive,  shall live on! Gather unto me, ye Orcs, Trolls and wicked men; let not the torch of Meklor be put out, let not the cals of Sauron grow silent, let not the age of the Orc die stillborn, oh children of the mighty east! Let us seize the day, and turn it into a immortal Night! For the Dark Lord! For Sauron!"

With magic coating his every word and sylable, the armies of Sauron charged in all directions. The Mumakils roared, heading towards the hydras and the Golems, while the Orcs and trolls made their way towards the men of Gondor, and the Haradrim and Riders of Rhun made full speed towards the oncoming Rohan hordes.

As a huge cloud, summoned by the Dark Lord, grew to cover all the sky, from horizon to horizon, the armies clashed!

The Rohirrim fell upon the men of Harad and Rhun like wolves upon lambs. Despite the ferocity of the wicked men the arrows, horses and spears of the Rohirrim could not be stopped. Soon the sounds of thousands of gutteral death cries filled the steppe, and the cacophony steadily grew louder, drawing the attention of wolves, buzzards and Giant Spiders in Murkwood.

The armies of Gondor did not fair so well; the Olog-Hair sent man and horse a'flight with their clubs and cut upwards of five men in half with each stroke of their scimitars. The Orcs fought bitterly, savagely, while the squeals of the Nine shook the Gondor troops, rendering them less able to fight than they normally would have. Warg and rider overcame Gondor Knights with finesse and skill not norally known to them. The footsteps of the Orcs shook the earth, causing the morale of Denethor's troops to fall even more. Yet by the end of the battle the troops of Gondor had prevailed, and all the fell beasts of the Nazgul were destroyed. The Nazgul retreated, save for their master, the Witch King of Angmar. He commenced a terrible slaughter of the Gondor ground forces by himself, using magics and sweaponry more savage than any of them had ever encountered before. Yet just as he was about to slay his 1800th opponent, a lance pierced his phantom head and cowl. The being collapsed in on itself, its spirit losing all power. A powerful blast followed, and as shreds of Nazgul clothing fell down where the witch kind had formerly stood, the woman warrior of Rohan, Aowyn, looked upon the remains of her enemy. Raising an eyebrow, she nodded, smirked, and then turned to find other survivors to kill.

While these battles were raging, the Mumakils, numbering 200, met the Golems, Akron legionaires and Hydras. The Golems caught the beasts in their mighty arms and eithe broke them or hammered their heads, bringing about thei collapse and death. Some of the Golems however were trampled, even destroyed, and the Mumakils made their way past them, into the monstrous Progenitus. Yet even this monster could not destroy many mumakils, felling only one or two as the herd charged on. The Akron Legionaires assaulted four Mumakils, slaying their human crews and then attacking the Mumakils themselves. They all went down, but the Legionaires, either by falling off the Mumakils when they collpapsed, or due to recieving countless arrows and javelins, fell alongside them. The Hydras together butchered about four or five, yet they two could not stop all of them, and though they survived their battles the other Mumakils ran past them, soon out of range of their heads.

Yet as the Wizard looked all but destroyed by the oncoming horde, he laughed; one Platinum Emperion survived, albiet badly damaged, and every platinum Empiron contained a enchantment, ensuring that the life of the one who controlled the golem was incapable of having his/her life increase or decrease by anu means, including by creature or spell (see card above)

And since the Wizard had long healed himself of the wounds that the Nazgul Lords had inflicted on him...

He did not worry about the Mumakils as they trampled him. Indeed, he laughed, for he had the idea of using his mind control spell on them, the same he had used on Denethor, after this battle. That is, after he summoned one more creature...

As the sun set over the steppes, 181 Mumakils and their crews were the last remnant of Sauron's legions. These had long abandoned the field of battle; defeat was quite obvious by now. The armies of Rohan, Gondor, and the Wizard survived, with all eyes now on the land of Mordor, where another eye, a large, fiery, slitted one, met their menacing gaze.


Today...  Sauron had thought all was lost when the Wizard defeated his forces. Though he had countless more legions of orcs and trolls in Mordor to defend him, he had underestimated the powers of this wizard, who now had Rohan in his left hand and Gondor in his right. His Nazgul Lords were once again rendered pitiful weak phantoms, his prize witch king felled by a woman! Yet in spite of his defeat, and in spite of the approaching horde, Sauron was feeling confident, now that the ring of power was found, and once again his own. The two hobbits that had entered Mordor where hunted by more than just Sauron's orcs. The Dominarian wizard had sent spies of his own to track them down and slaughter them.

As the combined threat of Orcs and Imps made the Hobbits grow edgy and careless, they eventually fell prey to the whims of the creature Gollum, who was himself caught by Black Uruks of Mordor. As rhe ring met the eye, the physical form of Sauron re-emerged, and with mace in hand, he felt he could devistate whatever the wizard would sent his way. Then, through the great volcanic cloud of Mordor, Avacyn arrived.

As this being flew down to battle with the Dark Lord, four others arrived with her, each of them a certain type of angel, called "Aegis": Sauron, trembling at the awesome spectacle of angels, tried to use his powers to stop their approach, but the wizard's power made sure this was not to be;

No matter how many times the Dark Lord tried to use his newly aquired powers, the wizard countered, with one spell after another, often many of different types yielding the exact same result. Sauron was about to unleash another magical attack when Avacyn struck him on the head with her spear, and the Angels around her struck him with their spears. With black lightning and a blood curdling scream he forced the Aegis angels and their spears off, and struck Avacyn with his Maiaric mace. The Angel, unfased by the attack, countered with her spear, severing his left arm. Thanking Morgoth that it was not his ring arm, Sauron increased his size, making himself look like a ambient humanoid stormcloud. He enveloped Avacyn, and the two dueled, splitting Mordor apart. The Orcs and Trolls of Mordor were assembled to see off the other monsters and animals arriving to aid Avacyn, but for some strange reason, both orcs and trolls suddenly started dying off.

Soon Mordor was covered in a massive tornado that altered between darkness and light, with savage lightning spilling everywhere. The stormcloud would have continued for months, causing enough havoc to send Mordor, Gondor and even Rohan into the deep, if the Progenitus had not arrived, sending its cavernous maws into the maelstrom;

A great explosion blotted out the sun, setting the clouds on fire. Mordor collapsed, mount doom shattered, and the ring of power lost to Sauron. Sauron's spirit, now not even capable of haunting a home, drifted away from the pit formerly known as Mordor, oblivious to its past, no longer sentient of mentality, a spirit beast without teeth or claw... As the Wizard watched, Avacyn flew down to him, covered in soot but otherwise unscathed by the battle and explosion. Sh walked to him, kneeled down, and presented him the prize of prizes.  "The Ring of Power, my Leige." Avacyn said. The Wizard grabbed the ring and put it on his index finger. As he raised it, studying it, a storm cloud instantly formed overhead, filling every Horizon with darkness, turning day into midnight. The Wizard chuckled, laughing at the evil tha desperately tried to influence him and yet impressed with the power he now possessed. He laughed darkly, saying,

"You may strengthen me, oh little thing, but you are not strong enough to control me, for I control YOU! Understand, subservient toad?"

The Ring whined, and a sqeaking, frightened voice came from it, along with a verbal quote of the black speech words engraved on it.

"Yes, my new master; Yes MY precious."


Expert's Opinion Edit

While Sauron is the most powerful Maiar with huge hordes of Orcs, Trolls, Uruk-Hais, 9 Nazgul lead by the Witch-King of Angmar and many corrupted men from Rhun, Harad and Umbar in his service and he also has the One Ring to enhance his power, all this pales in comparison to the Dominarian Wizard's godlike powers which he uses to create entire undead armies and many other unimaginable creatures which gives him an advantage over Sauron and his powers are also versatile enough to allow him to go toe to toe with a One Ring wearing Sauron.

Battle Vs Smaug (By Sppople)Edit

On the slopes of the Lonely Mountain of Erebor, Sauron stood alongside 10 Orcs. They had come to the Mountain to, not tust to steal it's gold, but to take over it and use it as a fortress. They walked into the Mountain down to the Great Treasure Horde, and there lay Smaug, a great Dragon that had control over the Mountain. Smaug was asleep in his treasure, so Sauron had an advantage of killing him in his sleep. "Master?" An Orc asked to Sauron in black speech. Sauron turned to him. "Attack him!" Sauron ordered. Without hesatation, all of the Orcs yelled and charged at the sleeping Smaug, Armed to the teeth. However, Smaug was awoke by the yells of the Orcs. Smaug got up and roared. "You dare challange me!" Smaug growled. "Orcs kill him!" Sauron yelled.

Smaug sent an Orc flying in a single swipe from his great bulking claws. Another Orc struck at his tough hide with a blade. "Die filth!" The Orc cursed. Smaug then struck the Orc with a crack of his tail. "Your blades cannot pierce me!" Smaug cackled. Two more shot arrows at Smaug, who shrugged them off of him. "And you're Morgul Arrows deliver little more than tickles!" Smaug informed, before grabbing one of the Archer Orcs with his mouth and throwing him into the other. The remaining six Orcs brought out their blades and charged. Smaug gave a sinister smerk. "And My breath is your death!" Smaug let out a powerful jet of fire from his jaws, straight at the Orcs. "Fire!" The Orcs cried out. The Fire hit them and killed them all. Smaug turned to Sauron and sneered. "And then there were two!" Smaug grinned. Sauron was not in the slightest nervous. He brought out his Great Mace and prepared for battle. "Your mine, you beast!" Sauron bellowed.

Smaug blasted a stream of Fire at Sauron. Sauron merely walked through it without pain to Smaug's astonishment. "You pester me!" Sauron arrogantly smerked. Sauron charged to Smaug, mace in his hand. Smaug charged with his sharp claws and strong tail and they met. Sauron struck Smaug with his mace, sending the fire drake across the Treasure Horde until he hit a strong Dwarven wall and fell down. Smaug grumbled to his feet. "You dare strike me!" Smaug boomed. Sauron then used telekenesis to smash Smaug into the top of the hall room. Sauron then used it to throw Smaug into another wall, before letting him drop. Hurt, but not mortally, Smaug got to his feet. "Alright" Smaug roared. "To the death!" Sauron ran at Smaug with his mace. But Smaug flew through the Hall with his strong wings and with his claw, he swiped Sauron, sending the Dark Lord sprawling across the Stony Floor. Smaug then struck Sauron with his tail, sending Sauron flying across the room into a wall. "My tail is as long as a tree is tall, and hit with a force more than a thunderbolt can bring" Smaug laughed. "Your Mace with a tough hit and control over objects and others without touch pales in comparison to my deathly breath, impenetrable hide and Hook like Claws! What else do you have to bring to this battle?" Sauron gave a villainous grin from inside his Helmet. "My Dark Sorcery!" Sauron replied, and without word, he blasted Dark spiritual energy at Smaug. Smaug was sent tumbling through the air, by the immense power of Sauron's Dark Magic. Smaug smashed through the wall and stone of the hall, landing outside of the Lonely Mountain of Erebor. Smaug got up as Sauron came out of the Mountain and faced Smaug. "You fool!" Sauron spoke. "Accept your defeat, Accept your Doom!".

Smaug took flight. Smaug flew towards Sauron, and chomped down on him with his giant jaws. Sauron screamed in pain. Smaug then flew up into the sky with Sauron in his jaws. With his Great Mace, Sauron smashed Smaug in the face twice, in attempt of having the Dragon open his mouth. Instead, Smaug crashed into the mountain yet continued to fly. Sauron struck once more, and Smaug growled in agony and pain. He threw Sauron into the Mountain where he hit the Stony slope and stumbled down it. Smaug them fell down and crashed into the Mountain, before falling to the Ground below.

After stumbling down the Mountain, Sauron got up and strolled to Smaug. Smaug got up. "Go on Lord Sauron" Smaug said to Sauron. "Show me your true power...and I shall show you mine!" Smaug blasted an incredibly powerful jet of fire, making Sauron merely stumble back. Smaug then smacked Sauron with his strong hand, sending the Dark Lord to the Floor. Sauron then struck Smaug in the face with his mace twice, before uppercutting him with his Mace, sending Smaug to the floor. Sauron then brought out a Black Arrow. Smaug wasn't too suprised. "You brought one?" Smaug said. "Indeed. You are Cunning, and a Master Planner. You would obviously be prepared." Sauron nodded. "We have alot in common, Dark Lord of Mordor" Smaug concidered. "How would you consider an alliance? I will take control of Erebor and it's riches, yet it is at the command of you and Mordor. I will fight for you, if you but leave me to keep my treasure and my riches, and bring me more riches from the kingdoms you conquer! I am the last Fire Drake of the Third Age. The Last Dragon of Middle Earth! You would benefit very promisingly, if you had me as your soldier! What say you my Lord Sauron the Cruel and Nameless Necromancer?" Sauron paused for half a minute, and then turned and said, "I say... Die!". Smaug growled. "So be it! If you will not be my ally...YOU WILL BURN!" Smaug opened his mouth to blast even more fire than before, but whilst it was open, Sauron threw his Black Arrow into Smaug's mouth and down his throat. Smaug screamed and gaged and coughed. "Bleed!" Sauron chuckled. Smaug then dropped to the ground like a stone. Smaug the Tyrannical, Smaug the Stupendous, Smaug the Last Great Dragon of Middle Earth...had fallen to the Dark Powers of Dark Lord Sauron.

Experts OpinionEdit

Despite Smaug's great size, strength and Durable hide, Sauron's Dark Magic, Powerful Weaponry and Great Intelligence ultimately triumphed over Smaug. Sauron was immune to Smaug's fire as Sauron has control over fire and had adapted to it. His Magic was too much for Smaug to battle and due to Sauron being a brilliant stratagist, and how powerful his Army and Realm is, it was very likely that Sauron would bring a Black Arrow if he was to face Smaug.

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Battle vs Diablo (by Deathblade 100) Edit


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