Your opponent today isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. More like just a tool, and probably asking for directions to the shed.
— Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell served in the army in Eritrea and Cuba, and is the leader of the group Ghost Recon. Their first mission was to battle the north Korean army who sank the SS Clarence E. Walsh. since then, He served in another Korean conflict and the Mexican civil war. In the year 2020, He was promoted to General.

Battle vs. Simon "Ghost" Riley (by Samurai234)Edit

In an abandoned city, Simon "Ghost" Riley and his teamate, Gary "Roach" Sanderson are standing outside a building and placing a Semtex sticky bomb on the wall near the door. Meanwhile, inside the building, Scott Mitchell and a Ghost Squad member are exiting the building after completing a mission there. The Ghost Squad opertive opens the door, but the Semtex bomb goes off, and kills the Ghost quad member. Scott sees Ghost and Roach and retreats to a safer distance and loads his PSG-1. He aims the rifle and blows a hole in Roach's head. Ghost grabs Roach's M14 and fires at scott, who quickly ducks back in the room. Scott grabs his FN-SCAR and fires at Ghost who retreats and grabs his ACR. Both warriors fire at each other, until they both run out of ammo. Scott pulls out his Bizon sub machine gun, and fires, hitting Ghost in his torso. Ghost grabs his MP5K and fires back, hitting Scott in his side. Reilizing this battle may get up close and personal, both decide to pull out thier pistols. Both distance each other as they fire, but Ghost lose scott and enter an abandoned restaurant to look for him. Unaware to him, Scott has him right where he wants him, and he throws a M67 grenade in the restaurant, blowing it up and killing Ghost. Scott pulls out a commicator, and radios evac.


Expert's OpinionEdit

Both Warriors were pretty even, and it could have gone either way. Scott won though, because being a captain, he was more experienced then the lieutenant, Ghost.

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