I am Shao Kahn, Conqueror of Worlds! You will taste no victory.
— Shao Kahn
It's official... you suck!
— Shao Kahn's Taunt

Shao Kahn is the main antagonist of the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise. He debuted in the second game, Mortal Kombat II as an announcer and the final enemy of the game. He is emperor of of Outworld, known for his godlike strength, extreme brutality and knowledge of black magic. Like his "right-hand man" Shang Tsung, Kahn he has the power to consume others' souls. He is represented as the embodiment of evil. In many respects, he resembles a large Asian warrior, and is well known amongst the roster of Mortal Kombat Kombatants for his godlike strength which rivals that of Raiden, the God of Thunder. Perhaps Shao Kahn’s greatest strength lies in his ability to work towards his goals with great tenacity and his ability to organize. However, his greatest weakness is his arrogance and overconfidence. Shao Kahn has often underestimated mankind, and therefore tried to conquer Earthrealm many times, with or without a queen (consort), to no success.

Battle vs. M. Bison (by Samurai234)Edit

M. Bison is walking across a temple resembling Earthrealm. Suddenly, he hears a growl. He turns and sees Shao Kahn, The emperor of darkness, starring at him. Bison yells, "Pyscho Cannon!" and releases a ball of Pyscho energy at Kahn. Kahn, however, puts up his emperor shield ad deflects the attack. He returns fire with a light arrow, which Bison barely avoids. Bison charges at Kahn, but is knocked off his feet when Kahn performs his Charging Spikes attack. He then picks Bison up and hurls him across the arena. Bison gets up and tries to punch Kahn, but Kahn's large size makes it hard for him get good blow. Kahn lands a hard punch and sends Bison flying. He runs in to finish Bison off, but Bison yells, "Pyscho Crusher!", and then charges his right hand with psycho power. He then surrounds himself with psycho energy while flying spinning towards Kan, and send the emperor flying. Bison yells "Scissor kick!" and kicks Kahn. He grabs Kahn, charges his hand with psycho energy, and Yells,"Kneel before my psycho energy!". However, Kahn Summons his wrath Hammer and smashes Bison on the head with the hammer. He then smashes Bison so hard with the Hammer, Bison goes flying, before landing on the ground with a loud thud. Kahn raises the hammer in the air and lets out a yell that echo throughout the Battlefield.

Winner: Shao Kahn

Expert's OpinionEdit

Bison's Pyscho energy proved to be a good macth for Kahn, but Kahn's larger size, and strenght is what won this battle.

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Battle vs. Ganondorf (by Codgod13)Edit

Shao Kahn walks into a courtyard in Hyrule; everything is burning. A young man in a green tunic is lying on his side in pain with a large gash in his thigh, while a girl tries to coaxe him up. Kahn smirks and continues walking. Earthrealm had been conquered. Now he had his sights fixed on a new land: Hyrule.

"So this must be Link," Kahn thought, "The greatest warrior fo this land. One less person to fight."

"Excuse me," Said a voice behind him, "Who are you?"

Ganondorf was in a very good mood. He had finally accomplished the goal of his life; ruling Hyrule. That fool Link wouldn't be getting up any time soon. Yet standing in front of him was a strange character. He looked very intimidating, with his armor and skull worn on his face. But it was no matter. If he was an ally, he would be a useful one. If he was an enemy, he would be broken.

"I am Shao Kahn," the stranger said, "The emporer of outworld. I have crushed empires and taken worlds in my hands. Now, I turn to this land. Stand beside me, and you will be given a gift of power that you have never known before. Oppose me, and you will be struck down by my iron fist."

Rage filled the Gerudian.

"You are an arrogant fool!" Ganondorf spat, "I worked all my life to defeat Link and have this place for me. Hyrule is mine to conquer and mine ALONE!"

With that, Ganondorf charged Kahn, but the emporer was ready. He blocked Ganondorf's strike and sent a huge blow to him across the face. Ganondorf flew backward and slammed into a castle wall, but simply rose in a fit of rage. Kahn merely laughed at his enemy.

"YOU WILL PAY!" Ganon yelled, and sent an energy blast at Kahn. Not expecting the blow, Kahn was throqn backward and landed on his face. Ganondorf charged in, but had to stop short to avoid the light arrow that had landed at his feet. Kahn rushed in, and the two conquerers began to trade blows, neither scoring a decent hit until the much larger and more powerful Kahn simply grabbed Ganondorf and slammed him into the floor, then stomped on his head. As the massive foot came down, Ganondorf grabbed and froze Kahn in a block of red ice.

Ganondorf rolled out from under his opponent and drew the executioners sword, and prepared for the final blow. As he did, Kahn broke free from the ice-much to Ganondorf's shock-and punched hin in the stomach, gasping Ganondorf to double over and lose his sword.

"How did he do that without red fire?" Ganondorf thought to himself.

However, as Ganondorf doubled over, Kahn unfortunetaly took the time to laugh at his opponent. Ganondorf didn't waste the oppurtunity, and grew to massive size as he transformed into beast Ganon. The huge monster gave off a roar, and Ganon swung his two swords at Kahn. Kahn leapt back, and summoned his wrath hammer from mid air. He yelled, and charged the beast directly. He dodged the first sword strike and shattered the blade of the second. As Ganon swung his sword down for a third strike, Kahn leapt onto his arm. The unintelligent monster just swung it's arm around, and Kahn let go and landed on the beast's huge head. Raising his hammer, Kahn gave a massive blow straight to Ganon's cranium. The monster was sent flying itno the dirt. When the smoke cleared, Ganon was once again Ganondorf, and he lay stunned with Kahn's foot on his head.

However, once again Kahn did not learn from his mistakes, and taunted Ganondorf again instead of dealing the fatal blow. Ganondorf takes advantage and roles away from under Kahn's foot, and slams him to the edge of a shallow cliff (conviently there for plot convinience). Ganondorf then grabs the execution sword and charges at Kahn. Kahn sees his opponent coming and simply steps aside, and Ganondorf slide soff the cliff. Shao Kahn laughs, and leaps off the cliff, landing next to Ganondorf. Kahn then sees Ganondorf, breathing hard with a bleeding chest, charging at him, full of rage. The two exchange vicious blows with their weapons. After 2 hours straight of this, Ganondorf finally gets lucky and manages to disarm Kahn. Kahn raises his fist for a huge blow, but Ganondorf plunges his sword into Kahn's exposed torso. The emporer falls to his knees, grapsing his stomach. Ganondorf quickly slashes the sword across Kahn's neck, and his head falls off.

Ganondorf raises his sword in victory, but it was a bad move. He had broken a rib in the fall, and as he does this the rib cracks into his lung. Ganondorf's eyes widen, and he passes out.

Nearby, the same young man in green limps toward his fallen enemy, sword in hand. Thanks to it's would-be conquerer, Hyurle would be saved once again.

WINNER: Ganondorf.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Ganondorf won due to a combination of superior magical power and being an overall better fighter. Ganon had mastery of dark magic that was far more devastating than that which was possessed by Shao Kahn, was significantly more skilled with his weapons, and had more real-world battlefield experience.

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Battle vs. Seth (by Lasifer)Edit

The Battle starts off with Baraka and Tarktan troops invading Seths base and reaching his office, Seth manages to take down Barkaka and his troops. But then a portal opens up and sucks Seth into Khans Koliseum. Shao Khan yells "Dont make me laugh, this is my oppenent!, He is not even worthy for my precence!" Seth then says "I am more than worthy." and Khan yells "We shall see mortal!" and the battle starts off.

Seth then uppercuts Shao Khan and lands a 4 hit combo on him. Khan falls down then Seth tries to stomp his face but Khan rolls out of the way. Khan then hits him with his hammer into air and crushes him back down. Khan pulls out his sword and tries to finish Seth off but Seth teleports behind Khan and uses his focus attack to tackle him. Khan punches Seth a couple of times in the face then Seth teleports behind him and fires 5 sonic booms at Khan, two of which miss. Khan tosses his Light Spear but misses. Khan tries to find it but it is covered in dirt so he couldnt. Khan kicks Seth on the ground and points at him and yells "Is that the best you got!" Seth grabs Khan's arm and swings him over shoulder. Seth tries killing Khan but Khan kicks him away and hits him with his Hammer. Khan notices a light in the dirt and picks up his light spear and thrpughs it at Seth. It pierces Seth in his Chest, he then pulls it out of his chest and acts like it was nothing. Khan then Pulls out his Sword and lashes 3 times in Seth's stomach. Seth then kicks Khan on the floor and picks up his sword and breaks the top of the blade off the sword. Khan grabs Seth's neck and slams him on the ground while Khan gets up and picks up the broken top part of his sword and jabs it in Seth's chest. He picks up Seth by the neck and shoots off Seth's Legs with his Explosive Balls. Seth, still alive, fires 3 sonic booms at Khan, in which 2 miss. Khan says "Its official, YOU SUCK!" and picks up the rest of Seth, throws him in the air, summons his Wrath Hammer and smashes Seth into pieces. Khan then picks up Seth's Head and yell, "FATAILTY!" and the Audience cheers.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why Shao Kahn won.

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Battle vs. Riptor (by Sport Shouting)Edit

Shao Kahn just finishes a meeting with Shang Tsung. Kahn walks about 50 yards before hearing a roar from Riptor. Riptor spits his firey acid as Kahn charges in. Kahn starts to consume the soul of Riptor before he bites Kahn's left shoulder. Kahn yells as a flurry of attacks comes in. Kahn recovers and blocks all the attacks to come before evading and doing a successful charging spikes attack. Riptor recovers. He whips his tail at the face of Shao Kahn. Kahn ducks and punches Riptor. Riptor is slightly in pain. Kahn gets a good light arrow throw at Riptor to make him woozy. As Kahn charges he stumbles. Riptor kicks Shao Kahn in the face and as Riptor charges he jumps to stomp on the neck of Shao Kahn. Kahn recovers and consumes the soul of Riptor.


Expert's OpinionEdit

What brought Khan the win in this battle was his experience overall combination of defense with offense. The Emperor's shield was able to defend him from Riptor's very close range attacks, considering he really only had one ranged attack. Khan's powers were also too great for the Riptor, especially the soul consuming power.

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Battle vs. Nightmare (by JWarrior89)Edit

At the top of the Tower of Remembrance, Shao Kahn stands triumphantly, Wrath Hammer slung over his shoulder. His defeated opponent drops to his knees, Soul Calibur clanging to the floor. Bruised and bloody, Siegfried looks up at Shao Kahn, a look of despair on his face.

"What... are you?" he asks.

"I am Shao Kahn, Konqueror of Worlds!" Kahn says, raising his hammer, "Your time has passed. Now is the dawn of my rule!"

With that, Kahn brings his hammer down, crushing Siefried's head, killing him instantly. As Siegfried's lifeless body slumps to the ground, Kahn turns around and walks to the edge of the Tower. Looking out across the landscape, he grins as he sees countless Tarkatans, Centaurs, and other Outworld forces as far as the eye could see. He was amused to see some warriors still fighting desperately against them: Mitsurugi decapitates a Tarkatan warrior with his katana, and turns to block a sneak attack from Baraka. Mileena bares her sharp teeth as she avoids a whip strike from Ivy, leaping at her with her sai aimed at her throat. Sophitia and Cassandra desperately try to fight back against Gorro, and Astaroth swings his axe in an attempt to strike Motaro. Their struggle was in vain, however; his forces were too numerous, and more were pouring in every second through his portals from Outworld. There was no one to save them this time; he had won Mortal Kombat, and Earthrealm was now rightfully his to conquer.

"At long last, after ages of being denied, Earthrealm is mine!" Kahn yells.

"Do not delude yourself, wretched fool!" a voice calls out from behind him. Kahn turns to see a warrior clad in demonic-looking blue armor, wielding an enormous red sword.

"Fool!? You dare mock me!? Do you know who I am!?" Kahn roars, tightening his grip on his Wrath Hammer.

"You are my final sacrifice!" Nightmare shouts. Raising Soul Edge, he charges at Shao Kahn, who in turn charges toward him. With a yell, Nightmare swings Soul Edge at Kahn, who ducks under the blade and uses Charging Spikes, slamming into Nightmare with his spiked shoulder-blades. Nightmare crashes to the ground, and Kahn leaps forward, swinging his hammer downward. Nightmare quickly rolls out of the way, Kahn's Wrath Hammer smashing a hole in the floor.

Nightmare leaps to his feet; with a yell, he thrusts Soul Edge forward, attempting to impale Kahn, who effortlessly steps to the side to avoid it.

"Is that your best!?" Kahn laughs, throwing his hammer at Nightmare, who raises Soul Edge in front of himself. Kahn's hammer collides with the cursed sword and is deflected, although Nightmare does stumble back a few feet.

"That's the best you can do?" Nightmare says, "How weak!" He charges at Shao Kahn, swinging Soul Edge. Moments before the blade connects, Kahn's hammer rematerializes in his hand. Blade and hammer collide with a ear-splitting clang. Both warriors continue to swing their weapons mercilessly, neither warrior managing to break through the other's defenses. With a yell, Kahn swings his hammer at Nightmare's legs, but Nightmare leaps back and uses Soul Wave; a short energy burst erupts around Nightmare, knocking Shao Kahn back. Nightmare then strikes out with Critical Edge; Kahn yells in pain as Soul Edge cleaves a large bloody gash down his chest.

"This is it!" Nightmare yells, raising Soul Edge. Before he can deliver the finishing blow, however, Kahn leaps forward, bringing his hammer down on Nightmare's head and knocking him to the ground. He then proceeds to grab Nightmare's arm and stomp on his head. He lifts Nightmare up by the arm, and headbutts him with such force that his helmet cracks. Nightmare is thrown to the ground, and lies motionless.

"Pathetic..." Kahn says, looking down at his opponent, "Is that all you got?"

Nightmare does not move.

Shao Kahn throws his head back, laughing.

"It's official..." he says, "You suck!"

A sudden noise makes him look down; Shao Kahn barely has time to register Nightmare back on his feet before he is struck with a vertical slash from Soul Edge, launching him into the air. Kahn yells in fear and shock as he flies over the edge of the tower; he continues to scream all the way down, before smashing into the ground below and exploding into a bloody pulp.

Several of the fighters below stop dead at the sight of Kahn's remains. They slowly look up toward the top of the tower, where Nightmare stands triumphantly.

"At last, the time has come!" He yells, raising Soul Edge towards the sky. The evil sword begins to glow red, illuminating everything around him. "This is the end!"

With a roar, demonic flames erupt from Soul Edge, spreading out in every direction, cascading down the sides of the tower. Upon reaching the ground below, they continue to spread, engulfing everything and everyone in their path. As the flames continue toward the horizon, Nightmare begins to laugh.

It was the end of all things...

Winner: Nightmare.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why nightmare won.

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Battle vs. Kratos (by Sppople)Edit

Shao Kahn walked through the Greek city, destroying all of the population. But suddenly, a mysterious figure knocked him to the ground. Shao Kahn looked up. "Who are You?!" The figure walked closer and revealed himself. "I am Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta! And you shall fall!"

Kratos punched Shao Kahn in the face, and then headbutted him and knocked him to the floor. As Kratos prepared to strike again, Shao Kahn kicked him back and then grabbed him by the neck, lifting him in the air and throwing him to the ground. Kratos tried to get up, but Shao Kahn pushed him back. Kratos brought out the Nemean Cestus. Shao Kahn ran at Kratos, but using the Nemean Cestus, Kratos punched him in the face sending him falling back. Shao Kahn got up, but Kratos, using the Nemean Cestus, punched him in the gut and then in the face again. Shao Kahn suddenly brought out the Wraith Hammer. As Kratos charged at Shao Kahn using the Boots of Hermes, Shao Kahn struck him down with the Wraith Hammer. The Nemean Cestus fell off Kratos' fists. Kratos brought out the Blades of Exile and with the chain, pulled the Wraith Hammer out of Shao Kahn's hand. Kratos brought out the Bow of Apollo and shot dozens of Fire Arrows at Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn used a Shield to reflect the shots back at Kratos. Kratos fell down. Shao Kahn then teleported behind Kratos and struck him with an energy weapon. Kratos didn't die but was hurt. Shao Kahn then blasted Kratos with a Fire Ball. Shao Kahn decided to end the fight by stealing Kratos' Soul. Kratos, however, resisted. "You have a powerful soul" Kratos said. "So why don't I rip it out of you?!" Kratos took out the Claws of Hades and struck Shao Kahn with them. Shao Kahn was strong enough to resist, but he fell back. Kratos struck Shao Kahn with the Claws of Hades again. Then, Kratos brought out the Sword of Olympus. Once Shao Kahn got to his feet, Kratos impaled him with the Sword of Olympus. Shao Kahn dropped to the ground, dead and Kratos yelled in victory.  

Winner: Kratos

Expert's OpinionEdit

Whilst Shao Kahn had far more powers and abilities, Kratos' Godly Weapons were too much for him. Not only was Kratos strong enough to protect his soul, but he was able to withstand many of Shao Kahn's attacks.

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