The Monk's skill is used to purge evil. No more and no less.
— Eric Chen, Kung Fu master-historian.

The Shaolin monks were Buddhists who lived in the Shaolin Monastery in China. In the Shaolin Monastery, where the Shaolin Monks lived, there were many expensive antiques. As a result, it attracted thieves, and sometimes armies. The Shaolin Monks began training in Kung Fu to defend themselves. Their Buddhist beliefs prevented the Shaolin Monks from ever being the aggressor in battle, however. The Shaolin faced discrimination in Maoist China when religion and relics were targeted by the government and Red Guard terrorists, but today the Shaolin are well respected. They still train in Kung Fu, but they do it for public entertainment.

Battle vs. Ninja (by KevlarNinja)Edit

Ninjas: Red Red Red

Shaolin Monks: Blue Blue Blue

Three Shalin Monks are walking through the woods, heading back home. Meanwhile, three ninjas see the weapons that monks have and think that it would be nice to take them. One of them throws a shuriken, but it misses, hitting a road sign and alerting the Monks to the ninjas. One of the ninjas covers for his teammate by shooting a blowgun dart and killing a monk. Blue

Two of the Ninjas come out of cover from the trees. One of the monks throws a Meteor Hammer, but the ninja he threw it at dodges it. One ninja tries to attack a monk with his Kusari-Fundo, but the monk raps it up with his whip chain. At the same time, the second ninja tries to knock the monk over with his Bo, but the monk defends himself with his wax wood staff. The Kusari-Fundo ninja pulls the whip chain monk close to him and slashes the monk on the cheek with his Nekote. The Monk answers back cutting off the ninjas head with his Twin Hooks. Red

Meanwhile the second ninja cuts the wax wood staff in half with his Ninjato. Just as he is about to stab with his sword, his head falls off. Red

The other monk cut off the ninja's head with his spade. They go down the trail, and the last ninja sneaks up behind the monks. He hits one over the head with his Shobo and tries to strangle the other monk with his torinawa. The monk returns the favor from before and stabs the ninja with his Emei Piercers. Red The monk thanks him and they walk away, saying a prayer for there fallen brother.

Expert's OpinionEdit

The monks won due to the superior martial training and dedication to fight. While the ninjas were able spies and were greatly stealthy, They were not greatly trained for combat. On the other hand, the Shaolin monks trained intensely for combat experiences.

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Battle vs. Gladiator (by Wassboss)Edit

A Shaolin monk is meditating is field. Suddenly a rock flies past his head. He opens his eyes and sees a figure standing in the distance. The figure charges at the monk who gets out his Meteor hammer and waits for him to come nearer. The figure throws another rock which the monks easily. The monk waits till the figure gets a little bit closer before throwing his meteor hammer.

The projectile bounces off the gladiator’s helmet as he charges at the monk. He pulls out his Sica and swings it at the monk who jumps out of the way. He pulls out his whip chain and strikes the gladiator in the chest leaving a small cut. The gladiator ignores the cut on his chest and swings the Sica, scraping the monks arm. The monk lassos the gladiator’s leg and pulls it from underneath him.

The gladiator is sent crashing to the floor and the monk swings at him again with the chain whip. The gladiator blocks with his shield and, reaching forward, yanks the chain pulling it out of the monk’s hands. He then gets up and tries to stab the monk but he jumps to the side and picks his staff up from where it was propped up against the fence.

He strikes the gladiator in the arm, causing him to drop the Sica and then smacks him in the face. However it bounces of the gladiator’s helmet who smiles and pulls out his trident. He thrusts forward at the monk who blocks with his staff. He strikes forward again but the gladiator blocks with his shield. He thrusts the trident forwards again and one of the prongs gets stuck in the staff.

The gladiator yanks back and pulls the staff out of the monk’s hands. He then pulls the staff off the trident and snaps it on his leg. The monk runs back to the temple to get his last weapon the twin hooks. He turns to see the gladiator entering the temple gates. He runs up to him and swings the hooks but they bounce off the gladiators shield. The monk hooks them both over the shield and pulls it out of his hands.

He then hooks the trident and snaps it with the bladed ends. He swings forward again leaving a gash in the gladiator’s stomach. The gladiator punches him in the face with the Cetus, cutting the monks lip and sending him stumbling back. While the monk is stunned the gladiator grabs the twin hooks and yanks them pulling them out of the monk’s hands and throws them away.

He puts on his scissor and the monk, who has recovered from the blow, takes out his Emei pinchers. The gladiator swings forward with the scissor but the monk jumps over it and stabs the pinchers down into the gladiators head. However his helmet stops the pinchers from penetrating the helmet. The gladiator punches the monk in the face sending him crashing to the ground. He then rams the scissor into the monk’s neck slicing his windpipe and killing him. The gladiator roars in victory and limps off to find help for his wounds.

WINNER: Gladiator

Expert's OpinionEdit

While the Shaolin Monk had better training, the Gladiator fought more often, keeping him in better shape and more practiced, and most of the monk’s weapons either did not do much damage, or were made for the purpose of defense.

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Battle vs. Viking (by Duncan322) Edit

A shaolin monk is meditating but he hears footsteps very close, he sees the noise and sees a viking trying to steal the temple, the shaolin monk uses the staff to defend his belongings, the viking uses his sword, the shaolin monk takes advantage the advantage of rank and hits him in his hand forcing his sword to drop, the Viking uses his shield to cover the attacks of the staff, but the Shaolin monk is much faster, the Viking uses his ax to defend himself hits the staff and breaks, the shaolin monk uses his guandao to disarm the viking, grabs his ax and throws it away so that the viking does not use it, the viking throws the spear to the same place of his ax, the shaolin monk does not understand this, the guandao crashes With the shield, and is trapped, the Viking runs for his weapons, the Shaolin monk uses his dao to go after the Viking and kill him, but the Viking takes advantage of the Shaolin monk goes to him and throws his spear giving him in the leg, the shaolin monk can not move, the viking uses his ax to strike the head of the shaolin monk, a lot of blood comes out of the Shaolin's head, the Viking takes the loot and thereby verifies his victory

Winner : Viking

Expert Opinion Edit

the viking's weapons were more effective except for the long range, but his armor moved the whole balance in his favor

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