One face is given to us by God. The other, we make ourselves.
— Skull-Man

Tatsuo was born into a rich family. His parents were scientists they created a protector for their son named Garo who could turn into a wolf, bat, crocodile monster. They were killed by his grandfather due to thinking Tatsuo was one of their creations. Garo saved him and gave him to the Kagura family who raised him. Years later still remembering what happened to his parents he became the Skull Man. He and Garo killed anyone responsible for his parents' death usually resulting in bystanders getting killed in the crossfire. He finally finds who killed his parents and learns he has a sister. His grandfather then set fire to the building resulting in their deaths. Years later Tatsuo and his sister somehow survived the fire. He now is finding allies to join him into finding out who is creating mutants.

(From Comic Book Database)

Battle vs. ShadowHawk (by MrPacheco101)Edit

Somewhere in Harlem…

A young woman is walking along the narrow alleyways. Her name is Saki Kirasaki, a twenty-eight year old Japanese immigrant from Otome seeking a new life in the Big Apple. She had a long and tireless day at work; waiting for tables at a local restaurant can be workout sometime. The woman hoped she would get off early today, but she seemed to forget that it was her day to close. Her apartment home was halfway across 130th street; it would’ve taken more than 30 minutes if she walked along the side, although she had the bright idea of taking a short cut along the alleyways.

The young woman looks around the cold and damp area, noticing the garbage lying across the wet pavement. Rats quickly scurry cross the young woman’s path, hoping to find a nice warm place to sleep in steel clad trashcans. Goosebumps ran across her arms. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to take the shortcut this time. She thought. I mean it is midnight…and most likely burglars would be out here at this time anyway. The idea of being robbed by a rugged, dirty looking mugger lingered about the lady’s mind.

Saki then shook her head in disbelief. “Get a hold of yourself Saki.” She said to herself. Suddenly, The young lady hears a faint sound. Seems to be footsteps.

Saki turns quickly turns around only to see a small piece of paper float along pass her. “Hello.” She said, nobody answers. The young woman takes a long deep breath.

“You’re just overacting” She said followed by a faint laughter.

Saki then continues to walk back home, as do the faint sound of footsteps. The footsteps slowly begin to grow louder. Saki turns around once more, only to see nothing behind her again.

“Is anybody out there?” She said, nobody answers. “If so then quit playing around. I can scream really loud.” Saki quickly turns around and continues forward. Soon the familiar footsteps continue as well.

Saki’s pace quickly become faster as the sound of footsteps suddenly begin to grow louder. Two large shadows suddenly engulf the woman’s shadow behind her. Someone or something was following her.

Saki knew something was there, the woman could feel a presence hovering around her…a dark presence. Only one option was on her mind.


In a large apartment complex- not too far from 130th street- a man opens his window to his 5th floor apartment room and looks out; His name is Paul Johnstone, a thirty-four year old African American Harlem native. As he looks over the nearly deserted street below him- vaguely lighten by the light poles- something catches Paul’s attention. A group of young black and latino males no older the 21 are seen walking along the sidewalk, mingling with one another. They all wore the same distinct color of navy blue in their attire, signifying their allegiance and loyalty to a certain gang in their neighborhood.

A red 91’ Corvette suddenly turns around the corner and slowly drives alongside the group of men. The gangsters took notice and turn their heads towards the direction of the car. The front side window slowly pulls down, revealing a young black male with a red cap underneath; His left cheek had several black tears tattooed under him. The man points his arm at the group of men, his hand gesturing a gun. He pulls on his index finger-mimicking a trigger pull- and lip sync two simple words.

Bang. Bang.

One of the gang members gave the man a nasty sneer and pulls up his white wife beater shirt, revealing a 9mm pistol stacked underneath his saggy blue jeans. The man gave them grin in response- as if he was not intimidated- and laughed before driving off.

Paul grips his hand angrily, balling them tightly into a fist. “Filthy punks.” He snorted. How dare they do these kinds of acts! The last thing his neighborhood needs is the lost of innocent lives through these random acts of violence. No matter, he’ll catch them in the act eventually. And they will all pay dearly.

Paul quickly retreats back to his apartment home and enters the bathroom. He opens up his medicine cabinet clinging on the wall, revealing several pill bottles all subscribed to him by his doctor for the dire condition he inhibits. He pulls one of them and pops it open. “Take 2 pills a day.” It said on the prescription, but who reads the directions anyway? Johnstone quickly takes out 6 pills and gobbles them up in mere seconds. He then turns the faucet on and gulps a handful of cold water into his mouth. Paul looks into the mirror for a brief moment, staring at the cold stern look reflecting on his facial features.

There will be no hindrance tonight. He thought. Not tonight.

Johnstone enters his bedroom and opens up his closet cabinet. A skin-tight black suit with a grey stripe in the middle is seen inside along with separated parts of a sleek metallic costume; a metallic bird-like mask with the earpiece curved upwards and narrow piercing red eyes is seen laying atop the board inside. Paul takes off his white t-shirt and puts on the sleek black-gray costume, the suit wraps tightly over the black man’s medium muscular build. He then starts to put the pieces of armor on one by one. First the gloves and boots, then arm and leg guards, followed by the chest plate and latching the grapple hook dispenser onto his right arm guard. He balls his left hand into a fist, causing four sets of razor sharp claws to retract.

The phone on Paul’s nightstand suddenly begins to ring, but is ignored by the already occupied man. It rang for a couple seconds until the voice message light brightens.

“Hi this is Paul Johnstone. I am not here at this moment, so please leave a message in case of an emergency and I’ll get to you as soon as I can. Bye.” The voice message ends as the following “If you like to leave a message, please leave it at the sound of the beep.” Voice came after.


There was brief moment of silence. “Paul…” A voice said, it seemed to be female. “Paul it’s me Christina.” The voice said again. “Listen I hope you’re not thinking about being ShadowHawk tonight. The doctor said you need some rest, the amount of energy your exerting is taking a toll on your body Paul as it is.” Christina sounds very worried about Paul’s health. “If you exert anymore I’m afraid you won’t be able to recover this time.” Paul stops for a brief moment and looks at his phone.

“Please just do me this one favor and not go. I’m getting re-“ Before she could finish her plead, Paul presses a button. Deleting the already recorded message.

“Sorry Christina, not this time.” He said. “Hope you can understand.” Paul then grabs the metallic mask still lying inside the cabinet and puts it on. The transformation is finally complete. As of now the man known as Paul Johnstone has ceased to exist, and only ShadowHawk remains: New York’s most wanted vigilante.

The masked man opens up his bedroom window and steps onto the ledge. ShadowHawk then jumps off the window ledge. In mid air, he vigilante raise up his left arm and shoots out his grappling hook, which latches onto the flagpole of another building. ShadowHawk begins to swing from building to building before landing atop of a rooftop ledge. The masked vigilante crouches down and looks at the cold, dark streets below him.

This city is mine. He thought.

And tonight…justice will be served.

*Huff * * huff * * huff *,

Saki is seen running frantically in the dark narrow alleyways, she’s been at this for quite awhile. Running through all the cranks and nooks there. Saki finds herself trapped in an endless maze; the young woman’s legs begin to feel wobbly, her breathing becomes raspier, and her long brown hair is all ruffed up.

In the midst of all the chaos, two shadowy figures stand atop of the rooftops above. Watching the young woman run around through the alleyways like a cat stalking a mouse in the kitchen; their eyes glow a bright yellow in the pale moonlight in midnight skies. Saki takes a left on the corner, hoping to find the escape she needed to get out this situation, only to find a giant concrete wall blocking her way; Saki stops dead in her tracks.

A dead end!? She thought. Just her luck.

Saki then hears the same familiar footsteps coming from behind.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The young woman turns around and slowly walks back. The footsteps start to become louder and more apparent. As she walks back, Saki finds herself touching the cold hard brick wall behind her. “Crap.” She said. “I’m trapped.”

Two shadowy figures then appear before her.

Saki’s heartbeat suddenly grows faster. As the two figures step into the moonlight, their outer appearance becomes more apparent. Saki’s eyes widened.

“Oh no…”

The two figures had the appearance of an anamorphic wolf like creature with dark blue colored fur with a black patch in the middle of their chests. They both have three golden colored cat-like eyes and a long stripe of red ruffled up hair running along their backside. One of them gave the young woman a sinister snarl, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth.

A cold chill ran down Saki’s spine. She knew who these creatures were. How did they find me? Saki pondered. She could’ve sworn she wiped her entire history before she moved here in the US, so they can never find her. But here they are, standing right in front of her.

One of the creatures takes a step forward. The young woman’s body begins to shake slightly. “S-stay back.” She said, shaken. The wolf creature still continues walking towards her with the other following suit. Saki grabs a hold of the necklace dangling around her neck, gripping tightly onto the strangely winged shape locket clipped on it. She takes a deep breath and lets out a loud scream.

“HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hmm?” ShadowHawk hears a faint scream coming from the alleyways in the neighborhood below. Trouble… He predicted. Hawk then shoots out his grappling hook and swings towards the direction of the scream.

Saki slumps down onto the ground, still gripping tightly on the necklace. Tears begin to form around her brown eyes. A shadow then looms over her. Saki looks up and sees the wolf creature standing before her (The other is standing right behind his companion).

“Please…” Saki said, tears polling from her eyes. “Let me live.” She pleaded. The wolf creature stares at the pleading woman briefly before giving a nasty look. Realizing there’s no hope for her Saki lower her head, places the locket against her forehead, and begins to pray. The wolf creature retracts his claws and raises his right arm up in the air, preparing to lay the final blow.

Schwing. Schwing Schwing.

The wolf creature suddenly feels a sharp pain in his right arm. “Ghk!” The creature pulls his arm back; several sharp curved objects are seen embedded in the monster’s arm. Blood begins to seep from the wounds.


The creature then hears a loud scream coming from above. The monster turns his head around and suddenly something slams into his face.

ShadowHawk lunges towards the wolf creature in mid-air and slams his booted feet square in the monster’s canine face. The creature is sent flying into the trash cans line against the wall. Saki and the other creature’s eyes widen shocked. The masked vigilante then lands onto his own two feet, he then turns his head around towards the other wolf creature and gives a sinister stare.

“Your fight is with me!”

The other wolf creature lets out a low growl and retracts its claws in response; the creature charges towards the masked vigilante and takes a swipe at him, but ShadowHawk ducks down and dodges the attack the last moment. Hawk quickly counters by landing a right cross into the monster’s cheeks, causing it to stagger back. The masked vigilante follows the attack with an uppercut in the monster’s chin, causing the creature to grunt in pain. ShadowHawk finishes by landing a hard front kick into the wolf creature’s chest. Knocking the monster into the ground.

“Damn freak!” Hawk mutteres under his breath.


One of the wolf creatures suddenly gets behind ShadowHawk and grabs him with both arms, catching the masked vigilante by surprised. The creature starts to squeeze his opponent within his tight hold.

“Hngh!” Hawk groans painfully, feeling his entire abdomen slowly being crushed. ShadowHawk tries to wiggle himself free from his nemesis grasp, only to have his opponent tighten his grip over him even more.

Must…escape. With a couple of tries, ShadowHawk manages to get his left arm free from the monster’s grasp. He turns his head to face his opponent behind him. “Let…” He raises his arm up in the air. “Go!” ShadowHawk then swings his elbow straight into the monsters face, knocking his head back. Left with a sting, the wolf creature shakes his head for a brief moment and continues to keep his firm hold on the vigilante.

“Last time I’m saying this.” ShadowHawk places his hand in front of the wolf creature’s face. “Let…go!” He then digs his middle finger into the monster’s third eye located on its forehead. The creature lets out a loud shrill and suddenly lets go of the vigilante. ShadowHawk kicks back against the creature’s chest and jumps up into the air, before landing back on the ground.

The wolf creature grabs a hold of its face and starts to writher in pain for a brief moment. The creature turns his head and give’s Hawk a deathly glare with its two unharmed eyes, it then pulls out the metal shurikens from his other arm. The other wolf creature gets up off the ground and stands next to its wounded comrade. They both stare at the vicious vigilante standing before them. There golden cat like eyes widen with pure bloodlust. Their lips a curled up, revealing their rows of sharp teeth at the enemy.

What the hell are these things? Hawk pondered. He never saw these…monsters in his streets before. Where did they even come from? It matters not though; these creatures try to attack an innocent bystander. And for that they must pay for their insolence.

“Come get some.” He said, taunting them.

One of the wolf creatures let out a loud roar and charges at the masked vigilante. The canine beast takes a swipe at him with its’ sharp claws, but ShadowHawk quickly steps back dodging it. Hawk then retracts his sharp metal claws and slashes the canine monster in the chest, blood spraying from the beast’s deep cuts in his chest. The wolf monster lets out a high yelp and quickly backhands the dark hero in the face in response.

“Ooff!” ShadowHawk is sent flying through the hunks of garbage lying in the ground. The masked hero quickly recovers and begins to get up. “That’s quite a wallop.” Hawk groaned. “Rwhhoooooooo” The wolf creature let’s out a loud howl and charges straights towards the recovering hero. ShadowHawk looks up and sees the wild beast heading straight towards him. The canine beast opens its jaws wide open, ready to rip its opponent throat with its sharp fangs.

“Not this time.” ShadowHawk quickly grabs a hold of the garbage can lid next to him. As the wolf beast approaches him, Hawk quickly slams the lid into the creature’s face; Blood spewed from beat’s lips. Hawk slams the lid into the monster’s face again and again. The masked vigilante finishes off the brutal smackdown by slamming the lid straight into the monster’s forehead, sending the beast crashing into the concrete floor face first. The canine beast laid their unconscious, its face all pummeled up and bruised.

“One down…”

“Grooooooow” A howl bellowed from above. “Hmm.” ShadowHawk looks up and sees the other wolf creature in mid-air. The canine monster raises his arm up in the air, forming its hand into a spear like gesture to strike down the masked vigilante below. “One more to go.” ShadowHawk quickly rolls out of the way, causing the beast to strike the ground below on impact instead. Hawk recovers back onto his feet and stares at the enemy before him. The canine beast lets out a bloodlust growl.

Feisty bastard. The vigilante thought. No matter. ShadowHawk aims his right arm at the wolf beast and fires the grappling hook from his dispenser. The tip from the hook quickly expands and loops around the monster’s legs. “Ghh?” The wolf beast looks down and finds his leg wrapped up. ShadowHawk suddenly yanks on the grapple hook, causing the beast to trip, catching the monster off guard; the creature crashes into the ground with a loud thud. Time to end this. ShadowHawk jumps onto the fallen beat, slamming his feet into the beast’s shoulders on impact. He then raises his arm up in the air and begins to savagely beat the creature’s face in repeatedly.

“Please do me a favor…”

* Slam * ”Like your friend over there…” * Slam * “And…” * Slam * “Just…” * Slam * “Stay…” * Slam *


Hawk lays the final blow into the creature’s forehead. The masked vigilante could feel the bones crack as his fist impacted on point. The wolf creature’s head slings back hard into the ground due to the large force exerted in the vigilante’s vicious final blow. The vigilante takes a couple of deep breathes, his chest heaves up and down as he does so. His fists were covered in red. ShadowHawk starts to feel a slight dizziness coming on, but quickly shakes it off. No…He thought to himself. Not now.

Looking down Hawk sees the wolf creature lying there, still breathing. Blood begins to seep from the beast’s forehead; its middle eye was swollen shut and its nose was slightly broken, making hard to breath with its nostril. ShadowHawk turns his head to the left and sees the other wolf creature lying on the floor, wounded and unconscious. “Hmm?” The vigilante hears a whimper coming behind him. He turns his head back and sees Saki crouched down on the floor, shaking in fear. Hawk then turns back at the unconscious wolf creatures.

“I’ll deal with you two later.” He said and walks off.

Saki looks up and sees the masked vigilante walking towards her. “S-stay back.” She said. ShadowHawk stops midway as he heard her plead. “ Don’t be afraid ma’am.” He said in a reassuring voice. “ I wish you no harm.” Hawk slowly takes a step forward. Noticing the hero’s movement, the brown haired girl points her necklace at him. “I-I’m w-warning you.” She said.

“I’m not trying to hurt you.” He replied. “ I’m trying to find out if you’re okay.” Hawk takes another step foreward. That was the last straw, without warning Saki pulls off her strange locket with one swipe. There was a moment of silence between the two figures, not knowing what to do next. Suddenly Saki’s eye widen for some unknown reason.


She suddenly puts her head down and clutches her stomach in pain. “What the!?” ShadowHawk rushes towards the ailing girl. “Hey…” He crouches down next to her. “Are you okay?” Hawk asked. The girl groans painfully in response. The masked vigilante was in a shock; he didn’t know what was wrong with her. Was she pregnant? Did she have severe medical condition? What? “We need to take you to the hospital.” Hawk tries to take a hold of Saki, but the girl slaps the vigilante’s hands away, to the hero’s surprise. “Get…” She drifted, a low, growling tone behind is heard through her voice. “Away!” Saki lifts up here head, revealing two reptilian like red eyes. Veins popped all through her face.

“Whoa.” ShdaowHawk takes a few steps away from the girl. The hell is goin on?

Saki lifts her self up with her two feet. Her body suddenly begins to expand enormously, ripping through her black coat. The girl’s smooth pale white skin begins to tear apart, Revealing a rough texture scaly green hide behind, sharp spear-like fins form along the girs spinal colum. Her nostril and jaws begin to expand, forming into something very...reptelian; the girl’s nails popped right, revealing a new set of razor sharps claws.A tailbone suddenly pops out of her backside, slowly forming into a long slender tail. ShadowHawk eyes widened in horror.


The girl’s sheathed human skin plops into the concrete pavement. Saki Kirasaki was no more. What came from her human remains; stood a large grotesque reptilian beast standing on its hind legs. Its skin was all scaly and green. Spear-like scales ran from it backside all the through the tip of the lizard's long slender tail. The beast let’s out a loud roar, showing its rows of sharp teeth.

Jesus Christ. ShadowHawk is in a sudden state of shock. At first he was rescuing a bystander from trouble to being be thrown into some messed horror B-movie. The beat takes a step forward and lets out a roar, showing its rows of sharp teeth and long tongue waging around. Hawk takes a step back

“What the hell is going on?”

He retracts his sharp claws and gets into a battle stance. Innocent girl or not, this monster meant business and Hawk isn’t going to take his chances. The lizard beast raises its arm up in the air and retracted its sharp claws.


A small object flies into the air at remarkable speed, piercing the lizard monster’s left shoulder and coming out the other end. The beast lets out a loud yelp as the object enters its tender flesh and holds its shoulder in pain. “Huh?” ShadowHawk said in a surprised tone. The vigilante turns his head around to see where the flying object came from.

The moonlight then shines upon a lone male figure standing atop of the rooftop in the midnight hour. The figure appeared to be dressed in all black, wearing a long black trench coat, black gloves, boots, skin-tight pants, and a white scarf around his neck. A white skull-like helmet with large red eyes appeared over the man’s head. His name and legend spreads fear into the hearts of other. Those who see his face are bear with the inescapable mark of death.

The Skull-Man.

The masked figure jumps off on top of the rooftop- the end of his trench coat flapping in the midnight sky like a set of wings- and lands on the ground in his own two feet. He then lifts his head up and stares at the two, his eyes glowing crimson red.

Who is that? ShadowHawk wondered. Like the wolf creatures he defeated he never seen this guy before too, though the question remains still. Is he an ally or an enemy? The lizard creature hisses at the Skull-Man, causing ShadowHawk to turn his head back to the creature. Skull-Man stood there silently. He then reaches into his trench coat and pulls a strangely shaped gun. The lizard lets out another hiss and turns to face the concrete wall. The creature then jumps up into the air and begins to climb up to the rooftop.

“Is it…running away?” ShadowHawk said to himself.

The masked vigilante begins to hear groaning noise “Hmm?” ShadowHawk turns his head to see where the noise is coming from. The wolf creatures start to get up from the cold concrete ground. “Shit.” Hawk mutters. Both monsters turn their head and see the masked vigilante standing there; they let out a low growl. Not again… ShadowHawk gets into his battle stance once more.

“停止!” Skull-Man yells out in a Japanese dialect.

ShadowHawk and the wolf creatures all turn their heads towards the masked figure’s direction. Skull-Man stood there silently for a moment before opening his mouth to speak. “Tetsuro. Reina.” He said.

Tetsuro? Reina? ShadowHawk thought. He turns his head to the wolf creatures. Both canine beasts lift their head as their names are called. Wait…do they work for this guy? Hawk wondered.

“この人間と時間の無駄何をしているのか??” Skull Man said in a slight anger tone. “彼女が離れて取得する前に一度彼女を取得します.” He ordered.

Both wolf creatures nod their heads and turn around to the lizard creature’s directon;they both jump high up into the air and run into the distance. They…left. ShadowHawk is left to ponder about the events that happened tonight.

The masked vigilante came in to save a distressed woman from being attacked by the wolf monsters. Only to have the woman he tried to save turn into a hideous monster and attempted to attack him in response. Then get saved by a man wearing a skull mask, who seems to have control of the wolf creatures that attacked him before. The entire situation leaves Hawk in a confused state and wanting answers.

What were those monsters back there? Why did the girl suddenly transform into a hideous monster in the blink of an eye. Who is this skull guy? And what’s his connection to all this?

The masked vigilante turns his head towards Skull-Man’s direction. If he’s going to get the answers he wants. This man will have them. This…Skull-Man.

“Listen…” Hawk began. “I don’t know who you are nor do I care. All I know is I’ve been through one hell of a night. More than I can bargain. Though it came to me that you have some involvement in this god-forsaken mess.” He points his finger at the masked man. “So either you’re going to give me it to me straight or am I going to beat the information out of you?” He said in a serious tone.

Skull-Man merely stood there. “How disappointing.” He said in semi-thick accent.

“So it seems you know English. Good.” Hawk replied.

“ We could’ve keep her contained and finish the wretched beast, but you had to intervene at the last minute.” The Skull-Man said.

ShadowHawk responded. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

Skull-Man stood there, not saying a word.

“Answer me!” The vigilante demanded.

The masked figure sighs. “No matter.” He said. “This entire situation shall be buried in secrecy…” Skull-Man suddenly aims his gun at the masked vigilante. “With your life!” He then pulls the trigger.

“Huh?” A bullet burst out of the barrel at high speed hitting the masked vigilante in the head; the bullet bounces off of ShadowHawk’s helmet, but the force of the impact knocks the dark hero into the ground. “Uggggh.” ShadowHawk groans as he slowly lifts himself off the ground. Guess he already found his answer. Hawk shakes his head to get the dizziness away.

Skull-Man has a confused look in his face and looks at his gun. This should’ve killed him instantly. No matter, another one will do. Skull-Man aims his gun at the vigilante and pulls the trigger. ShadowHawk notices the masked figure fire his gun. Not again. Hawk rolls out of the way, causing the bullet to hit thin air. ShadowHawk reaches into his utility belt and pulls out several curved shurikens. Two can play at that. ShadowHawk thought. He then throws the shuriken blades at the Skull-Man.

“Geh!” The skull figure is caught by surprised when one of the shuriken hits his wrist, knocking the gun out of his hand. He looks up and sees the other curved shurikens coming straight at him. Skull-Man crosses his arms together over his face. The jagged blades pass by the masked figure, cutting through and leaving large gashes on his trench coat. ShadowHawk charges at the Skull-Man when he’s off guard and jumps up into the air. Hawk then tries to land skyward kick at the unexpected masked man. Skull-Man looks up in the air and spots the masked vigilante preparing the land a kick in the air. “Hmph.” Skull-Man quickly steps back at the last minute, causing ShadowHawk to hit the ground instead. Hawk quickly recovers and gets into his fighting stance. The two warriors begin to stare at one another, their red eyes staring down the other.

“It seems I have underestimated your abilities.” Skull-Man said.

“You think?” ShadowHawk snarky replied. “Hell, I didn’t even think I’ll be dragged into this horror show.” Hawk retorted. “ In the end of it all I was left with a f—k ton question I demand to be answer, and it seems you have the most knowledge on what happened here.” The masked vigilante points his finger at the skull figure.

“Hmph. It’s hopeless to get answers. They’ll leave you to nowhere.” Skull-Man replied coldly. ”In fact…” He then pulls two miniatures like spears out from the side in each hand. The mask figured then combines both ends and twists them together, forming some kind of double-sided spear. “ This entire incident shall be buried…” Skull-Man twirls the spear-like weapon around a couple of times before pointing it at the masked vigilante. “ In your grave.”

“Hmmp…We’ll see about that skull face.” ShadowHawk replied, retracting his sharp claws in the process. ”Graaaaaagggh” Hawk then charges straight towards the Skull-Man. “Hmph.” The masked figure follows heed and charges at the masked vigilante himself, but suddenly jumps high up into the air. Catching the dark hero off guard. Skull-Man then spins rapidly in the air before suddenly thrusting his spear downwards at the vigilante; Shadow Hawk dodges the attack by stepping to the side, causing the spear to stab the concrete below.

“Grah!” Hawk counters by slashing the skull figure in the face, but The Skull-Man blocks the attack pulling his spear out of the ground midway before contact. “Hmph.” Skull-Man pushes the vigilante back and slams the side of the spear into the vigilante’s abdomen. “Ngh.” ShadowHawk groans in pain. The masked figure quickly follows the attack by pulling the spear far back and thrusting it into Hawk’s head, ripping through part of the vigilante’s mask and leaving a gash in his left cheek.

“Gah!” Hawk screams in pain.

He then staggers backs and brings his hand over his masked face. A smirk appears on The Skull-Man’s face. He then rushes towards the wounded warrior and tries to stab him in the head once more. Shit! Noticing the oncoming attack, ShadowHawk quickly moves his head to the side. “Hmph.” Skull-Man pulls the spear back and thrust it at the vigilante once more, but ShadowHawk dodges the attack again. The skull figured then starts to thrust his spear multiple times at high speeds, with ShadowHawk dodging the attacks every time. Skull-Man pulls the spear back again and starts to twirl it around a couple of times before slamming it against ShadowHawk’s legs, tripping the masked vigilante in the process. “Hngh.” Hawk feels a sharp pain in his legs and immediately falls down on the ground. ShadowHawk tries to get up off the ground, but is pushed back down by Skull-Man’s black boot. The masked figure raises his weapon up in the air. “This is the end.” He said coldly and thrusts his spear downwards. ShadowHawk catches the spear with both hands, stopping the attack midway.

“Hmm?” Skull-Man is caught off guard when the masked vigilante catches his attack instead, but continues to push his spear further despite the dark hero’s resistance. The two warriors are then locked in a deep struggle of life and death. ShadowHawk tries to push the spear away from his face, only to have The Skull-Man push the lethal weapon forward with much greater efficiency.

Such…strength. ShadowHawk thought. Despite putting up a strong resistance, the spear’s tip is mere inches away from the vigilante’s face. “Give up.” Skull-Man said softly as he pushes the spear further with little effort. The spear slowly comes towards the dark hero’s face. ShadowHawk red eyes start to widen. “No!” In a flash of a second, ShadowHawk suddenly breaks the skull figure’s spear in two.

“What!?” The Skull-Man’s eyes widen in shocked as his prized weapon breaks in front of his him.

Taking advantage of the moment, ShadowHawk frees one of his feet and kicks the masked figure in his stomach, causing him to stagger back. Hawk then flips himself back up with the other part of spear still in hand; the masked vigilante feels a slight strain in his arms and back. No! Hawk thought, shaking his head. Can’t show any weakness. The masked hero ignores the strains, forcibly trying not to show any fatigue.

“You show quite to be a resilient man.” Skull-Man commented, he then twirl his remains of his double sided spear and grab it with the sharp tip pointed downward. “Forcing me to fight at my max strength this time.” He then rips his trench coat off, revealing a sleek, padded black armored suit underneath.

That armor…ShadowHawk thought. The Skull-Man’s sleek and smooth armored suit tells the masked vigilante that this mysterious figure is backed up someone of wealth. Could it be…Vendetta? Vendetta is the reigning crime czar of New York, Hawk speculates that this entire incident could be one of her undoing, and this Skull-Man might be one of her goons.

“You work for Vendetta don’t you?” ShadowHawk said bluntly.

“Vendetta?” Skull-Man said, turning his head to side in confusion.

“Don’t play dumb.” Hawk said agitated. “An armor like yours could only be one of her creations. And it seems you were the lucky winner.” He explained.

“The origin of my armor is none of your concerns, but I assure you there was or is no Vendetta involved.” It’s only here to serve one single purpose.

What purpose is that?” ShadowHawk responded snarly.

“ A purpose that is no concern of pitiless mortal likes you.” The Skull-Man replied coldly. “Now prepare to enter God’s gate mortal.”

Pitless mortal? The masked vigilante thought. ShadowHawk has now had enough of this ridiculous riddle. “Enough…Of…This…Bullsh-t!” Hawk raises his arm up and throws the spear end at great speed towards his skeletal foe.

“Hmm?” Skull-Man sees the homecoming projectile coming straight at him. He quickly reaches behind with his left hand and pulls out a small object with red ruby like object in the middle. The masked figure then pushes the ruby like object, causing the object to suddenly transform into a large broad-like sword. “Ha!” As the spear end is mere inches away from his face, Skull-Man swings his sword downwards, cutting the spear-end in half in the process. The remains then fall onto the ground behind the masked figure.

Damn… Hawk thought, amazed at the skull figure’s cutting prowess. Skull-Man stares at the masked vigilante fiercely and charges straight at him, sword and spear in hand. “I don’t think so!” ShadowHawk pulls out several curved shurikens from his utility belt and throws them at the charging stallion. “Hmph!” As the shurikens fly straight towards him, The Skull-Man quickly cuts them down in the air with suck swift motion without loosing a beat. He then jumps up high into the air and does a triple front flip. Up there! ShadowHawk lifts his head up in the air, prepared to counter his nemesis ariel attack. Suddenly, The Skull-Man disappears in mid-air.

“What!?” ShadowHawk eyes widened in surprise as he sees the masked figure phase out of existence in front of his eyes. He disappeared! The masked hero turns his head from side to side, there’s no way a person can disappear from a cramp space like this.


“Ngh!” Hawk feels a sharp pain hit his left shoulder like hammering jackhammer. The masked hero turned his head to the side and his eyes suddenly widen in shock. The Skull-Man is seen slamming his leg hard against the vigilante’s shoulder. How? ShadowHawk wondered. Skull-Man then disappears in a flash once again. Hawk then stumbles forward, having all the pressure finally let loose. “Huh?” Hawk looks up and seeing The Skull-Man reappear in front of him in a quick second. How is he that fast? ShadowHawk wondered.

“Uwhooooo!” The Skull-Man quickly charges at the masked vigilante once more. “Graaaaaaah!” ShadowHawk then follows suit and charges forward also. As Hawk’s skeletal foe draws near, he raises his razor sharp claws in the air in preparation. Then out of the blue, The Skull-Man suddenly rolls pass the charging warrior and lands right behind him. What?! ShadowHawk quickly turns around, but it’s too late. The moment the vigilante turns around, The Skull-Man thrusts his spears end into the masked hero’s left side and let’s go. The spear pierces through his lower abdomen.

“Guh!” ShadowHawk feels a sharp pain in his lower abdomen, he then looks down and sees the spear stuck into his stomach. “Shit!” Hawk stumbles backward at the side. The masked vigilante looks up and finds the skeletal foe missing again. Not again. ShadowHawk thought. “Haaaaaah!” Suddenly, The Skull-Man appears behind the masked vigilante in mid-air. Preparing to swing down his sword into his unsuspecting foe.

“Hmm?” ShadowHawk notices the Skull-Man oncoming attack and turns around, blocking the attack with his razor claws at the last moment. Hawk then pushes against the skull-figure, causing him to slide back. ShadowHawk grabs a hold of the spear embedded in his stomach and begins to pull. “Nggh.” Hawk could feel a hot-burning sensation each time he pulled the spear slowly inch by inch until finally…it was out. “Ghuh!” The masked hero throws the sear end hard into the ground, blood pooling slowly from the wound.

“I commend you for your resilient mortal, never have I seen a man with such…determination like yours.” The Skull-Man complimented. “Too bad it is wasted on your desperate grasp on life.”

The words pass through ShadowHawk’s ears like a cool summer breeze. He didn’t give too f—ks about what this creep has to say about him, in fact the only thing this hero wants to see is this Skull-Man person head smashed against the cold brick wall like an egg. “You sure are confident about winning this outcome.” ShadowHawk said.

“Confidence has nothing to do with this.” Skull-Man replied. “Your demise was already set before this fight even began.”

“We’ll see about that.” Hawk said back.

The Skull-Man charges forward and swing his blade at his vigilante foe. ShadowHawk blocks the attack mid-way and counters by slashing his skull-like helmet, leaving 5 gashes in the middle. The Skull-Man staggers back briefly and quickly recovers. “Haaa!!!” The masked figure strikes to slash his vigilante opponent once more, but ShadowHawk takes a quick step back before it could make contact. “Graagggh!” ShadowHawk attempted to slash his opponent again, but the Skull-Man disappears once again as Hawk’s attack made contact with the after image. ShadowHawk then stumble forward. Damn it…again? Theses disappearing are acts are growing thin for the dark hero.

The Skull-Man appears clinging on to the wall above the masked warrior. “Hmph.” The masked figure kicks back against the brick slab, thrusting him diagonally towards the seemingly unsuspecting hero. As he draws close The Skull-Man prepares to stab the vigilante in the neck with his blade, but ShadowHawk turns his head to the side, spotting the masked figure torpedoing towards him. He then turns his entire body around and grabs the blade with both hands as its mere inches away from his face. What!? How!? The Skull-Man thought. Using the tip of the blade, ShadowHawk throws his opponent overhead. The Skull-Man recovers in mid-air and lands back onto his feet.

“Figured you be using the walls to move so fast in this cramp area.” ShadowHawk said.

A look of shock and anger appeared on the skeletal looking man’s face. “Hyaaaah!” Skull-Man then charges at Hawk and attempts to push his sword into the vigilante’s chest, but Hawk grabs the weapon with his hand before it touches him. “Nggh.” The Skull-Man tries to push the weapon even further, but with no prevail. “

You won’t be needing this.” ShadowHawk slams his other fist into the middle of the blade, breaking it in two with one single hit. Skull-Man eyes widen after exhibiting such strength break a metal object like a twig. “Graaaughh!” ShadowHawk tries to slam his fist into the figure’s face, but The Skull-Man rolls out of the way causing him to hit the wall behind instead.

Skull-Man then looks up, only to have ShadowHawk slam his knee into the man’s face a split second after. “Guh!” Skull-Man staggers back in pain. Seeing his opponent off guard, ShadowHawk quickly charges forward and slashes the masked man’s chest twice, leaving two sets of claw marks in his armor; Hawk grabs his skeletal foe by the arm and throws him overhead once again, sending the masked man crashing against another wall. Skull-Man slowly tries to get up, but ShadowHawk suddenly grabs him by the face and slams the back of his head hard into wall before he could fully stand. He then retracts his claws back and slams his fist hard into the man’s stomach, causing him to gasp in pain.

“I must say stabbing and cutting person isn’t my kind of style, in fact…” ShadowHawk lands a right cross in the Skull-Man’s face. “I prefer a good ol’ fashion beat down don’t you?” Hawk said as he continues to beat his opponent senseless. Slamming his fist hard into the masked man’s face multiple times. Hawk then grabs the Skull-Man by the neck and lifts him up; His mask looks all dented by Hawk’s hard fist and blood trickles down from his mouth.

“Now…here’s how it’s going to go.” ShadowHawk said, slightly tired out. “You’re going to give me what I want to know.”Hawk began explaining. “After that the c-bbbbblrught.” Before he could finish his sentence blood spurted out of the vigilante’s mouth unexpectedly. Hawk then lets go of the masked figure- who slumps on the ground- and stumbles backward with his hand over his mouth. Out of all this time it had to happen at this moment! Hawk thought gravely, but he knew it was going to happen anyway. He knew he was putting too much strain in his body when he was fighting Skull-Man and it was going to take a toll on his body eventually, but not in the middle of a fight. Plus the wound on his stomach was slowly draining the blood from his already weakened body, worsening the situation even further.

“I told you this fight was mine.” A voice said.

ShadowHawk looks up and sees The Skull-Man standing up. “And now you will pay dearly.” The masked figure eyes suddenly glows a bright and he charges towards the masked vigilante. “Huh.” Before ShadowHawk could react Skull Man punches the vigilante square in the face, knocking the helmet off of his head. Revealing the face of Paul Johnstone underneath. Then in a quick burst of speed, Skull-Man hits the already weakened ShadowHawk multiple times in the stomach, face, arms, and chest.”Guh!” ShadowHawk staggers back from the vicious impact. “Hmph!” Skull-Man flashes forward in quick speed towards the wounded warrior and kicks him hard in the chin, sending him flying into the air before crashing hard into the ground.

The cold vigilante known as ShadowHawk lies there on the cold, dirty concrete ground, his face bloody and bruised up, blood slowly seeping from the wound on his abdomen. Must…move. Hawk attempts to move his body somehow, but his body is too tired to respond. “Huh?” Paul could hear footsteps coming towards his direction. ShadowHawk then sees Skull-Man standing above his weakened self. Skull-Man grabs the fallen warrior by the collar and pulls him up to his face.

“I applaud your valor mortal.” Skull-Man said, he then pulls out a long thin dagger with his other hand. “But it seems your meddling has hindered me from completing my mission and for that death is absolute.” The masked man puts the dagger up to the vigilante’s chin.

ShadowHawk didn’t do anything in response. Hawk knew he was going to die to eventually; it was only a matter of time before inevitable happened. Paul could feel the dagger steel tip pressing against his chin. At least he’ll die doing what he brought himself up to become, a hero.

“But…” Skull-Man suddenly pulls the lethal dagger away from Hawk’s head ““It seems death has marked you long before I came.” He then loosens his grip on the collar, letting the wounded warrior fall hard onto the ground.”Huh?” ShadowHawk eyes widen in shock. He let me go. …Hawk thought, surprised.

Skull-Man then proceeds to walk away.

“Wait!” A voice calls out.

Skull-Man stops midway and turns his head towards the back. Using what little strength he could muster, the masked man turns himself around on his stomach and slowly lifts himself up. “Tell me…” ShadowHawk hoarsed, “Tell me why you didn’t just kill me? I was there in your hands!” Hawk demanded. “Why!?”

Skull-Man stood there silently for a brief moment before speaking. “Because it seems God already has special plans for you.” He explained. “What the hell does that suppose to mean!?’ ShadowHawk demanded. Skull-Man stood there silently for a moment before continuing to go his way. “Tell me!” The Skull-Man stops and says these final words to the wounded warrior.

“There are some secrets of this world that should be buried in bottomless pit of darkness, and not to be middle by forces like you…Paul Johnstone.” He said to his fallen foe before turning his head to the other direction.

ShadowHawk eyes widen in shock. How did he know my real name!? Hawk thought. “Wait!” The masked vigilante slowly scoots himself foreward. Skull-Man turns his head for a brief moment, jumps high into the air with quick burst. “Don’t…go!” ShadowHawk reaches his arm up in the air as if he was trying to catch the masked man, but Skull-Man was soon long out of sight.

“ I…still…need…to…know.” ShadowHawk plops onto the ground with a loud thud. He then starts to breath heavily; his body was all strained and tired, His costume slightly torn from the fight, blood-continuing being pump out of his body.ShadowHawk still has questions left answer, but at this point there is nothing he can do Paul’s eyes slowly begin to slide down. So…tired. He thought. Tonight has been one of those long, tiresome nights. Although he fights to stay awake, his body is forcing him to rest. Must…stay…awake. Without warning Paul’s eyes close firmly shut and his head plops on the ground.

Drifting into a deep slumber.


Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a very close battle. Both warriors were similar in concept. Skull-Man had the advantage in training but more importantly, he wasn't dealing with a terminal illness. This was what swung the fight in Skull-Man's favor, in a fight of near equals.

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