I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!
— Sora
A teen from the peaceful world of the Destiny Islands, Sora's life was thrown into chaos when he was gifted with the legendary Keyblade, a magical weapon that harnessed the power of light within the human heart, and his home fell under siege by the Hearless, a legion of monsters lead by Maleficent and intent on covering all the worlds in Darkness. With his new weapon, and the abilities he gained with them, he set out on a quest to save his friends Riku and Kairi, who had been displaced to some other world.

When he traveled to Traverse Town, his first new world, he met with Donald Duck, a powerful wizard and Goofy, the captain of King Mickey Mouse's guards. When King Mickey first discovered the Darkness growing in power, and the stars representing other worlds going out, he set forth to confront whatever was causing it, leaving instructions to his two good friends to follow the wielder of the Keyblade. Sora, Donald and Goofy began to travel around the universe together, searching for their missing friends and stopping the Heartless from destroying countless Disney worlds. In the end, Sora was able to confront the Maleficent and discovered that Riku had been possessed by Ansem, the mastermind behind everything and a powerful Heartless. Rescuing his friends from Ansem, Sora and the villain engaged in a deadly duel before the Keyblade master was finally able to overcome Ansem. Despite his victory, Sora was unable to retire alongside his friends- Riku and King Micky were trapped in the Realm of Darkness, while Kairi was returned to Destiny Islands, leaving Sora trapped with Goofy and Donald on an unknown world.

Sora's adventures were hardly over, and travel to numerous more unique worlds and Disney lands as he traveled on his quest to protect the worlds from the Darkness and the Heartless, and as he attempted to find a way to return Riku and Mickey to the Light and finally go back home to Destiny Islands.

Battle vs. Captain America (by CuchulainSetanta)Edit

In Washington, D.C., Captain America is patrolling the grounds near the Washington Monument, when he is surprised by a beam of light coming out the sky and hitting the ground in front of him. He is even more surprised when the light clears, revealing a strangely-garbed boy carrying a key-shaped sword. Cap cautiously approaches, but Sora notices him, and, seeing Cap as a threat, strikes at him with his Keyblade.

Cap blocks the blow with his shield, and quickly counters with a charging thrust, knocking Sora back. He then draws his Luger, shouting "Hold it right there, son!" Sora takes no notice of the order, blasting a fire spell at the Captain. Again, Cap easily blocks it, firing off several rounds of his own. Sora deflects the bullets with the Keyblade, and returns fire with a blizzard spell, freezing the gun solid.

Cap tosses the frozen Luger aside, hurling his shield at his young opponent. Sora sees the shield coming and ducks, but after the shield passes over him, it ricochets off a nearby lamppost and flies right back, hitting Sora in the back of the head. Cap catches his shield as it returns, but Sora is far from beaten.

Aiming his Keyblade at the shield, Sora shouts "Force!", activating a gravity spell. The shield instantly grows heavier in Cap's hands, and he is forced to drop it, with Sora kicking it away as he gets to his feet. Sora goes in with his Keyblade, only to be met with a swift series of jabs and kicks. Cap keeps Sora off balance with his fighting prowess, finally getting in and trapping Sora in a headlock. Before Sora has a chance to regain his wits, Cap snaps the Keyblade-wielders neck. He lets Sora's body drop and grimly states "I'm sorry it came to this, kid, but you won't catch me unprepared."

Winner: Captain America

Expert's OpinionEdit

When it came to weapons, the two opponents were equally matched, with commenters hotly debating the strengths and weaknesses of Cap's trusty shield and Sora's Keyblade. However, the majority of voters agreed that Cap's experience far exceeded anything Sora could bring to the table.

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Battle vs. Harry Potter (by So-Pro Warrior)Edit

Lanes Between...

Onboard the Gummi Ship, the Keyblade wielder Sora, the young man who had slayed thousands of Heartless and Nobodies and defeated many powerful enemies; piloted the Gummi ship. His destination, unknown, his objective however, clear. To train himself so that he could become a Keyblade Master and be ready to face off against Xehanort and his new Organization XIII. As he piloted the Gummi Ship, wondering where to go for his next destination, the ships alarms began going off as Sora looked at one of the screen's of the ships cockpit to see what was up. Reading the information that came up onscreen, Sora could see that the Gummi ship was picking something up at a nearby world; Sora navigated his way to where the the ship told him the world was and soon came across a new world that he had never seen before.

At the top of the world, an old castle could be seen as at the bottom of the world was a massive forest with really tall trees. Deciding that the forest would be a better place to land since there would most likely be no one there, Sora pilots the Gummi ship closer to the world until he can safely teleport himself down to the planet.

Down on the Planet...

The Forest of Dean...

In their tent, Harry Potter, and his friends Ron and Hermione, rest soundly and peacefully. After having finally destroyed one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, though with much trouble, the three rest from the incident that had occurred. As Ron and Hermione continue to sleep, Harry's eyes shoot open, Harry slowly raises himself up and looks around to see Ron and Hermione sound asleep. Something had woken him up, some kind of feeling he got as he pushes himself up on his feet and quietly sneaks out of the tent. Something was drawing him to walk into the forest for a bit, someone or something was in there that was giving him the strange feeling that had woken him up as he makes sure he has the Sword of Gryffindor, his wand, and his Cloak of Invisibility in hand and begins to walk into the forest once again.

In another part of the Forest...

Sora wanders through the unknown forest, looking for any signs of Heartless or maybe the Keyhole to this world. As he continues walking, the sound of a branch snapping behind him, makes the Keyblade wielder turn around to  see who it was as he then spots three men with messy hairs and raggedy clothing, "Well, these guys look dangerous." Sora thinks in his head. "Well now, what's a little boy like you doing out here in the woods all by yourself? These woods aren't safe for little kids like you ya know." the man in the middle says, a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he began to approach Sora.

"I'm a lot more older then you make me sound you know. Besides, somehow I have the feeling that the only reason these woods aren't safe is cause of people like you. Anyone who dresses up like the way you guys do tend to always be bad guys. Especially the way you guys also smell." Sora says as he starts waving his right hand in front of his face due to the stink coming off the three men. Which seems to anger them.

"What was that? You wanna say that again you little brat?" The man questions as he and his pals pull out from their pockets three small sticks and point them at Sora. Getting a bad feeling from them, Sora quickly summons his Keyblade as then three blue blasts of light erupt from their sticks towards Sora who deflects them with a swing from his Keyblade and sends them right back at the three men. The three are hit by their own attacks and sent flying back, two of them landing on the ground while another hits a tree, rendering all three of them unconscious.

"Looks like I landed on a world where people use magic." Sora deduces from what he had just seen. "Better be careful, might be more guys like them around." Sora says to himself as he continues walking through the forest.

Somewhere else...

The sounds of magic blasts catch Harry's attention, looking in the direction, Harry decides to investiage to see who or what caused the noise. Harry quietly starts making his way through the brush, making sure not to step on any twigs or something that could give away his position to perhaps what could be some of Voldemort's followers.

Sora continued walking away from his encounter with the three strange men, his Keyblade out and at the ready, having the feeling that more of them could've been nearby.

Harry got up against a tree and looked out into the forest, trying to see anything or anyone, some kind of movement. Just then, he heard a twig snap to his left, prompting him to pull out his wand "Stupefy!"


Hearing this, Sora quickly puts up his Keyblade, blocking an incoming blast of blue light as he aims his Keyblade towards where the blast came from "Fire!" Sora yells as a fireball is produced from the tip of his Keyblade and flies towards the tree that Harry is hiding behind. Harry quickly dives away from the tree just as the fire hits the trunk, engulfing it in fire for a few seconds before the fire dies out. Harry pushes himself back up and looks at where the attack came from, spotting a boy in strange clothing with brown spiky hair and wielding what appears to be a giant key; Sora spots the boy he just fired his fire magic at and for a split second is unsure of what to do, not knowing if this boy could be with those other people he just took care off.

For a few moments, both boys just continued to stare at each other, unsure of whether or not the other was an enemy or not. Harry began to wonder if perhaps what was in the boys hand could perhaps be a Horcrux of Voldemort's perhaps. He had never heard of a giant key-like item but it seemed capable of producing magic; deciding to not take any chances, "Stupefy!"

Sora quickly blocked another magic blast from the boy in front of him "Alright, so it looks like he's with those guys"Sora says in his head as he prepares to fight the boy in front of him. "Fire!" Sora yells as he fires another fireball at Harry, "Protego!" Harry yells as he casts the Shield Charm, putting up a blue barrier in front of him as the fireball hits it and sends it right back at Sora. "Reflect!" Sora yells as he puts up a barrier around him which blocks the fireball and sends it right back towards Harry who this time dodges it by jumping to his left. Harry rolls into a crouched down position as he looks back up to see Sora coming right towards him, "Flipendo!" Harry yells firing a Knockback Jinx towards Sora who rolls forward underneath the spell to dodge it. Sora recovers from his roll back into a charge towards Harry who quickly acts, "Levicorpus!" all of a sudden Sora finds himself lifted up into the air by his ankles and dangling around.

"Accio Sword!" Harry yells as he points his wand back in the direction of his camp. Sora looks in the direction as he then sees a sword flying through the trees towards the boy who grabs it by the hilt as it passes by him. Harry turns towards Sora and swings his sword at him, Sora swings his Keyblade and easily knocks away the sword however which sends Harry stumbling back a little as the levitating spell finally gives away and Sora lands back on the ground on his feet. Feeling like this boy before him was more skilled when it came to close range combat, Harry realizes that he needs to use one of his paralysis spells or knock the key out of his hand if he's going to have a chance at defeating him. 

"Relashio!"  Harry yells as Sora all of a sudden feels his grip on the Keyblade loosen, allowing the Keyblade to fall to the ground, "Huh?" Sora questions but quickly turns his attention back towards Harry as he fires another magic blast at him, forcing the Keyblade Wielder to jump backwards as the blast hits where he once stood. Sora slides to a halt as he looks back and sees Harry approaching his Keyblade, the wizard raises his sword to destroy the Keyblade but Sora is quicker as he raises his right hand and recalls back the Keyblade. The Keyblade vanishes before Harry's eyes as he looks back at Sora with a confused look to see as the Keyblade reappears in his hands. 

"He can recall it without saying anything?!" Harry thinks in his head shocked. 

"Thunder!" Sora yells as he raises his Keyblade above his head to call down a single lightning bolt which strikes in front of Harry, the blast sending him flying backwards and to the ground. Harry quickly stands back up just as Sora casts another Thunder spell, this time however, multiple lightning bolts begin impacting around Harry, kicking up dirt all around as he acts quickly and apparates out of the strike zone. Sora seeing this gaped in shock as he begins scanning the forest in front and all around him, trying to figure out where the boy could attack from. 

For a few moments, everything is quiet, Sora slowly scans through the trees just trying to spot Harry. Sora all of a sudden gets a strange feeling in his guts that tells him to jump out of the way to his right, and he does so. Sora jumps to his right and turns around as he does so just as a blue ball of light impacts into the tree to his left. Sora looks at the tree and notices what look like boils start appearing on the tree, Sora looks back to see Harry who quickly apparates away again, "Did he just try to give me boils?" Sora questions. 

All of a sudden Harry begins popping up from one spot and disappearing to another, each time firing off a spell at Sora who is able to successfully block or dodge each and every attack. As Harry continues to onslaught Sora with spells, Sora begins to notice a pattern in where Harry is apparating to and prepares to cast a spell that will literally stop him in his tracks. Harry apparates behind Sora and points his wand towards the Keyblade Wielder who turns around and points his Keyblade towards the boy wizard, "Stop!/Impedimenta!" both yell as they both hit one another with their respective spell that stops them in place. While Sora's actually freezes Harry in place, all Harry's does is make Sora slower as Sora finds himself moving too slow to do a whole lot even though Harry is now frozen for a few seconds. 

It is not long till both of the effects of the spells begin wearing off, Sora prepares to cast another spell and Harry also prepares to cast another one himself. The effects of the spells wear off. "Locomotor Mortis!" Harry yells as Sora's legs all of a sudden bind together as if wrapped by an invisible rope, causing Sora to fall forward onto his stomach. "Gravity!/Incarcerous!" Sora and Harry yell as a rope appears from Harry's wand and flying at Sora wraps him up as a black sphere appears above Harry and the force that comes from it forces him straight to the ground and unable to move. Once again, both of them find themselves unable to do anything while the other is down.

"This is getting ridiculous." Both Sora and Harry say to themselves, Harry in a more serious tone and Sora in a more comical tone. 

Sora manages to cut through the rope with his Keyblade as then the other spell of Harry's and his Gravity spell once again wearr off. Both the boys quickly standing back up as Sora quickly yells, "Aero!" as his entire body is surrounded in a gust of wind. "Stupefy!" Harry yells as he fires another stunning spell at Sora, the spell however is deflected right back at Harry by the wind surrounding Sora who rolls out of the way. Harry stands back up and fires off a few more Stupefy spells at Sora, all of them deflected right back at Harry who dodges each and every one of them. "Reducto!" Harry yells as he tries another spell, the spell impacts in front of Sora who is sent flying back from the force of the explosion. Sora however recovers in the air and aims his Keyblade at Harry "Blizzard!" Sora yells as he fires a blast of ice crystals at Harry who casts the Protego spell to deflect them. 

Sora lands back on the ground as he sees Harry running towards him, "Sectumsempra!" Harry yells as he swings his wand downards, Sora all of a sudden gets cut right down his right shoulder by what feels like a sword, causing him to cry out in pain and fall to his knees as his clothing is torn right where he was cut and blood starts flowing out from the cut. "Balloon." Sora says in a pained voice as he points his keyblade at Harry and summons a massive balloon in front of him. Harry confused by this forgets to stop as he runs into the balloon which bursts open, revealing a cluster of more balloons which then explode and send Harry flying far away from Sora. 

With Harry gone, Sora, still in pain from the massive cut down his right shoulder, places his Keyblade over it, "Heal." Sora says in a weak voice as the tip of his Keyblade glows green and the the cut and blood disappear in a flash of light, along with all of the other cuts and bruises sustained from his fight against Harry. 

"Brackium Emendo. Episkey." Harry says as he also begins caring for the wounds he has received from Sora's attacks. Harry knows though that even with the healing spells he can cast, he won't be able to go on for much longer and begins thinking of some kind of way that he could perhaps paralyze the boy with a Petrificus Totalus curse. The problem is though, trying to get the boy to stay in one spot, Harry then comes up with a plan. 

Sora begins walking through the woods again, trying to find out where the boy wizard was. He needed to get some information on why this boy and his friends were attacking him since he had no idea what was going on in this world. "Expelliarmus!" Harry yells as he pops out from behind a tree and fires the disarming charm at Sora who blocks the attack with his Keyblade but finds it flying out of his hands either way. "Confringo!" Harry yells as he fires a blasting curse at Sora who rolls forward to dodge the attack. Sora recalls his Keyblade and attempts to strike Harry who quickly blocks it with the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. 

"You wanna tell me why you and your friends attacked me?" Sora asks as the two lock blades.

"What are you talking about? The only reason I'm attacking you is to destroy this Horcrux of Voldemort's." Harry replies.

"Horcrux? No idea what that is, but I can understand you've never seen a Keyblade before." Sora says as he then overpowers Harry and forces him back. "Magnet!" Sora yells as then a bright light appears behind Harry and begins drawing him towards it, Harry quickly acts and plants his sword into the ground to stop himself. "Time to end this fight." Sora thinks in his head  as he closes his eyes and begins concentrating. Sora holds out his left hand as then the Oathkeeper Keyblade appears in his hand, he crosses both Keyblades together and looks towards Harry. The Magnet spell dies down as Harry falls to the ground, Harry pushes himself back up and is shocked to now see Sora wielding two of the strange weapons. "Some kind of copy spell?" Harry thinks. 

"Reducto!" Harry yells as he fires another reductor curse at Sora. Sora swings both of his Keyblades upwards and seemingly knocks the curse away without any problems as the curse flies upwards into a tree and explodes, reducing the tree into nothing. Harry stares wide-eyed at this in shock as he then begins running away to his left, Sora seeing this quickly gives chase after him. As Harry and Sora run through the forest opposite of each other, Harry begins firing off Stupefy spells towards Sora who either blocks them with his Oathkeeper Keyblade or ducks under them as he begins firing back energy bullets from his Kingdom Keyblade, Harry uses Protego or dodging them to protect himself. Sora eventually gets tired of this as it progresses nowhere, passing by another tree, Sora plants his Oathkeeper in the ground in front of him and uses it to spin around in the air and launch himself towards Harry who is caught off guard by the sudden attack, allowing Sora to kick him right in the chest and send him flying backwards to the ground.

Sora lands on the ground as Harry stands back up quickly. Sora then launches himself in a very fast slide across the ground towards Harry and strikes him with both of his keyblades, causing sparks to fly from the wizard who yells out in pain. Sora quickly turns around and launches another Sonic Blade attack at Harry and strikes him from behind but this time stops in front of him as he turns around and uppercuts him with a slash from his Kingdom Keyblade, sending Harry up into the air. Sora then jumps up until he is at the same level as Harry in the air and begins delivering his Ragnorak attack, delivering a flurry of air strikes with both of his Keyblades as he then points both of them at Harry and fires a barrage of energy bullets point blank into him, sending Harry flying back to the ground and in major pain. Harry begins to feel himself weaken, especially after those last few attacks from Sora as he barely manages to push himself back up, breathing heavily as he is once again full of cuts and bruises. Sora lands back on the ground, he stares right at Harry who looks like he is beaten, "One last attack." Sora thinks to himself as he holds both of his keyblades and crosses them in front of him and closes his eyes. 

"Now what?" Harry questions as he then sees Sora surrounded by a golden aura of light. Getting a bad feeling of what's about to happen, Harry decides to put his plan in action, "Accio Cloak." Harry says as then his Cloak of Invisibility flies out from the woods behind him and turning around, quickly grabs it and swings it around and open and covers himself with it, turning him invisible just as Sora launches his Zantetsuken and swings both of his Keyblades outwards. However, he finds himself hitting nothing but air and quickly begins looking around trying to see where Harry went, feeling that he did the same trick as earlier, Sora keeps his eyes peeled for where Harry will pop up. All of a sudden, Sora feels his entire body just begin to stiff up out of nowhere, it is not that long until he literally looses all feelings in his body and falls backwards to the ground, losing his grip on both Keyblades which the Oathkeeper disappears while the Kingdom Key remains next to him. Harry appears behind Sora with his wand pointed out as he lowers his Invisibility Cloak "Petrificus Totalus."

A Few Minutes Ago...

"Accio Firebolt." Harry says quietly as to not alert Sora to his location. His Firebolt broom flies in a minute later and on it, his Invisibility Cloak as he quickly grabs it and places it on a nearby branch. Harry looks around to make sure Sora wasn't around to see that and quickly runs off.

Present Time...

Harry stands over the now paralyzed Sora and looks over at the Keyblade, Harry walks over to the Keyblade and prepares to strike it with the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. All of a sudden, he hears strange noises coming from all around him and turns around as these strange looking small creatures with bug-like antennas, large, round and yellow lit up eyes and entirely dark appear around him. 

"Great, now what?" Harry questions. All of the creatures then jump up in the air towards Harry who braces himself for what is most likely an attack and closes his eyes. 

A bright flash of light illuminates through the darkness of his closed eyes, and after a few seconds of feeling nothing. Harry opens his eyes and sees all of the creatures gone, and in front of him, the boy who he had paralyzed not that long ago standing with his strange 'Keyblade' weapon held to the right of his head as if he had just striked something. 

" saved me?" Harry questions.

"Yeah well, while I was lying there on the ground due to you paralyzing me most likely with a spell, I started to think on what you said when we were locked in combat. And it made me thing maybe you aren't with those guys and there seems to be a misunderstanding." Sora says.

"Who are you?" Harry asks. 

"You can call me Sora. You?" Sora asks.

"H--Harry Potter." Harry says.

"Well Harry, I think we should talk and get our misunderstanding aside." Sora says with a smile as if he put aside all of what had happened in the battle just like that. 

Winner: Harry Potter

Expert's OpinionEdit

This was a really close battle. But in the end Harry Potter emerged victorious as while Sora dominated at Close Range, thanks to Apparation, and the Invisibility Cloak Harry was able to keep his distance away from Sora and once he began engaging Sora from long range, his much larger variety of spells as well as the longer range compared to Sora's spells helped him to keep the Keyblade Wielder at bay until he came up with an idea to defeat Sora.

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Battle vs. Percy Jackson (by Thundrtri)Edit

Percy is resting by a lake in a forest near camp half blood. He rolls up the bottom of his jeans and dips his feet in. A cut on his cheek suddenly goes away. Suddenly, he hears a stick break, Percy looks behind him and sees Sora standing with his keyblade. Percy stands just as Sora throws the keyblade and activates strike raid. Percy is thrown back into the lake. A massive splash occurs and Percy sinks to the bottom. The keyblade returns to Sora's hand and he turns accepting his victory when a massive wall of water slams into Sora. Sora falls over and looks behind him to see Percy standing in the dry lakebed holding Riptide.

Sora stands and spits out a mouthfull of lake water. Percy runs at Sora with his blade extended. Sora begins spinning his keyblade to activate sonic blade and he too charges. Percy blocks the first several blows with Riptide before riptide is thrown from his hands. Sora advances and stops spinning his keyblade. Percy backs up and, using the moisture from the air, a trident made from pure water apears in his hands. The trident then turns solid and Percy circles Sora.

Sora lunges, but Percy blocks with the shaft of the trident. Sora strikes again but this time is blocked by the prongs of the trident. Percy twists the trident and the keyblade is thrown from Sora's hands. Percy jabs with the trident and lands with the left most prong in Sora's thigh. Percy rips the trident from his enemy's leg. Blood sprays from Sora's thigh, as Sora grabs his leg. Percy raises his trident when suddenly, a bolt of thunder comes straight from Sora's hand and blasts Percy throwing him backwards into a tree. Sora uses the healing spell on his leg and walks up to his unconcious opponent. Picking up his keyblade Sora walks away.

Winner: Sora.

Expert's OpinionEdit

Sora won becasue his Keyblade was able to score hits while Riptide was unable to damage Sora. Also, Sora's powers were far more versatile than Percy's and were able to counter Percy's.

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