The Sterling Submachine Gun is a British submachine gun which was in service with the British Army from 1944 until 1994, when it was phased out with the introduction of the L85A1 assault rifle.


  • Unassigned: Patchett Machine Carbine Mk 1
  • L2A1 (Mk 2)
  • L2A2 (Mk 3)
  • L2A3 (Mk 4)
  • L2A4 (Mk 5)
  • Mk 6
  • Mk 7
  • Canadian C1
  • SAF Carbine 1A
  • SAF Carbine 2A1
  • Sterling 7.62 (Battle Rifle Variant)
  • Sub Machine Gun 1A1 & 2A1
  • CETME C2

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