T.R.A.T. or Tactical Reconnasaince and Acquisition Team is a secret Government Agency and special Ops of the military. They collaborated with S.O.R.T. on the Edward City mission, which was to rescue any survivors, retrieve the Third Energy data and bring it all back to the present time.

Third Energy research continued recklessly against a research base, military institution, and a small town itself. Suddenly, Edward City, an entire town devoted to Third Energy research completely vanished, mysteriously replaced by prehistoric jungle. Now, a search and rescue to recover survivors and locate the missing Third Energy research data begins. A team identified as T.R.A.T. has been sent into another time frame, which Edward City had disappeared into. Regina, from S.O.R.T. (Secret Operations Raid Team) has been sent along due to her previous encounters with dinosaurs.

Apparently, after the first incident in Borginia involving Dr. Kirk, the humans decided that the dinosaurs were to be studied. Widespread 'Time Skewing' was carried out, with disastrous results that threatened the end of the human race when it became clear that dinosaurs and humans could not coexist. In view of these events, the military decided to transport all the dinosaurs 3 million years into the future, where they could thrive, before they were to be sent back to their own time (bef.65 million years ago) when the third energy timegate was perfect. This was the 'Noah's Ark Plan'. However, the team that transported the dinosaurs to the future suffered another overload, and the timegate was destroyed. Thus, the team was trapped with the dinosaurs. All the survivors were killed by the dinosaurs, but their children were saved and brought to the safety of the habitat support facility where they were kept in life support chambers, which protected them and allowed for growth and learning. The children learned how to survive around dinosaurs, and because of the nature of the 'Noah's Ark Plan', they were thought to protect the dinosaurs. Somehow through the teaching, they lost the ability to speak. These children are the mysterious helmet-wearing teenagers Regina and Dylan encountered throughout the game. Apparently, one of the members of the team that came to the future was Dylan himself, older. His daughter, Paula, is the blonde haired mystery girl. It appears that in the overloading incident, Edward City itself had been transported to the future.

Battle vs. S.T.A.R.S. (by Facetheslayer)Edit

S.T.A.R.S. RedRedRedRedRed

T.R.A.T. BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The simulation begins in the forests of the Arklay Mountains, as the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team is staked out on the cliffside, as Barry Burton leads a group. He weilds his custom pistol, while Enrico Manrini is seen prone on a cliffside, using a Steyr AUG, as if it were a sniper rifle. He says back to his superior officer...

"Barry, there's five guys, all have armor, and armed. Think it's Umbrella?" Barry gets a pair of binoculars and sees the opponents, and then smirks before saying to his men... "You know, I wouldn't be suprised to see them hiring mercenary guards. Aiken, Dewey, Speyer... stay on guard. Manrini, fire when ready."

Meanwhile, down in the forest, Dylan Morton is seen with a Franchi SPAS-12, and a Fort-15 Pistol, as David Falk is seen with an FGM-148 Javalin and a pistol as well, while two T.R.A.T. members scout the area with M16 rifles, while the one in front weilds a machete, and is hacking away at vines. "Dylan... I think the teleporter messed up." Dylan looks around, and seems to agree. "I think you're right, David. doesn't seem to be a dinosaur in sight."

On the cliff, Enrico glares through the scope, and gets the crosshairs on a T.R.A.T. officer's head, and pulls the trigger, popping off one of the M16 weilding T.R.A.T. officers. Blue (5-4) After the shot, Aiken goes down the cliff with a Mossberg, Forest weilds the MGL, and Speyer also carried an AUG, as Enrico was still trying to take them out from a distance. All the T.R.A.T. members scattered out, as David got his Javalin out, and aimed up at the cliffside, where he aimed out of view, and fired a rocket at the bottom of the cliffside, in which enrico did not react in time, as it wounded him, as he plummeted about two stories, and broken his back, and cracked his skull on impact. Red (4-4)

David held his rocket up and patted himself on the back. "Oh yeah!" before the group was being shot at again, as David dropped the rocket launcher and picked up the fallen T.R.A.T. member's M16. He scurries off, as T.R.A.T. forces began to use the forest to their advantage. Speyer began to lead the trio, as Barry was circling them from behind, watching their backs. Things were quiet, as a T.R.A.T. officer was waiting in the bushes, with an M16 out and ready. He sees Speyer, and fires off some rounds, two hitting him in his unarmored neck.Red(3-4) Barry and Aiken try to shoot at him, as he runs off. Aiken pursues him in anger, as the other two keep going on.

The T.R.A.T. officer runs behind some pine trees, and stays there, shortening his breath. He hears footsteps from the crackling twigs, and another behind them. The officer pokes out to fire, however, Aiken had faster reflexes, and fired a powerful armor penetrating slug into the T.R.A.T. officer's chest. Blue (3-3) He breathes a heavy sigh of relief, thinking he had cheated death, however, he felt the handle of a gun striking him in the back of the head, as he was knocked down to the ground. Lt. Morton aimed his SPAS-12 at the foe's head, and shot one round, killing him instantly. Red(2-3) "That was personal." He says smugly, before going to check on the rest of his team.

Barry keeps both hands on his pistol, as he creeps along the path, as Dewey covers him, with his MGL ready for action. Meanwhile, a T.R.A.T. officer hides behind a tree, weilding a machete, as his breathing slows down. He looks over, and sees that Barry had just passed him, and Dewey was right behind. Dewey's grip was becoming sweaty, as he was scared for his life, however, before he could realize it, the machete weilding T.R.A.T. member hacked into hsi right arm, causing him to drop the grenade launcher. He lets out a blood curdling scream, as Barry turned around and laid a perfect three round burst to the Machete weilder's head. Blue (2-2) Barry was about to check his comrade's wound, however, David did a perfect headshot to the wounded S.T.A.R.S. member. Red(1-2) Barry nervously grabbed the grenade launcher, and started to run off, as David was in pursuit. He ran through some rocks, as Dylan Morton was seeing the events, and was going to cut him off at the pass. However, Barry was smart enough to see this coming, and seen Dylan who had pointed his SPAS-12 at him, however, he fired a grenade out, which blasted both of his legs off, and charred his bodyBlue (1-1)

David caught up to him, and was about to fire his M16, however, it was out of ammunition. David pulls out his Fort-15, and takes cover behind a tree, as Barry taken cover behind a boulder. Barry fired a burst into the tree, however, the rounds weren't strong enough to penetrate the strong oak. The firefight went on, until Barry had ran out of ammo on his custom pistol. "Dammit!" Barry cursed, as he ran back into the forest, while Falk went in pursuit. Burton ran on, avoiding bullets, as he eventually eluded him. Barry climbed a small tree, and perched himself, as he seen Falk stop running, and start to walk stealthily, trying to listen for his enemy. Barry springs at the right moment, tackling David down, and knocking the pistol out of his hand. David begins to go for the pistol, however, Barry grabs onto his ankle dragged him back, however, David kicked him in the chest, and got free. He scampered for the Fort-15 again, and grabbed it, however, Barry managed to grab the arm holding it, and gets him to the ground, and puts him in a cross armbreaker, while firmly holding onto his wrist with both hands, and lacing his legs over the shoulder. he wrenched the gun to it was away from him, as David tried to fire a shot. Barry then dislocated David's arm, and then quickly reached for his survival knife and does a stab to the back of the T.R.A.T. officer, deeply embeddign the knife through his skin, and causing severe damage to his heart. David screamed on elast time, before his life faded away from him. Blue (1-0) Barry got up to his feet and grabbed his knife back, and then yelled out in victory.

Winner: S.T.A.R.S.

Expert's OpinionEdit

While both groups are so even, and even as both forces have cross-trained, S.T.A.R.S. just had a slightly better fighting technique, and stronger leadership. Either way, when the zombie apocalypse comes, or worse, Dinosaur zombies come... I'd want these guys on my side.

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