• Its a well known fact that user tournements are getting out of han. We are over clogged with them, so many of them lose interest and to be honest, alot of us get tired of seeing them. 

    But with this proposal, I feel not only will they be more manageable, but also will, I feel, make them much more enjoyable and bring back alot of the fun.


    The new proposal is simple, but has alot of parts. In essence User tournaments would become Events on the wiki, to be held one at a time and without a que. Tournament ideas would be proposed by the authors in a forum every three months (limiting it to 4 a year) and the Admins would choose the author to have the spot for that period, the author would need to complete it in that time and an award could be made and given to the winner. So lets get into details about it

    how this is going to work


    At the start of the period, the Admins would post a forum in the Bounty Board forum. This thread would be a place for all users interested to pitch their tournement plans. Example User one pitches a Superhero tourney. User two pitches a Army battle tourney. User three pitches a western style tourney.

    Any proposed tounrment would have to have as many details as possible, including details and rules to make sure the tournement is viable.

    Choosing a pitch

    Once as many tournements are pitched, or after a certain amount of time from thread creation. The Admins would elect to choose one to go with. The choice can depend on how creative the idea is, how well its pitched, but also the Author's record:

    If we know the Author to not finish their tournaments, or battles, or they've previously had the spot and failed or didn't do so well etc it might weigh in on whether or not that user gets the spot for the three months.

    After selection

    After we choose the author/tourney that shall hold the spot, they can create their intro blog. The blog must be kept up to date with all of the battles linked on it.

    The author has the three month period to finish the tournament and complete the battles. And if completed an award can be made if the Author chooses and given to the winner. If the Author completes the battle earlier, the next tournament does not start right away, but the thread for pitching won't be made until the end of that period. (This makes it more of an event and makes things easier to manage).

    The user tournament hub

    The user tournament hub would have to be updated with this new rules and every three months a link to the new tournament blog. At the bottom of the page would be a list of all the completed tournaments, this allows anyone to find any tournament (and since making the battles linked in that blog it would allow anyone to easily find any battle from any tournment for record).

    other notes

    Other rules would have to be put in place, for example clauses about users not being able to complete a tournement through no fault of their own. And potentially rules limiting the number of participants to make sure tournies don't go on for to long. As well as any other concerns to be brought up below or as we go along

    Advantages of this proposal

    With this plan, User Tournaments are limited to 4 a year. This may sound a bit extreme but its beneficial in several ways.

    • Management- With so few tournaments we wouldn't have to worry about them clogging up the wiki activity or stocking up in a que.
    • Fun- This would make tournaments in effect, a wiki event. This would relieve pressure off the author about having competition with other user tournies and have the spotlight. It would let authors who are good become much more creative and theatrical. In addition, we could give out awards easier, seeing as how it would only be four a year.
    • Better tournaments -Finally instead of everyone and their cat having a place on the que, this forces them to pitch their idea to us, to make sure they all get heard from equally and not just any bland tournament would get in, thus making this much more like events. It also means good ideas and authors don't have to wait behind an endless line. If your idea is good, you actually have a chance of getting in in the foreseeable future.

    Comments, questions, suggestions?

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    • Symbol strong support vote Strong Support

      I think we should make it so the number of entrants in the tourney is part of the user's pitch (IE- I want to do a fantasy tournament of 6 users), with the addendum that it can start different from that number based on interest in the tourney.

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    • I sorta like this, but I have several questions/concerns.

      For one, what if a tourney is inherently long, due to its structure? For example, if my Siege Tourney had been proposed through this, would I have had to get through all 91 (now 75) battles in three months? If that's a yes, then this needs changing.

      For two, what does this do to Event-style things like Las's Rise of the Bots or Kite's Super Powered War? Do they have to be pitched here, too?

      One last concern is that User Tourney runners can benefit from having more than one going at once - it gives a guaranteed vote trade between the two users. This may only apply to those like me who only get three or four votes for each battle, but it's still a nice source of votes.

      Don't get me wrong, I like this idea a lot - there just needs to be some holes filled and questions answered.

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    • Leolab wrote:

      For two, what does this do to Event-style things like Las's Rise of the Bots or Kite's Super Powered War? Do they have to be pitched here, too?

      "Events" are just user tournaments, unless they're one-shot blogs- then they're just using the same format as a user battle standalone. They absolutely should be treated as such, else they're a loop hole to get around this system. "It's not a Fantasy TOURNAMENT, it's a Fantasy EVENT." 

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    • I think we should have more user input on this rather than just the Admins deciding what tournament goes through. This is a fun, community thing that user input is important on, a good amount of users may or may not want this tournament taking up three months of event space.

      While this does certainly make things more fun and interesting, in addition to blocking out dumb, pointless tournaments from the que. There have been periods on the wiki where we have had zero user tournaments going on, and I feel that may be happening sometime soon.

      I do think a compromise could be made to make both supporters of this idea happy and users in favor of the current way of handling tournaments. I still really like the current que and the rule of only three tournaments going on a time.

      To keep things fun, admins need to O.K. the tournament before it goes on the que.

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    • I like Drayco's idea of having the tournament-period being based on the amount of entries a tournament receives. (I.E. I have some Shooter Dudeboy Tournament that gets 24 users, goes on for three months, Arrow has some Spider-fanfiction tournament that gets 8, lasts 8 weeks or something.)

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    • Symbol strong support vote Strong Support, now that questions have been clarified on chat.

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    • Symbol support vote Support

      I am liking the sound of this, but I think I'll want to see it in action first before I develop further support

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    • Symbol strong support vote Strongly Support

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    • Leolab
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    • Remember, folks - this is a Staff-only board. I'll post this for user review once we finalize it, since it's such a major change.

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    • I'm ok with having the time vary based on how long the user tourney would take like Las and Drayco talked about. But I do think we should have a limit like no longer than Three Months. 

      And I personally Symbol oppose vote oversat Strong Oppose the que. I think the que doesn't help anything and Las only wants it because he has tournies coming up. 

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    • Symbol support vote Support With tournament-period being based on the amount of entries a tournament receives.

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    • No rather, the number of entries being part of the pitch like Drayco said, but a tourney that doesnt get enough like if it only got 8, or if the author got it done earlier than the limit then we could start another

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    • What we stated in chat for the que - and what I agree with - is let the two on there which aren't mine finish before starting. Since mine will take quite a while, it'll run concurrently.

      And since it has much critical acclaim (despite there being few votes), others may try a tourney of a similar length and style.

      I propose that we allow one long-ass tourney a year, which'll run side-by-side with the regular ones.

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    • I can certainly get behind that amendment to this as well. One long-ass tourney, the others need to be pitched and handled within a few months. Sounds like a perfect solution to me. Symbol support vote Support

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    • [1] Support

      This will certainly weed out the bad/not interesting tourney ideas, such as that Power Ranger one I had (sure, people said okay, but not many were jumping up and down in their seats).

      Would we include a new area in the forums for the propositioning of Torneys?

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    • Would we include a new area in the forums for the propositioning of Torneys?

      1) To use the support template, type {{Support}}

      2) We have a place for user battles already, but no one uses it. That area will be repurposed.

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    • I was just goign to suggest making a thread in the bounty board and highlight it and remove or close it when the pitch is chosen

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    • Symbol support vote Support, mostly for the managment aspect this would offer, and the fact it should allow for better tournaments to be made.

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    • A FANDOM user
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