The Tomahawk is a Native American axe typified by its small head. The first metal Tomahawk heads were used as trade items, and based off Royal Navy boarding axe heads. The tomahawk has straight handle. The axe was used both as utility tool and as a weapon, both by Native Americans and by American colonists. The opposite side of the blade usually had a spike, a hammer, or in the case of some tomahawks designed mostly as showpieces, a pipe. The concept of the Tomahawk was revived in the 1970s with modern tomahawk designs, which sometimes feature a more curved handle and often have a spiked rear of the blade. These weapons are issued in limited numbers to some units in the US military, both as a close-combat weapon and for use as a tool for forcing open doors and removing locks, opening crates, ventilating fuel drums, digging fighting positions and even disarming IEDs.