Et au Nom de Dieu, vive la coloniale! (And in the name of God, long live the Colonial!)
— Troupes de marine motto

The Troupes de Marine is France's primary overseas force that has been a part of the French Army since 1958. Their main theater of focus surrounded African conflicts. During its beginnings, men were recruited from France's colonies in Africa. The soldiers served in both World Wars. Soldiers also engaged themselves in conflicts in Asia. The Troupes de Marine helped occupy French Indochina (present day Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia). During the '60s and '70s, soldiers were trained in airborne assault and reconnaissance. Today, the Troupes currently serve in the War in Afghanistan as peacekeepers.

Battle vs Ukrainian Marine Corps (by Omnicube1)Edit


Winner: Troupes de Marine

Expert's Opinion Edit


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