Fight for Earth and her colonies
— UNSC Poster

The UNSC is the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the UEG. The UNSC was formed in the 22nd century, a time when remnants of old cultural ideologies clashed for supremacy in the Sol System. The UNSC served mainly as overseer of UN military operations in space. After initiating massive militarisation propaganda throughout its off-world colonies, through the UNSC, the U.N. defeated Communist and Fascist forces in a conflict generally known as the "Interplanetary War", which consisted of several side-battles that took place on Mars, the Jovian Moons and the South American rainforests. Although the Interplanetary War brought a great deal of suffering to both the colonial population and the residents of Earth, it also united humanity's military forces into a common armed force by the end of the 22nd century.

The UNSC has its roots in World War I, which led to the creation of the League of Nations. The League of Nations led to the formation of the United Nations after World War II. The UNSC was actually formed and fashioned as the result of a series of brutal conflicts across the Solar System and Humanity's space confines between 2160 and 2164, most prominently among them the Jovian Moons Campaign, The Rain Forest Wars, and a series of battles on Mars.[4]The United Nations Space Command, as organized and orchestrated as it seems, is actually an emergency military government formed in such strife. These encounters were centered around U.N. clashes with dissident political movements, the most important of which were the "Koslovics" and the "Frieden". More specifically, the Frieden movement was a fascist organization based on the Jovian Moons, though they received backing from some corporations operating in the United German Republic on Earth, while their ideological opponents, the Koslovics, formed a Marxist-Leninist group centered around the leadership of Vladimir Koslov.

The war began with an attack on U.N. Colonial Advisers on the moon of Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, but would spread to Mars and parts of South America in the Rain Forest Wars. These events culminated in a U.N. build-up in the 2160s, which would result in the second of the great reforms, the first being from the League of Nations into the U.N. The second reformed the U.N. from a largely diplomatic organization to a permanent Unified Earth Government as an ultimate power to lead the human race by 2170.

The four year long war put the spotlight on problems facing the overpopulated planet, and the Rain Forest Wars also exacerbated the problems relating to food distribution. The ensuing famine and societal problems related to the post-war population boom providing the spark to change the political nature of governance on Earth and elsewhere, leading to the political system seen in the 26th Century.

These pressures also helped make space colonization seem more attractive in later centuries, as the Unified Earth Government would sign off on a colony ship program that was revealed in 2310 to ease the burden on the ailing home world. This would not have been possible without the invention of the Slipspace Shaw-Fujikawa drive in the late 2200s, which allowed the ships to travel far greater distances than ever before.

It took 52 years before the first colony ship, the Odyssey, was launched, and what became the so-called Inner Colonies were not fully colonized until the end of the 24th century. The apex of human colonization would come in 2492, when more then 800 worlds were inside UNSC territory and a handful of them were under development or had already developed into colonies. By this time, a ring of Outer Colonies was providing the UEG with the raw materials that made the macro-economy work; the political power, however, remained with the aforementioned Inner Colonies. The massive difference in wealth distribution and political power, which became a hallmark of humanity by this period, led to new threats of secession from the outer ring. Fearing the consequences of the breakup of the interstellar empire and seeing the benefits of avoiding all-out war to defend their hold on the colonies, the Earth government would embark on the SPARTAN-Is, the predecessors to the SPARTAN-II program in 2491, beginning with the ORION Project.

2525 marked the most important turning point in human history; it would mark the beginning of the great technological advancement, the unification of a divided and fractured human race, and the first contact of humanity and an extra-terrestrial intelligence, the Covenant. It would also see a majority of the Earth government's colony worlds destroyed, and billions of colonists and military personnel slaughtered by orbital plasma bombardment and planetary invasion, known as glassing. Thus began the Human-Covenant War with the First Battle of Harvest.

Stemming from the chance encounter of human and Covenant forces at Harvest, the first contact made between humanity and the Covenant involved the ship Minor Transgression, and was less peaceful than the second contact made between the two factions. A less aggressive meeting between representatives of the two factions took place on the fields of Harvest, but the peaceful meeting soon turned into a blood bath. With the Covenant claiming the planet for the numerous "Forerunner relics" present (unaware that the humans are the relics), slaughtering most of the colony's population.[1]

On April 20, a scout ship, the CMA sent in a scout ship, the Argo, to investigate the cessation of communications between Harvest and the rest of the UEG's colonies. Before being destroyed by Covenant forces, it discovered that everything on the planet had been completely incinerated, and the surface covered by fields of magma, leaving nothing alive. Soon after, Battlegroup 4, consisting of the frigates CMA Arabia and Vostok and the destroyer CMA Heracles, were sent to investigate. On October 7, the battle group dropped out of Slipspace and to Harvest. In orbit around the remains of the colony world was a single alien ship which proceeded to attack the battle group, destroying all the ships except one. Intercepted communications identified the enemy as the Covenant, a caste-driven, theological organization made up of several alien species. The message "Your destruction is the will of the gods...and we are their instrument" was broadcast in perfect English.[5]

Since the later Second Battle of Harvest in 2526, where a huge human fleet led by Vice Admiral Preston Cole barely won against a smaller Covenant fleet in a symbolic "victory" for humanity, the humans' grip on their territories declined significantly in the course of their struggle. The Covenant had managed to capture the majority, if not all of the Outer Colonies, and a portion of the Inner Colonies.

By this time, the UNSC overrode the UEG, and thus the central civilian authority throughout the human worlds and Earth itself. Although the central government was more willing to step down, the Colonial Administration was far more reluctant to this idea, and thus the UNSC stripped it of most of its power. By the middle to late stages of the war, the government of humanity could be more accurately described as an "emergency military" government.

By 2552, the UNSC, outnumbered and outgunned, had managed to slow down the Covenant's inexorable progress through former human space, but the situation was dire. In desperation, HIGHCOM ordered a high-risk op, sending the SPARTAN-II super soldiers, the best soldiers ever fielded by humanity, to insert into Covenant space, capture a high-ranking Prophet, and return to UNSC space in an attempt to ransom for a truce. Before the operation began, the Covenant found and destroyed the planet Reach, killing most of the Spartans and a large portion of the UNSCDF, inadvertently stopping the operation and rendering most of the SPARTANs MIA.

A single ship, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn managed to escape the planet, with two SPARTANs on board, Linda-058, who was presumably dead in the Fall of Reach and the John-117. The ship followed coordinates derived by the A.I. Cortana to a ringworld known as Halo. There John-117 destroyed a large Covenant fleet and the ringworld itself. He also encountered a parasitic lifeform known as the Flood, the species that the ring, Halo, had been built to starve. The major side-effect of the activation of the ring would lead to the extinction of all life within three radii of the galactic center. John-117 destroyed the ring, believing it to be too powerful, by detonation of the reactor of the Pillar of Autumn. After hijacking a Covenant Flagship known as the Ascendant Justice, the SPARTAN reunited with the remaining survivors from Installation 04 and the destruction of Reach and attacked a force of Covenant ships and a large Covenant space docking station in Operation: FIRST STRIKE, one of the most successful UNSC operations against the Covenant in the entire war.

By October of 2552, the Covenant had haphazardly discovered the position of the human home world, Earth, and sent a preliminary task force there, believing it to be the location of the Ark, an ancient Forerunner relic. They encountered staunch resistance, and were initially fended off. Further complications arose from the political and religious crisis that emerged in the wake of a UNSC operation to assassinate the Prophet of Regret, and the secession of the Sangheili from the hegemony, leading to the Covenant Civil War, further throwing the Covenant into chaos. Nevertheless, by November, what was left of the Covenant Loyalists had subjugated large parts of Africa, devastating much of the planet. Only their retreat through a Forerunner portal in Africa, and the arrival of the Sangheili Fleet, stopped the utter destruction of the UNSC and Earth itself.

The UNSC and Covenant Separatist forces launched a joint operation to destroy the Covenant Loyalists once and for all at the Ark, stopping the installation from firing the Halos, killing the Covenant's last remaining leader, the Prophet of Truth, and destroying the bulk of the Loyalists' remaining forces. On March 3, 2553, the Human-Covenant War officially ended in a victory for the UNSC and the Covenant Separatists, but at a high price, with most major military outposts destroyed except for Earth as well as many colonies (although it seems that most of the colony worlds were not glassed during the war, with only seventy-six worlds known to have been totally destroyed). It is presumed that millions of UNSC personnel and an estimate twenty-three billion human civilians had been killed from 2525-2553.

Since 2553, the UNSC has engaged in an extensive period of reconstruction in order to restore stability to the shattered remnants of human space. The UNSC has moved to reclaim those worlds that were not completely destroyed during the Human-Covenant War. By 2589, the former human stronghold of Reach had been restored and resettled by the UNSC.[6] The UNSC also maintains its earlier truce with the members of the Covenant Separatists.

(from Halo Nation)

Battle vs Grand Army of the Republic (By Sith Venator)Edit

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

The UNSC Super carrier Constitution drops out of slip space above a dry, near-lifeless planet. The Captain on the bridge asks one of the Ensigns to do a scan on the planet. A few moments later the Captain is able to see a hologram of the entire planet, including a point of interest, military activity that was neither UNSC nor Covenant. Upon closer inspection the Captain theorized that the forces already on the planet were Insurrectionists equipped with stolen Covenant equipment, as at what appeared to be the Headquarters showed a large trace amount of plasma.

"I want first platoon down there ASAP!" ordered the Captain to the ship's artificial intelligence. "Aye Captain." replied the hologram of the A.I. as it forwarded the order to first platoon. After about an hour a small flock of Pelicans land on the planet about 50 miles outside the base. Down on the planet Lieutenant Ramirez orders his men and women out of the pelicans and to unload the vehicles, equipment, and weapons out of them. After about twenty minutes they get everything unloaded including a dissembled Falcon, which the mechanics get to reconstructing right way.

Up in orbit the Constitution closes its hanger doors as the last pelican returns. "Well Captain," asked the A.I., "now what?" Before the Captain could reply though the Super carrier picked up an incoming ship from slip space. The ship suddenly appeared in front of the Super carrier, surprising both of the ships' crews. On board the other ship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Revan, the Captain of the Revan yelled out to the crew "All hands on deck we have an unidentified contact! Communications Officer CL-0139 tell our base on the planet of the possible danger!"

The Captain looked at the Venator-class Star Destroyer before yelling out, "Get the ship back into slip space! We don't know what that ship is capable of and I'm not about to risk the lives of the entire vessel on a gamble." The Constitution then slipped back into slip space leaving the Revan behind. "Follow that ship!" ordered the Captain of the Revan and before an Ensign could blink the Revan had roared back into hyperspace chasing the Constitution, leaving both platoons to deal with each other.

"Wait CL-0139! Damnit, were on our own for now men." stated CL-2553 to his men. "I have a bad feeling about this." said one of the troopers to another. "Wolf, Cube, Six, and Turtle I want you four out to recon the area. Take two BARC Speeders and the Swamp Speeder." stated the Lieutenant to four troopers, they saluted and made their way to the vehicle bay unsure of what they would fine.

"Constitution do you read me? Captain!" shouted Lieutenant Ramirez over the comm to nobody. "Grrr Fisher, MacTavish, Bond, and Monroe I want you to recon the area immediately in the Falcon." "Sir the Falcon isn't ready yet!" yelled one of the engineers as he attached a part to the Falcon. "Well men your going old school, take the Gauss Hog and Mongoose." The four men got into the vehicles and rode out into the sunset, though this was far from the end of things. "Sarge what do you think were gonna find out here?" asked Wolf to Cube as they drove side by side in a ravine. "I don't know vod, but I don't think it's going to be droids." replied Cube to Wolf. "Hold on guys, my HUD is picking something in the distance, non-repulsorlift vehicles, too fast to be walkers, definitely not Separatists." said Six over the comm to the rest of the small squad.

"Sir we have three incoming scout-type vehicles heading our way, they seem Covenant so the rebels must have modified some ghosts and maybe a spectre." stated Fisher to Bond. "Fire your rocket when they get in range!" ordered Bond to MacTavish.

"Cube they're in range, do we fire?" asked Turtle to the Sergeant impatiently. Before he got an answer though a 102mm rocket fired from the back of a mongoose directly into the BARC Speeder destroying the small and fragile vehicle. "Turtle is down!" Yelled out Cube to the remainder of the squad, "Wolf try to flank them!" Unfortunately before wolf could do so his BARC speeder was hit by the incredibly powerful Gauss cannon on the Warthog. The Swamp Speeder fired its laser cannons into the mongoose, killing the driver causing the mongoose to hit a rock making the passenger fly into the air and land on the ground hard, breaking his back. Before the Swamp Speeder could fire on the next target however the Gauss Warthog fired the gauss cannon again dead on accurately at the Swamp Speeder killing both Cube and Six and destroying the heavy scout speeder.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"All enemies down sir, but we lost MacTavish and Monroe on the mongoose." stated Fisher to Bond. "Turn this vehicle around Fisher, we have report this to Lt. Ramirez ASAP!" ordered Bond to fisher. Fisher turned the steering wheel in a 420 degree motion causing the warthog to turn around sharply, and the two surviving marines began the drive back to the make-shift Headquarters.

"Turtle! Cube! Six! Wolf! Anyone do you read me!" yelled CL-2553 over the comm but no one answered. "Sir give it up, they're gone, the unknown hostiles took them out." said CS-0343 as he patted CL-2552. "You don't know that Tremors, they could still be out there with only a comm malfunction!" replied CL-2553 to CS-0343/Tremors. "Striker, if you don't believe me send the lartey, but trust me we all can see the smoke, our brothers are dead." replied Tremors to CL-2553/Striker. "Reinforce the positions; if they took out our scouts they might make a run for the base. Engineers if the AT-TE's mass driver isn't fixed by the time I get back to the vehicle bay we'll send you out on the next recon patrol!" ordered Striker to his platoon as he walked back into the small office the base had for officers.

Ramirez, trust me we've fought rebels and covies for twenty years together, those bastards that just killed MacTavish and Monroe were neither." stated Bond to the Lieutenant. "Bond, you do know what you’re saying right? A group of people that have covie-like tech, maybe even better?" replied Ramirez. "Sir, they were wearing armor I had never seen, they are not rebels, and they are not Covenant. We both know that we just ran into a scouting party." replied Bond. "Engineers I want that Falcon up and running in ten minutes!" yelled Ramirez to the engineers as he turned away from Bond, "Bond, man the scorpion, we haven't run into anything that can withstand a good shot from a 90mm cannon."

Ramirez sat in a passenger seat onboard the Falcon, which was moving at a very fast speed trying to keep up with the Scorpion, warthogs, and mongooses. "Remember men," said Ramirez over the comm, "Once you get a kilometer out of the base depart your vehicle unless I have already said otherwise." Sergeant Bond yelled over the comm from inside the Scorpion to the Lieutenant, "Sir where is the Cobra? I think the boys would like a 120mm cannon in this fight." "It's trying to keep up with us Bond, it will set up once we have engaged the enemy and can tell it where to shoot."

CL-2553 looked down his binoculars to find the enemy departing their small transport vehicles and running down into a small cave that opened up directly in front of the trenches. "SPHA-T 1 fire at those, ummm I guess they are marines." ordered Striker to the SPHA-T. The SPHA-T's giant cannon then raised itself about 60 degrees in the air, moved slightly to the left, and fired a massive plasma bolt into the area that the marine were unloading.

A marine looked up to see the incoming plasma, "Plasma mortar everyone down!" most of the marines got inside the cave but the one who had taken the time to warn the others and his mongoose driver were killed immediately as the plasma crashed into the ground.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Bond take that thing out!" yelled Ramirez to Bond over the comm. "On it sir." replied Bond as he fired the 90mm cannon of the scorpion at the SPHA-T. The SPHA-T's heavy armor absorbed the first three shots but the fourth hit the fragile legs of the giant walker causing it to tilt. The fifth 90mm round hit the cannon of the SPHA-T, causing it to fall down and fire right in front of its self. The resulting explosion killed the entire crew.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Damnit we just lost our artillery, Sergeant where the hell is our AT-TE?" screamed Striker over the comm. "One leg is stuck in some quick sand, were trying out best to get it out." replied Tremors as he picked up a shovel and started digging the stuck leg out. "CT-1776 get to that hill and start picking off any marines you can see." stated Striker to the trooper next to him. "Sir I told you my name is lucky!" replied the trooper as he grabbed his DC-15X Sniper Rifle and sprinted to the hill 20 meters away. "Your gonna need it kid..." replied Striker as he raised his DC-15S blaster.

"Marines I want to see your asses out of that cave in five minutes." ordered Ramirez as his Falcon hovered near the Scorpion. "Bond I want you to go up there and lay some pressure, get Fisher off the turret and give him a Sniper, there is a nice rock about ten meters to your left." ordered Ramirez as he checked his Tacpad. "You heard the man," said Bond, "Get your ass of my tank Fisher." Fisher did not say anything as he exited the turret and grabbed the SRS99 that was equipped to the tread of the tank, and then sprinted to the cover spot.

"Marines get ready for hell!" screamed out a close quarter’s combat specialist as he loaded the last shell into his 8 gauge shotgun.

"I think I heard something." said one of the Clone troopers in a trench. "Everyone throw a thermal detonator!" replied the trooper next to him. Soon all five troopers in the general area had pulled out thermal detonators, armed them, and tossed them into the cave.

A thermal detonator rolled down the small hill in the cave and stopped at the feet of a marine. "Oh shit..." said the marine before he and four Marines around him were completely destroyed by the combination blast of five thermal detonators.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Marines return the favor!" yelled out a marine holding a M9 frag grenade. Soon other marines took out their grenades, pulled the pins, and tossed them out of the cave shy of the trench but took out one Clone trooper who had his head above the trench. His body slammed back, his helmet filled with shrapnel. Before the clones could do anything the marines started swarming out of the cave.

"Vode an!" yelled out a Clone trooper as he fired his DC-15A Blaster Rifle into the stomach killing the marine. "Vode an!" replied the other Clone troopers as bullets and laser flew past each other.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

More and more marines filed out of the cave, one Clone trooper was targeted by three marines getting hit by 23 7.62x51mm rounds from their MA5B Assault Rifles before he even fell down onto the ground dead.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

The Clone troopers began to get pushed back, the over whelming numbers of Marines was bearing down on them. To make things worse for the Clone troopers the scorpion and gauss warthog arrived to back up the marines. "Firefek." cursed one of the clones as the 90mm cannon was fired at the trench, killing him.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Tank beats everything!" yelled out Bond as he continued to fire at the clone troopers. The marines were now out of the cave, the command Falcon had moved up to assist in the attack, and the Cobra had finally caught up with the platoon to act as artillery. The marines began to funnel into the tunnels that were the second defense of the base. The first marine to enter a room was blasted by a Z-6 Blaster Cannon.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Go I'll hold them off!" yelled the Clone trooper to his brothers. One Clone trooper stayed behind and raised his BT X-42 Flamethrower, "Your not doing this alone vod." said the Clone trooper to the other as they both began to fire into the small tunnel. In the cramp conditions the Marines numbers meant nothing and before the two troopers were killed by a M90 shotgun they killed six marines.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Flamethrower and machine gun teams move up!" yelled a Sergeant to some Hellbringers as the marines continued to funnel through the tunnels. Back on the surface Bond scanned the surface for enemies. Before he could find his enemy though he was blasted by the AT-TE's laser cannons and mass driver, destroying the scorpion instantly and killing Bond. "Told you Lieutenant, the AT-TE is the backbone of the GAR!" yelled out Tremors over the comm to Striker who was ducking behind rock avoiding getting hit by a gauss projectile. Striker scrambled up, took the PLX-1 Missile Launcher off his back, aimed, and fired at the Gauss Warthog destroying it in a giant ball of fire.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue "Sir we just lost our scorpion!" said the pilot to Ramirez. "I noticed pilot." replied Ramirez sarcasticly as he began giving orders to to Cobra. The Cobra ajusted it's 120mm cannon and aimed at the AT-TE that was terrorizing marines that had exited the tunnels back to the surface. Tremors fired another shot into the ground before looking up, seeing the Cobra from far away. The Cobra fired at the AT-TE leaving only enough time for Tremors to jump off the Mass Driver cannon. The AT-TE fired off one last laser before falling down on all six legs in flames. Before Tremors could even get up off from the ground though a 14.5x114mm round went through his head killing him instantly.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"That one is for Bond." stated Fisher silently as he remained motionless on his perch, aiming down the scope of the SRS99.

"I have you now..." said Lucky to himself as he aimed down the scope of his DC-15X Sniper Rifle. Lucky had seen the flash of the sniper when Tremors was killed. "I see you’re not following the rule of sniping." commented Lucky as he put his finger over the trigger, "Never expose yourself to the enemy." Lucky pulled the trigger and the plasma from the rifle shot straight through the SRS99's scope into the head of Fisher.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Back underground the last of the Marines exited the tunnels that led to the hanger bay. "Troopers defend the gunship!" said Striker as he reunited with his troops in the hanger bay. Striker fired his DC-15S into the chest of a marine who had just set the bipod up for the AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun. A Hellbringer moved up and started to spray the hanger bay with flames killing a Clone trooper shot the tank on his back with a DC-15A Blaster Rifle killing the Hellbringer and the Marine next to him.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

A Marine rushed to man the machine gun, knocked the bipod over, and started spraying from the hit only hitting one trooper before being killed by a volley of blaster fire.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Striker then took a thermal detonator, armed it, and threw it into the cover of the marines. The resulting blast threw bodies into the ceiling, killing four Marines.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Not content with the death of the marines Striker pulled out his DC-17 Hand Blaster and dual-wielded it with his DC-15S Blaster shooting the remaining two marines with each blaster.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Everyone in that Gunship we still have to take down the command ship and artillery." ordered Striker as he held back the tears of seeing the dead bodies of his brothers on the ground with bullet holes through their armor. The remaining clone troopers boarded the LAAT/I and in about five minutes were off in the air leaving Lucky on the hill to wonder what to do. He watched as the LAAT swooped down and with a combination of lasers and missiles destroyed the Cobra instantly.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue

"I hate running." thought Lucky to himself as he put the DC-15X Sniper Rifle on his back and started running after the Gunship, his comm broken from the sand.

"Sir all of our forces are gone, even the Cobra." said the Pilot to Ramirez. "Retreat!" ordered the Lieutenant as the LAAT gunship came into view blasting the Falcon with lasers. The two gunships began maneuvering around each other, bullets and lasers bouncing around the air and the nearby cliff. Ramirez dropped his Tacpad and grabbed a M19 SSM Rocket Launcher from inside the falcon, aimed, and fired at the LAAT gunship causing it to crash.

"Everybody out!" ordered the pilot. The remaining clone troopers jumped out of the flaming gunship as the pilot tried to pull it up. CL-2553 was the last one off hitting the ground with a loud thump, he turned his head left to see his troopers, then turned his head right to see the Gunship crash into the ground and explode, killing the pilot and co-pilot.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue Blue

"Muhahaha!" laughed Ramirez as he watched the Gunship burn. "Sire I'm sorry to spoil the moment but we have to land. Our engines were damaged in the dogfight with the other gunship." stated the pilot to the Lieutenant. "Well land her, we'll see if anyone survived the crash." replied Ramirez as he loaded his M6C magnum.

"Sound off!" ordered Striker as he got up picked up his DC-15S blaster. "CT-6308 aka Lightweight here!" replied a Clone trooper with a Z-6 Rotary cannon. "CS-9401 aka Deadeye reporting for duty!" replied another trooper with a DC-15A Blaster rifle. "CT-0058 reporting!" finished the last one with a Vibroknife in hand. Striker looked about 300 meters away to see the Falcon landing, and then looked back at his troops. "Vod, this is a squad on squad fight now, be ready."

The Pilot exited the Falcon and grabbed a MA5B from the side, he looked at Ramirez who had his personal M6C magnum, engraved with tallies of how many Covenant he had killed with it, there were a lot of tallies on the small pistol. Ramirez in turn looked at the two gunners who were armed with a M90 Shotgun and another MA5B Assault Rifle. "Come on Jarheads it's time to clean out the trash." ordered Ramirez as he walked towards the crash site.

Deadeye hid behind the wreckage of the LAAT waiting for the marines to get closer into view. His brothers had found a series of rocks and plants to hide behind to ambush the marines once he fired. Problem was that the Marines could hid behind many of the destroyed buildings from the battle to take the planet from the C.I.S. Deadeye took aim with his DC-15A Blaster Rifle, looked at the face of the man he was about to kill, then pulled the trigger slowly until a bolt of plasma shot out of the rifle and hit one of the gunners dead in the side.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue

The remaining Marines got behind the ruins of a destroyed church and started exchanging fire. Lightweight popped out of cover and fired his Z-6 Cannon into the side of the church giving CT-0058 cover so he could slip behind and kill them with the vibroknife. The clone trooper slid by the side of the building, peeked around the corner to see the marines distracted, then ran and tried to stab the Lieutenant only to be blasted by a M90 shotgun by the remaining gunner.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue

Ramirez pointed his M6C out of a corner and instantly fired three shots to Deadeye's position killing the clone instantly with a headshot from the powerful 12.7x40mm round.

Clone troopers: Red Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue

"CT-0058 and Deadeye are down sir!" yelled out Lightweight as he tried to run back into cover, only to be shot five times by the pilot with the MA5B.

Clone troopers: Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue Blue Blue

"Firefek." cursed Striker as he looked at what he could do. He only had a DC-15S, a DC-17, and a vibroknife. He turned the corner to head the other Lieutenant giving another order, "Men storm that position, Marines can deal with one man." The Two marines then ran towards the position as fast as they could, but the pilot was not fast enough. Striker fired his carbine on full-auto filling the pilot with seven holes from the light plasma. The other marines sprinted faster as Striker ducked behind cover. The Gunner jumped over the entire cover and fired his M90 shotgun where he thought the Clone trooper would be, only to find a rock with leaves on it. He turned around only in time to see Striker stabbing him in the heart with the Vibroblade, killing the gunner instantly.

Clone troopers: Red Red

UNSC Marines: Blue

Ramirez looked around to see no one but the Clone Lieutenant left. "Are you happy bastard!" yelled Ramirez at Striker as he fired his M6C. "My entire platoon is dead! It is all your fault, I'm not going to kill you, and I’m going to torture you for what you did to my men. Do you know what I went through with those men? Wave after wave of Covenant, with no relief except when you know their ships are beaming down destruction of the planet your on. Then we got shipped off to the next planet to see it happen again." He reloaded his M6C and turned the corner only to be punched in the face by Striker.

"You think you have had it hard?" yelled Striker back as he punched Ramirez again in the face, then again and again until Ramirez kicked him in the groin. Ramirez tackled Striker to the ground and attempted to aim his M6C at the clone but Striker was using all his energy to make him aim the pistol at himself. Striker managed to throw Ramirez off of him and made a run for his weapons, only to be shot in the legs.

Ramirez got up and walked over to the clone, "Tell me clone, that is what you are isn't it? Your all just the same man, you don't even have a soul! How hard could your life be compared to mine!" "Well, at birth we didn't even get a name only a number. Before we even knew what all the colors were they gave us a blaster to shoot. It wasn't long after that we started dyeing in live fire practices. Then on my tenth birthday I saw war up front and personal. Thousands and thousands of droids that wanted nothing else but to see me and my brothers dead. Wave after wave we fought, but you unlike you? We won." replied Striker as his helmet rolled off his head, allowing him to spit on Ramirez.

"Wrong answer." stated Ramirez as he drove his combat knife into Striker's shoulder. "For every man that died today, you will be stabbed 100 more times." "Striker!" yelled out Lucky as he finally got to the crash site of the gunship. Before Lucky could do anything to save his Lieutenant though he was nailed into he chest by an entire magazine of the M6C.

Clone troopers: Red

UNSC Marines: Blue

"Thought you could team up on me aye clone?" asked Ramirez sarcastically before being stabbed in the face by his own combat knife. Striker then slammed Ramirez's head into a nearby rock ,cracking open the skull.

Clone troopers: Red

UNSC Marines:

Striker stumbled around to get up; he looked around seeing his entire platoon to be dead. Lucky had saved his life, and he had nothing to show for it but blood on his white armored gloves. "Vode an!" screamed out Striker to his dead platoon, "Vode an..."

He looked up to see the Venator-class Star Destroyer returning from its wild goose chase. "CL-2553 do you read me over?" stated another Clone trooper over the comm. "I read you brother." replied Striker. "We're sending your platoon gunships to pick you guys up." "Don't bother, I'm the only one left, but the enemy, they aren't around any longer either." replied Striker. "I'm sorry for the loss vod but you have a new mission. The unknown ship we encountered in the system led us to a planet literally being burned to glass by a different kind of unknown ship. We attempted to engage but more ships came out of hyperspace and attacked us, we retreated. We are regrouping with the Open Circle Fleet to counter this aggression Lieutenant, get aboard the gunship so you can get some rest. We have a busy day ahead of ourselves." replied the comm operator.

"VODE AN!" screamed Striker one last time before plopping on the ground too tired to stand.

WINNER: Grand Army of the Republic

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Battle vs Union of Allied Planets (by BeastMan14) Edit


Winner: UNSC

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Battle vs. the RDA Security Operations (by Samurai96) Edit

UNSC Marines:GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

RDA SecOps:RedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRed

On Pandora 7 UNSC Marines along with 2 Warthogs and 1 Scorpion Tank land on the planet to check for Covenant Activity, meanwhile 6 RDA SecOps with 4 AMP suits are on a scouting mission. A SecOp soldier sees a Marine and thinks he could be from a rival company so takes aim with his Nail Gun and opens up killing a marineGreen. The Marines head to cover and one takes out his Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Material takes aim and fires killing the SecOp man with the Nail GunRed. A Marine mans the AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun on the Warthog and fires riddling a SecOp with bulletsRedmeanwhile another SecOp in a AMP suit fires his GAU-90 destroying the Warthog and the Marine with itGreenGreen. The Marine in the Scorpion tank takes aim and fires destroying a AMP suit and the soldier insideRedRedanother SecOp in a AMP Suit fires his GAU-90 at the tank but with no effect so the Marine inside rotates the turret and fires killing that SecOp and his AMPRedRed. A SecOp sneaks up from behind the marines and fires his Assault rifle killing a marine and then hitting the gas tank of the Warthog destroying that and killing the marine on itGreenGreenGreen. A marine turns around with his M7057/Defoliant Projector Flamethrower and burns the SecOp soldierRed. A marine tosses a M9 grenade but a SecOp soldier grabs it and tosses it back but the grenade explodes in the air so a Marine takes aim and fires his MA5C killing the SecOp soldier only to be killed by a M60 carried by the last SecOp soldier who takes cover and tosses the 60 aside and takes out a Bush BossSC and tries to flank around. Meanwhile the Scorpion Tank driver takes aim and fires destroying the last AMP suitRed. Just then the hatch opens up and the SecOp soldier burns the Marine driver aliveGreen. A Marine with a M6G charges at the SecOp and fires hitting the SecOp in the shoulder and the SecOp takes out his Wasp and fires killing the marineGreen. He notices that that the last two marines are nowhere in sight and takes out his Combat Shotgun and sees a marine run across to another tree and fires only for the other marine with a M90 Shotgun to pop out and fire killing the SecOp soldierRed. The marines walk out and raise their fist in the air and yell "FOR THE UNSC" and then get on the radio and call for pickup.

Winner: UNSC Marines

Battles Won out of 5,000


Weapon Stats

M6G 50%-50% WASP

M90 50%-50% Combat Shotgun

MA5C 49%-51% Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifle 99D-S2 80%-20% Nail Gun

M7057/Defoliant Projector Flamethrower 51%-49% Bush Boss

AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun 45%-55% M60

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The Marines won because of their better weapons, training, and more combat experience fighting tougher opponents.

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Rematch vs. the RDA Security Operations (by Wassboss) Edit


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