The only easy day was yesterday.
— US Navy SEALs motto

The United States Navy's "Sea, Air, and Land" Teams, commonly abbreviated as the Navy SEALs, is the primary elite assault forces deployed by the Naval Special Warfare Command and United States Special Operations Command. The Navy SEALS operate in all sorts of environments; they include the oceans or other bodies of water, the air, and terrain. They have been reputed to be one of the most adaptable special forces units in the world.

Constantly evolving to fight in different environments whether it be desert, jungle, arctic, mountain, wherever they are always evolving to become better at it. If they go into a type of situation they have never been in before, they have been able to quickly adapt and overcome it.

The SEALS specialize in direct action, sea-to-land incursion, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and foreign peacekeeping. The group's origins from from the UDT units of WW2 and Korea who specialized in landing on beaches and destroying enemy defenses through use of explosives. It was in 1961 that the US Navy SEALs were formed with the purpose of being able to send small groups to assassinate or kidnap high profile targets, destroy enemy camps, rescue POWs, and conduct reconnaissance, without deployment of many men or loss of life.

Throughout the Mekong Delta, SEALs were creating serious disruption in the Viet Cong political infrastructure. Tax Collectors and high ranking VC and NVA officials were the preferred targets. Operating usually at night, often dressed up like the VC; SEALs operating in teams of 2 to 7 men kidnapped, ambushed, and infiltrated their enemy's camps. The Viet Cong quickly became terrified of them and called them "the men with green faces".

Battle vs. Special Air Service (by Tomahawk23)

No Battle Written

Winner: SAS

Expert's Opinion


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Battle vs. Special Boat Service (by Omnicube1)

GreyGreyGreyGreyGreyUS Navy SEALS

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredSpecial Boat Service

"All right ya wankers listen up!" commands a SBS captain. "We got intel of some Yankee commandos in bound. Ready up and prepare to spill some blood."

"Gives me the abdabs, sir," says a new recruit.

"Steady, I don't need any foul-ups today," the captain replies. Suddenly, a window breaks and a bullet flies through, cutting through the throat of the new recruit. Darkred Four US Navy Seals rappel and fire their guns to breach the windows and enter the room.

"Go, go, go!" commands a SEAL while firing his M4A1 SOPMOD. A SBS grenadier fires his EGLM that is attached to his FN2000. The grenade detonates, sending a SEAL flying. Grey

"Lay down suppressing fire!" demands the SBS captain. The remaining Servicemen pop from cover, firing their weapons. The SEAL sniper fires his Mk. 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle and kills another SBS operative. Darkred Disgruntled, the SBS captains grabs his TPG-1 and commands his men to cover him. He easily spots the enemy sniper and takes him out. Grey The SEAL commander turns on him and fires his M4A1 at him. The captain ducks for cover and swaps the sniper rifle for a FABARM SAT-8. One SBS member daringly charges at the SEAL leader, shooting his FNP-9. However, a SEAL takes him out with his M203 by firing a grenade directly at his chest, the sheer power of the impact stopping his heart. Darkred

"Come here ya sissies!" shouts the SBS captain. He runs up and fires his SAT-8. He peppers a SEAL with pellets. Grey He soon runs out of bullets and attempts to reload. As he does so a SEAL fires his Benelli M4 Super 90 at him. An SBS rushes and jumps.

"NOOO!!" the SBS operative shouts. He absorbs the full blast of the shotgun. Darkred As he falls he throws his FNP-9 in the air. The captain catches the pistol one-handed and empties it into the body of the SEAL toting the Benelli. Grey He turns and discovers the SEAL leader nearby with his HK Mark 23 SOCOM. He fires several times but the SBS captain is able to dodge the bullets. He then charges him with his KA-BAR drawn. He stabs and hacks but misses. The SEAL grabs the captain by the throat and throws him onto a pillar. He drops his pistol and pulls out his Gerber Mk II knife and stabs the Briton several times, releasing a torrent of blood. Darkred


Expert's Opinion

While the special boat service had a good arsenal, the US Navy SEALs were truly the best of the best in terms of training, letting no enemy stand in front of them.

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Battle vs. French Naval Commandos (by Cfp3157)

SEALs: 12345 Commandos: 12345

Five US Navy SEALs are advancing on a French military compound. Little do they know that five French Naval Commandos are watching them. They already have a Claymore Mine set 50 feet away from the SEALs. A SEAL goes to scout ahead, and the Commandos activate the Claymore. He is blown to kingdom come.

SEALs: 1234

Commandos: 12345

The rest of the SEALs rush to the door of the compound before the Commandos can activate anymore mines. The leader places C-4 on the door. A Commando inside goes to get his UMP45, but then the door explodes and falls on top of him.

SEALs: 1234

Commandos: 1234

The Commandos grab their guns and a firefight begins. A SEAL flanks the Commandos and kills one with his TDI Vector Kriss.

SEALs: 1234

Commandos: 123

The Commando leader turns around and kills the SEAL with his FAMAS F1.

SEALs: 123

Commandos: 123

The rest of the French Commandos retreat and go in different rooms. Two SEALs enter a room and they are met with gunfire with the leader of the Naval Commandos. He kills one with his FAMAS.

SEALs: 12

Commandos: 12

Meanwhile, the SEAL leader rushes into a room and shoots one Commando with his M4A1 and stabs the other with his Gerber Mark 2.

SEALs: 12

Commandos: 1

The French Naval Commando leader and the last SEAL empty their guns and draw their knives. The SEAL tries a thrust and misses. The Naval Commando quickly tackles the SEAL and slashes his throat open.

SEALs: 1

Commandos: 1

The Commando leader goes back to the main room and grabs a UMP45,( He didn't die like the last guy who grabbed a UMP). He searches and sees the SEAL leader. The SEAL presses a button on a switch and the ceiling explodes over the French Naval Commando, killing him.

SEALs: 1


"Glad I always keep extra C-4 with me." he says. He then walks away to mourn his comrades.


Expert's Opinion

In a landslide of 3,128 US Navy SEALs to 2,872, French Naval Commandos, the experts agreed that the SEALs more diverse training and better weapons gave them the victory. Everyone voted for the SEALs, including myself.

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Battle vs. Stalkers (by Tomahawk23)

No battle written


Expert's Opinion

The Stalkers were basically outclassed in every way. The SEALs, were smarter, better trained, and had much better weapons than the Stalkers, making this an easy win for them

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Battle vs. Spetsnaz GRU (by Jar teh marksman)

SEALs: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

It starts as 6 SEAL operatives are advancing through a field in Russia. 6 Spetsnaz operatives, sitting atop a roof, notice them. They pick up their AK74's, aim, and take fire, killing one SEAL.

SEALs: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

The SEAL team quickly notice the Russian soldiers, and return fire with their M4, killing one Spetsnaz. But in turn, another SEAL member is hit with the AK74.

SEALs: Blue Blue Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

The SEALs retreat into a gathering of trees. The Spetsnaz follow behind them. As one enters the forest, they hear a click, and an explosion goes off right by them, killing a Spetsnaz.

SEALs: Blue Blue Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Another Spetsnaz comes in with his Saiga, and blows away a SEAL. However, that Spetsnaz goes down when he recieves a bullet to the brain, compliments of the SIG Sauer.

SEALs: Blue Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred Darkred

One Spetsnaz notices a hill beyond the trees, and runs over there to set up his Dragunov. The other 2 Spetsnaz continue to advance through the forest, when they get to the other side, they're greeted with more gunfire. However, some of that stops when a SEAL winds up dead after getting shot by a Dragunov. Shortly after though, a hidden SEAL shoots the Russian sniper in the head with his Mk. 14.

SEALs: Blue Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred Darkred

The SEAL sniper quickly puts his Mk. 14 away, and retreats into an old building. The Spetsnaz follow shortly after. The Spetsnaz leader signals for the other Spetsnaz to enter the building. As soon as he finished checking his corners, he signaled for the leader to come in, but then gets ambushed by a SEAL, and stabbed in the neck. While the SEAL retreats after his kill, he doesn't find sucess, as he is shot in the back.

SEALs: Blue

Spetsnaz: Darkred

The remaining SEAL exits out the back of the building, to find himself in a clearing, where he sees a lake and the helicopter they got here in. He notices some equipment in the helo, and gets an idea.

The Spetsnaz leader comes out through the back, his Makarov ready to shoot anything he sees. He notices an arm just visible inside the helicopter. He quickly dashes behind some obstacles, and then pulls out his Ballistic Knife, and when he's near the helicopter, starts stabbing what's inside the helo. But he then noticed, it was just a decoy! Suddenly, he hears something emerging from the water. It's the last SEAL member with a rebreather! The last SEAL pulls out his AA-12, and blows the last Spetsnaz away.

SEALs: Blue


The SEAL goes over and looks at the dead soldier. "You were good, but not good enough," he says as he takes off his rebreather.

Expert's Opinion

The SEALS were trained for any mission, anywhere. They had the right tools for the job.

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Disregarded Battles

Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. SWAT (by KevlarNinja)

SWAT: 12345

Navy SEAL: 12345

On the roof of an apartment building, a squad of Navy SEALs grapple down a rope from a helicopter. Meanwhile, a SWAT team is preparing to enter the complex. Across the street, a SWAT sniper is laying in wait across the street. On the roof, the helicopter pilot (who's also part of the squad) lands the bird. He steps out, but is shot by the SWAT sniper.

Navy SEAL: 1234

The SEAL leader radios "Zulu is down, repeat, Zulu is down!". The squad's sniper pulls out his MK11, and finds the SWAT sniper in his crosshairs.

SWAT: 1234

As the rest of the SWAT team goes inside, the leader radios "Talk, this isEntry Team, Serra is down and we're going in." to which talk responds "OK Entry Team, EMT is on his way.". As the SWAT and SEAL team's split up, a SWAT operator goes inside an old apartment and sets up a Taser Shockwave and takes cover in a closet as he hears footsteps approaching. A SEAL comes in and the operator presses the button for the Shockwave, bringing the SEAL to the floor, howling in pain. A second SEAL comes in and pulls the Shockwave's barbs out. The two SEALs fallow the cable to the operator, who shoots them both with his LWRC-PSD.

Navy SEAL: 12

Just as the operator is about to go out the door, a third SEAL (the sniper) shoots him with his Remington 870.

SWAT: 123

Just as the sniper runs to meet up with the leader, saying, "X-Ray, this is Serra, Jones and Miller are dead, repeat, Jones and Miller are dead.".......just before he is shot by a SWAT operator's Benelli.

Navy SEAL: 1

The remaining SWAT officers meet in the lobby. Before they can make a plan, they are blinded by the SEAL leader's Flashbang. As they stuble around blind, they are killed by the SEAL's M4


The SEAL goes back to the roof and climbs in the copter. He radios "This is X-Ray, mission success." and flys away.


Expert's Opinion

SWAT wasn't even a military force; they were a paramilitary force. SEALs, on the other hand, are an acutal military force who "take on missions deemed too dangerous for other military forces." They were good, but SWAT had more urban-weapons, whereas the SEALs had more combat freidnly weapons, plus CQD to back them up when things got up close and personal.

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