Max Payne, the rogue cop out for the revenge of his family, vs John McClane, the LAPD terrorist killing magnet. WHO! IS! DEADLIEST!?

Max Payne


close range taurus judge
mid range dual ingrams
long range the kalinshnakov
special Striker

X Factors:

Training: 70

Physicality: 89

mental health: 62

John McClane

close range baretta 92FS
mid range HK94
long range M16A1
special C4

X Factors:

training: 70

physicality: 79

mental health: 100

The battle will be McClane and three cops vs Payne and 3 vigilantes.

No battle will be written, but McClane wins 3 to .5 (I dont find battles fun in a landslide victory where not a lot of people voted, and given what happened earlier, I'm not up to it)

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