aka Austonio Machete Michelangelo Rasputin E

  • I live in MAHVEL BAYBEE
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is God of Thunder
  • I am Male, last time I checked.
  • Drayco90
    Space: the infinite, final frontier that has captivated the human mind for as long as we have been able to look up into the vastness of our black, night sky and wonder if we are not alone in the ocean of shimmering starts gazing down upon our little blue rock. But as we began to explore this unending new horizon, we discovered that there was as much to fear in the darkness as there was to discover, and thus we needed protectors. We needed Guardians. In this place, time and space are mere elements to be bent and manipulated, and when the universe is twisted down and broken enough that two of our most valiant champions find themselves coming to blows, only one can be... The Deadliest Warrior.

    Formed in the wake of two devastating galactic wars…

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  • Drayco90

    For the Month of April in the year 2014.

    • Congratulations to our newest Admins- The Illustrious Cfp3157, who is replacing Drayco because he is "a tremendous shitbag", and Most Refined Tomahawk23.
    • We wish MrPacheco101 and Leolab a fine retirement. Their last message, left for us all to record in these blogs, is "You are all morons, we can't take your shit anymore, and you are going to burn this place down before the end of the month." With a need for new Bureaucrats, we have reached out to a well loved old member- Mexican Spider is here to bring in a new reign of Communist Deadliest Fiction.
    • All battles deemed unfair are now to be deleted from the wiki to preserve space. Also, every battle you have written is now unfair. Unless you wrote That …

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  • Drayco90

    For decades, gamers have argued about which of their consoles were superior, even as far back as when people pledged the flags of their fanboy allegiances to Atari, Colecovision and Magnavox. These "Console Wars" have been the basis of numerous arguments in every forum imaginable, but what if they had taken on a more literal form? Now, on Deadliest Fiction, the armies of each the modern Big Three will clash in a virtual world with their heroes and villains to prove who is dominant once and for all. Whether you pledge yourself to Miyamoto and Nintendo, Kaz Harai and Playstation, or the Xbox, the Console Wars is sure to thrill. The pieces are in place, and the forces are moving: now only one army can be the winner of the Console Wars.

    In the …

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  • Drayco90

    For the Month of October in the year 2013.

    • Don't forget to check out the new policy change proposals regarding the reservation of battles. You can see the full proposal here at Leo's Update to Battle Reservation Policy: Expiration Dates blog.

    • In the United States of America, protests from the Republican party against the policies of the Democrats have lead to a country wide shut-down of numerous government facilities and services.
    • The Russian Embassy in Tripoli was attacked by Libyan gunmen. No Russian casualties were reported, but two Libyans were killed, and an unspecified number of people have been evacuated from the facility. This follows another shooting at the Benghazi-based US Embassy last year, and the discovery of a car-bomb outside…

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  • Drayco90

    For the Month of September in the year 2013.

    • User Thundrtri is sadly taking his leave of here in preparation of high school. We formally wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, and hope to see him return when he gets things back together.

    • French Spies have confirmed that the Syrian Dictator Bashar Assad has amassed over 1000 tons of violent chemical agents, including sarin and XV. As the casualties and suffering in the country mount, it seems a UN response of some kind is, at this point, inevitable.
    • Some really neat scientific discoveries have been made this month: a canyon that dwarfs even the "Grand" Canyon has been discovered, entirely hidden, beneath the ice in Greenland. In the seas around England, Scientists have also found …

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