Hi! I've decided to make my first Sci-fi User Tournament!


In this tournament,you create an army using various units from any sci-fi universe you want,which is then pitted against another users army in a battle. The unit categories are:

Unit Description

Your armies basic grunt,infantrymen are armed with one basic weapon and a suit of non-powered armor.Examples:UNSC Marines,Stormtroopers,Imperial Guardsmen.

Elite Infantry

Elite infantry are similar to basic infantry, but with better training and sometimes better amor and weapons.Examples:ODSTs,ARC Troopers.


Uber-Infantry are similar to Elite Infanry but are augmented/have powered armor/have psionics/have something that makes them superior to a normal soldier. Examples:Spartans,Space Marines.

Light Vehicle

Light Vehicle's are small vehicles, generally used for scouting and quick strikes. Examples:Warthogs,AT-STs.

Heavy Vehicle

Your armies mainline fighting vehicle,Heavy Vehicles are large and heavily armed. Examples:Tanks in general,heavy mechs like AT-TEs.


Gunships are VTOL capable vehicles designed to support ground troops. Examples:Banshees,Orca gunships.


Fighters are fast air vehicles designed to shoot down other air vehicles. Examples:Seraph,Wraith.

Ground Attack Aircraft

Ground Attack Aircraft are fast air vehicles designed to attack ground units. Examples:Marauder,Shortsword.

Uber Unit

The most powerful units in your military,Uber Units are massive war designed to unleash massive destruction. Examples:Titans,Mammoths.

You can use anything from science fiction to fill out these categories.


Here's the template for signing up:

Unit Name Unit's weapons and armor
Elite Infantry
Uber Infantry
Light Vehicle
Heavy Vehicle
Uber Unit

My Army

Unit Name Unit's weapons and armor
Infantry Imperial Guardsman Lasgun
Elite Infantry Stormtrooper(40k) Hellgun
Uber Infantry Forerunner Warrior-Servants Supressor,Binary Rifle
Light Vehicle Tau XV8 Crises Battlesuit Plasma Rifle,Missile Pod
Heavy Vehicle Tau Hammerhead Gunship Railgun,Burst Cannons
Gunship Terran Banshee Backlash Rockets,Cloaking
Fighter Protoss Scout Antimatter Missiles,Photon Blasters
Bomber Tau Tiger Shark AX-1-0 Twin linked Railguns,Missiles,Rockets,Burst Cannons.
Uber Unit War Sphinx Destructor Beams


  • Nothing too OP.
  • Army Sizes are:2000 Infantrymen,1000 Elite Infantry,250 Uber Infantry,150 Light Vehicles,50 Heavy Vehicles,50 Gunships,36 Fighters,18 Bombers,1 Uber unit.

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