Viking, the Scandanavian ruffians that pillaged most of ancient Europe!


Roman Centurion, the indestructable leaders of the Roman army!



Viking Roman Centurion
Longsword Gladius
Great Axe Lancea
Spear Pilum
Wood Shield Scutum Shield
Hardened Leather w/ Chainmail Lorica Hamata (Chainmail)

Personal edges

Close Range: Gladius is quite a short sword, compared to the Longsword. EDGE: Viking

Mid Range: Lancea can stab people. The Great Axe can chop you in half. EDGE: Viking

Long Range: Pilum is accurate, can easily be thrown at long distances, and is designed to break on contact, so the enemies can't throw it back. Smart move, Romans. EDGE: Roman Centurion

Special: Metal > Wood. EDGE: Roman Centurion

Armor: The extra leather won't do anything besides restrict your movement. Plus, the Roman's chainmail doesn't protect their arms, and when you have a shield, it's fine. The chaimail on your arms and stuff restricts your movement. EDGE: Roman Centurion


Training: Viking: 74/Centurion: 90

Leadership: Viking: 71/Centurion: 87

Strength: Viking: 89/Centurion: 82


It starts out as a Roman Centurion is sitting in a field, sharpening his Gladius. He hears a noise, and observes his surroundings. As he goes back down to his sword, a Javelin whizzes by his head. He hops up with his Lancea and shield in hand. Suddenly, a strange warrior appears at the top of a distant hill, Great Axe in hand. The Roman watches the warrior charge down the hill, still crying out. As the Viking comes onto level ground, the Roman pulls out a Pilum, and hurls it at the approaching warrior. He quickly side-steps, and destroys it in one quick swing of the axe. The Viking puts his Axe away, and slowly draws out his Broadsword and shield. Thinking that it's taking too long, the Roman charges at the Viking. He thrusts, but the Viking easily knocks it aside, and then swings at the Centurion, but with the same effect. While the Viking recovers, the Centurion kicks him back, and throws his Lancea at him. It misses the downed Scandanavian by a mile, though. When he jumps back up, he stomps on the Lancea, putting another weapon out of play. The Roman lieutenant pulls out his Gladius, and slashes at the Viking, but the chainmail holds. The Viking then swings the Longsword over his head, and continues to smash at the Centurion's shield. After a while though, the Centurion takes advantage and stabs the Viking in the leg. The Viking screams in pain, and falls down. The Roman hops up, and is preparing to stab the wounded warrior, when he is interrupted by a sword travelling through his stomach. He collapses over, and dies. The downed Viking stares at his dead opponent. He spits on the body, and then falls over.

WINNER: Viking

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