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US Navy SEAL vs. Spetsnaz

The US Navy SEALS: America's amphibious special force, trained to neutralize any enemy, anytime, anywhere, vs. Spetsnaz: Top secret commandos and the spearhead of the Russian army. WHO....IS....DEADLIEST!?!?!

The SEALS strike first with:

Long Range MK 11 Sniper Rifle
Mid Range Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun
Close Range HK Mark 23 SOCOM Pistol
Special Gerber Mark ll Knife

Spetsnaz fire back with:

Long Range VSS Vintorez Sinper Rifle
Mid Range Saiga-12 Shotgun
Close Range Makarov Pistol
Special Ballistic Knife

My edge goes to the Navy SEALs. They have a great ace-in-the-hole. They can drop in from the air, swim in from the water, or just sneak in from the land.

My next fight will be: It's a battle at the end of the world when Metro 2033's Rangers fight Waterworld's Smokers.

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