Last time on Clash of Comics, The Joker barely managed to defeat The Green Goblin in a 5.5 to 5 epic battle...

This time we have more foes of the Dark Knight and the web slinging hero, both reptilian villains who became monsters in very different ways. KILLER CROC-The cannibalistic monster named Waylan Jones, who became a monster do to his horrific condition that made him look like a crocodile, VERSUS, THE LIZARD-Former scientist and friend of Peter Parker, turned animalistic beast after experimenting to re-grow his missing arm.




Killer Croc

Category Power/Abilities/Factors
Powers and Abilties Being born with a rare skin condition, Waylon Jones as the appearance and strength of a crocodile, granting him emense crushing jaw power with his teeth, fangs, and jaw, being able to bite through solid metal, such as chains which he will use as minor weapons in the fight. Along with his emense Jaw power, his claws can also cut through metal. Another ability Croc has is superhuman strength, speed, senses, durability and agility, being able to easily rip vault doors off a wall. Croc also has an extreme healing factor that allows him to restore broken bones. Croc is also is an expert swimmer, his reptilian genes giving more underwater aptitude.
X-Factors Waylon Jones has been a sadistic and animalistic monster since a young age nearly killing a youngster for making fun of him and being sent to a reform school. To celebrate his 18th birthday, Waylon decided to become a sociopathic murderer. After being sent to prison, Waylon doned the name Killer Croc and became an alligator wrestler. Becoming a mod enforcer and criminal afterwards, Croc became a regular foe of Batman and is not to be messed with. Later, the villain Hush planted a virus on Croc which made him much more powerful monster.
  • Croc after finishing off a goon in the sewers
  • Croc roaring, showing off his claws and teeth
  • Croc with his chains and dozens of sharp teeth
  • Croc staring down a victim
  • Croc going face to face with Batman
  • Croc proves to be a deadly foe even against Batman
  • Croc's strength allows him to lift someone in the air with one hand
Killer Croc vs

Killer Croc vs. Batman

Croc proves to be a deadly threat among Gotham

Batman The Animated Series Killer Croc I Threw a Rock at Him

Batman The Animated Series Killer Croc I Threw a Rock at Him


The Lizard

Category Powers/Abilities/Factors
Powers and Abilities The Lizard gained his powers when Dr. Curtis Connors injected himself with mutagenic chemicals to regrow his arm. When Connors is transformed into the Lizard, he possesses a variety of superhuman attributes, such as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes, along with a a healing factor and regeneration.
X-Factors The Lizard is very intelligent, being able to outwit most of his enemies with plans. The Lizard also has psionics which allows him to communicate and control other reptiles within a mile. In some occasions, it is shown that he can emit powerful pheromones that can cause humans to behave violently. The Lizard is cold-blooded thus is extremely sensitive to drops or increases in temperature; if he is in the cold for too long, his metabolism will slow drastically and he may become dormant.
  • RAWR
  • Spider-Man vs. Lizard


The battle will take place in the sewers connecting New York and Gotham City. At the same time, 5 Joker Goons armed with TAR-21s and 5 Kingpin Goons armed with M16A2s will be patrolling the sewers in a gang war, which will provide obsticles for Lizard and Croc. The sewers will mostly be dark with some light-up areas.

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Battle (TBA)