The Violator aka The Clown

Etrigan the demon by dichiara-d32oebk

Etrigan: The Rhymer From Hell

Universes' have collided. DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and many more have had their universes meet, and it has casued a war. A war of great chaos. Who is fighting Who? Who is good and who is bad? These are some of the many questions that the "contestants" are asking. Let us travel through a series of battles to finally decide...."Who is the Greatest Comic Book Character?" and we are starting with the villains. The Greatest Comic Book Powerhouse, ROUND 1!

This time it's the battle of the Havoc-wreaking Demons straight from Hell, It's The Violator! The Demon who's sole goal is to Guide young Hellspawn, but terrorizes the most notable one, Spawn, and wreaks havoc in his life! VERSUS! Etrigan The Demon, The powerful Rhyming Devil of Hell with ambitions to rule the infernal kingdom of despair!

The Violator

Category Thingy

(Clown Form): Fists, Switchblade, and Smith & Wesson Model 19.

(Demon Form): Large Teeth and Claws

Powers/Abilities Possesses Superhuman Strength and Durability, Hellfire Manipulation, Necromancy, Size/Shape-Shifting, Healing, Telepathy, and Teleportation.

The Violator is a Brutal mofo, and has no remorse for his enemies and victims, and kills without hesitation. He is also extremely smart and easily outwits/outsmarts any common civilian, and even Hellspawns such as Spawn. He also has plentyof experience training and fighting young Hellspawn.

Violator vs Spawn 107:45

Violator vs Spawn 1

"I'm gonna cut you into 50 pieces and mail you to every state!"

Violator vs Spawn 203:27

Violator vs Spawn 2

"C'Mon, get with the f--kin' program!"

Etrigan the Demon

Category Thingy
Weapons Claws and Fangs
Powers/Abilities Possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, enchanced senses, Able to project Hellfire through his mouth and hands, erecognition and has a high command in sorcery, but does not have the patience to cast spells, and Has a high healing factor. Can Morph Body into different shapes.
X-Factors Etrigan is shown to be extremly cruel and murderous in battle, he often taunts his opponents. He is quite intelligent and has high knowledge in the occult, sorcery, and demonology in Hell. Etrigan has thousands of years in experience fighting opponents such as Archdemons to Superman himself. Etrigan has shown weaknesses against holy items such as blessed cross and weakness to iron weapons.

  • Etrigan using his strength (able to take on Superman
  • Etrigan taking down a demon in Hell.
  • etrigan using his claws
  • Etrigan shooting a burst of Demon Flame.
  • Etrigan's durability
  • Etrigan's agility




Both are intelligent, but The Violator has proven his knowledge in and outside of hell. He has outwitted heroes like Spawn and Badrock, and has even gotten average civilians to do some of his dirty work, most notably Bill Kincaid. In Hell, He trains and guides young Hellspawn to lead and fight in Hell's army. Outside of Hell, He tricks people into doing his work and has gotten street smarts. Etrigan may have had some wise experience, but it doesn't match up to the intelligence needed to win a fight that Violator has.


Etrigan has been around since the olden days, like way olden days, I'm talkin' Camelot, King Arthur, and Merlin style olden days. So yeah, he's been around a while, and so has the Violator, but the problem is, it's not quite said HOW long the Violator has been around (Ancient Spawn stuff doesn't count, it isn't apart of the main canon of the series).


Etrigan has more experience than training as we just said. BUT, Violator does have a training edge. He trains and guides young Hellspawns to fight and lead in Satans army, even if he hates Hellspawns. Etrigan on the other hand was originally and essentially a summon from Merlin, meanig he has no true training.

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